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Matrix Full Size M4 BAMF Airsoft AEG w/ Metal Gearbox (Model: M4A1 RIS Tan / 300 FPS)

14 Customer Reviews

by Lucas F. on 03/21/2021
"This gun is awesome I've only shot it a couple times but it's a solid hard hitting accurate gun I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to get into airsoft
by Colton M. on 09/23/2019
"Just started airsoft, this was my first gun absolutely loved it for playing around in the woods. Haven't had any problems. Has a 40 yard range, carry handle is convenient, and the foreore admins nice.
by shay c. on 06/05/2019
"Good starter rifle. Works well with .12g bbs and .20g bbs
by Donna P. on 10/01/2018
"This M16 is perfect for beginners and for people looking to get on the field with a lower budget. It shoots at around 350-370 fps and very accurate. I was out-ranging my friends Krytac with this gun. I would recommend .20g bbs. This gun is perfectly legal for cqb but performs great in outdoor environments. It does not come with a battery and charger but there are good batteries for only 18 dollars here on evike. The automatic fire is decent, but what can you expect from a 105 dollar gun. I would recommend this gun for urban and woodland areas using semi-auto. Overall, I give this gun five stars for the performance at this low price point.
by Yaire E. on 09/03/2018
"This is the best gun i have me and my dad have 4 rifles now and rhis is the best one super accurate and i belive its was 390 when we chronod it shoots quickly quietly and perfectly 50 out of 10 would recommend
by Stone O. on 08/31/2018
"So far I have put about 5000 rounds through this gun over the course of 3 events.

Great for an entry level, indoor CQB gun. If you go to outdoor fields it is usable but you will only be accurate to about 100-130 feet with .25 bbs (get up close and personal and it does great!).

- RELIABLE. I was surprised by how consistent it is, even when thrown around/ beat up
- Cheap. It makes a good entry level gun.
- Lightweight. Since it's polymer, not metal, you won't get tired carrying it all day.

- Be very careful when connecting you battery. The wires are brittle/ stiff/ unforgiving

- Mag catch doesn't always lock well... pull at the mag to ensure it's properly in well!

- If you're too hard on it, mag will fall out. Consider using lighter-weight mid caps to avoid this, unless you can't deal with the point directly above this.
by josh f. on 08/01/2018
"Very good gun

Disclamer- Does NOT come with a battrey I repeat, does NOT come with a battrey
by Ryan R. on 06/26/2018
"This is an AMAZING weapon for those wanting to start in the Airsoft world. This is also a great secondary weapon for any Airsoft situation.

PROS: Great intro weapon to Airsoft
Amazing price
Amazing accuracy Single/Full Auto
Perfect FPS for Indoor Arenas

CONS: Can NOT change Orange tip to a Metal Flash Muzzel
(the barrel doesn't have any threads !!!)

If you do want to change the Orange tip, just take the tip off(what ever possible way)
and buy a 14mm NEGATIVE Muzzle then SLOWLY (TAP) Muzzle to outer barrel with a hammer into
by Sam Y. on 04/07/2018
"Great gun! Love it!! No wobbles, shoots hard, and accurate!
I have shot around 6k rounds and no problems.
Thanks evike!
by Judy G. on 03/15/2018
"CYMA guns never fails. Great internals, decent externals, and amazing price tag!
Its lightweight, reliable, and just looks and feels great overall. The internals are amazing as far as reliability they never broke on me.
I put a Matrix high torque in it with a 9.6v 1600 mah and it ran like a dream. I would definitely recommend this gun as long as you take care of the externals and don't bang it around to much.
If you are a beginner looking to get into the sport or just on a tight budget i recommend this gun.
by Eric H. on 02/07/2018
"This gun is an amazing starter AEG, especially for the price. This out ranges my friend's Lancer and has amazing accuracy and reliability. I found the average FPS to be around 380-400. The grip molded into the mag well comes in handy, too. I find this grip better than any other RIS fore grip. While most of the gun is polymer, it does have a metal outer barrel, inner barrel, and gearbox.
by Jeff D. on 01/28/2009
"great gun my friend has one and works incredible!
by Jason C. on 01/21/2009
"Got mine today and its great! The gun shoots very hard, its always a pleasure to see Airsoft manufactures coming out with new gearbox designs. Most of the parts inside the gearbox are still Marui compatible. Neat design. Good job!
by Dylan G. on 10/13/2020
"This was my first full size airsoft gun, I use it running outside and it works great. Its pretty accurate, easy to carry, has a good solid build although the stock is a little wobbly. Overall a good gun.

For anyone looking to take the sights off, the front sight is not intended to be removed. I removed mine so I could add a red dot sight and I re-mounted the strap mount underneath where the sight was before, works fine but was difficult to remove.

The gun is incredible for the price honestly, kicks the crap out of the ones that my friends bought for like $40 and $80 less than whatever they got.

Con: I dropped it by mistake when my arm strap broke, the front sight hit the ground and the fins snapped right off. I was still able to make decently accurate shots but I wound up taking off the broken sight and putting a red-dot on the gun so I'm still really happy overall.