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EMG / Daniel Defense Licensed M4A1 SOPMOD Block II Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle (Model: Two-Tone Tan / Mk18 Mod.1)

9 Customer Reviews

by jordan a. on 06/10/2022
"Amazing rifle! This rifle is well built, every part is sturdy, strong, and functions just like it should. No wobble at all. Stock is a little smaller than I thought but don’t worry, it’s not a problem at all when shouldered and barely noticeable. Great trigger break and fantastic recoil despite the plastic buffer. Accuracy-wise, on average you’ll have close to or less than 2 inch groupings. 9.5/10.
by Marrick S. on 06/10/2022
"The Mk18 mod1 was my pick
If you’re thinking about getting this gun for airsoft wars or long day out get kings arms magazine while getting the gun I found some on Evike and bought they are Matrix 50 rd magazine they fit perfectly with the mk18 and I’m sure any other model of this section.

I haven’t shot it yet for the fact all gas magazine or shipped little to empty and the package doesn’t come with green gas cans you have to order separately.

It comes oiled and lubricated
And mag has a gassy smell but it’s A ok

Light weight but good light weight not plastic light but CQB maneuvering light weight.

The stock is a little wobble, but to be honest it’s not even a minor issue and it’s easily adjustable

If you read the manual. On the disassemble page it may look easy to do but it’s a tough struggle with pulling the take down pin out I kinda scratched mine using a screwdriver to penetrate it through. After I got it I lift the upper receiver and examine the inside nothing was too confusing as long as you read the manual. FULLY

Oh yeah and blowback action is great I didn’t even have to shoot it to know when I pressed the bolt release button, it felt like a smooth jerk.
I would recommend to do semi auto, this way you don’t drain the gas out the magazine and you have better balance accuracy/control to hit your target without having to waist more than one round.

If those of you wondering if the gun get wet from rain or after being submerged it’s able to operate but I highly advise you at the end of the day to inspect an clean the gun make its oiled/ lubricated too.
I showered it nothing froze nor jammed but I haven’t submerged it yet.

Over all I LOVE the gun definitely recommend it for outdoor, indoor, target shooting , airsoft sport even home defense.
After all it’s DANIEL DEFENSE Lighter, Stronger, Better
by Kaidon M. on 06/07/2022
"I bought the MK18 Mod 1. Version of this gun, and I am highly impressed. The main specs I'll mention is the Blowback, accuracy, compadibility, and ergonomics.
So I first shot the gun blowback is very crisp, stock it has a pretty Good buffer spring and a decent enough plastic buffer, (I later replaced the stock buffer with an aluminum WA buffer.) The bolt is a gorgeous chrome. So the overall looks and presentation is almost flawless...almost, there wasn't ever mention of a manual or anything helpful about the gun in the package, so it took longer than needed to find the hop-up.
First shots where amazing the gun just felt reliable and well it is. I've always noticed though BB's almost always curve slightly to the right even on a calm day, (might just be the stock barrel set up, not sure though)
I've noticed most GBBR parts fit this gun no problem and that's about it. Oh, Matrix 50rd mags work and I've heard GK5 mags work too.
Lastly, the ergonomics are very nice selector switch positively clicks into each setting. The bolt moves fluidly. Mags (as long as they break in a little) sit very nice with little to no wiggle. My one and only nitpick is the takedown pins, out of the box the rear pin was very stuff which makes sense but it's difficult to field strip requiring tools. To fix that I rolled up a piece of sandpaper and sanded the upper receiver ring that the takedown pin meets to keep the upper and lower together. This is a very good gun especially for the price that doesn't break the bank, and the only "issues" are company issues not the gun.
by Zebang S. on 04/09/2022
"Very solid. No pot metal. Shoots around 420 fps with 0.2s for 250mm inner barrel (mk18).
by Tavio H. on 03/13/2022
"I’ve only played a few games with it so far so this is an early review. Out of the box the gun came well lubed and greased from factory and everything seemed to be assembled well except for the handguard which came slightly loose. It does still wobble even when tightened ever so slightly but not exactly a big deal just don’t zero your scope on it. The hop up is in an annoying location being on the bottom of the outer barrel inside the handguard. At first my shots would fly at a legit 80 degree curve to the left because of the hop up but it fixed itself after a couple mags honestly no clue what was happening. The only real gripe i have is about the mag since while being a gen 2 mag it still leaks gas when charging it. Hopefully a moondog o ring will fix that but the mag itself doesnt leak gas. Also it isnt too difficult to load the magazine with a basic speed loader using no attachments. Somehow everynow and then id find a bb stuck in the gas router/gasket and im not sure if that happens because of me loading or if the gun itself is doing it. Still fires well with a bb stuck inside btw. Its a good idea for when you’re chronoing if its a lil too hot for your field but full auto become unreliable. The efficiency isnt too bad can almost get 100 shots in 60 degree bay weather. The recoil is also nice and heavy though a little sluggish but not much. Btw ghk g5 mags work just hopefully they dont go out of stock too soon though evike should theoretically be stocking the king arms gen 2 mags soon so keep an eye out

Overall: Good gun especially if you cop it for cheap off someone who got one in the mystery box and doesn’t want it. Thanks once more to the dude who sold it to me for 280$
by Larry W. on 03/04/2022
"wow all i can say is this is one fine gbbr really sweet shoots hard and great blowback kick, very nice detail and true to spec, i added the daniel defense furniture so sweet great buy , now if emg would make a 308 in this platform that would be my next buy!!, and by the way the mag holds 50rounds and no problems and no cool downs!!
by Francisco Z. on 02/28/2022
"i like it, it’s like a masterpiece that picasso drew the mona lisa its like the night sky and it’s like starring into the sun
by Daniel B. on 02/26/2022
"Great rifle, smaller than expected, but in a really good way, no problems with gas efficiency, shoots off the full 50 rounds just fine, over a, very satisfied
by William P. on 09/08/2022
"Came with a leaky magazine. There is an o-ring inside of the main valve that is out of place / mishapen / damaged.
Would have given this 5/5 if it hadn't come with a broken magazine.

Other than that, the rifle performs great, shoots hard and feeds perfectly.

Really wish I had a magazine that wasn't broken upon arrival.