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EMG / KRYTAC / BARRETT Firearms REC7 DI AR15 AEG Training Rifle (Length: SBR / Tungsten)

17 Customer Reviews

by Guillermo P. on 04/07/2021
"My first impression was issues with accuracy , fire selector too soft from safe to semi I thought I will pass right over to full. After playing with it and shooting a few people including my self this rifle rocks. For some reason after 1000 bbs it started working like a laser did not matter what bbs i use manufacture , weight 20,25,28,30 they all perform like a laser at 10 feet to 200 feet and they all hurt when they hit so you will know you are getting hit even with jeans. I use a eotech with a 1 inch riser rail work great no adjustments gun accurate shooting pop can up to 200 feet I do not think I need upgrades of anything (web everyone replacing barrel why? this gun is accurate like a laser out of the box the rate of fire my god should be band ) used a matrix butterfly 11.1 20c battery fit great work great. I wonder if the previous batches of the rifle had issues that have being resolved in this one or was there a quality control issue in the past . This gun is solid no issue put 3000 bbs did not even made a dent on battery I keep a charge monitor in it ... over kill .
by Sargis A. on 04/06/2021
"I am fairly new to airsoft as I have been playing for only 3 years now and my only other AEG is the CM16 Raider but this gun is absolutely ridiculous! I put a tracer unit on it just for fun and its mind boggling seeing just how accurate this gun is at distances that for where I play (Hollywood Sports) are considered long. My only internal modification was the Prometheus tight bore barrel and I don't think this gun needs anything else, looks great and preforms even better!
by Joseph A. on 02/21/2021
"Incredible gun out of the box. I bought the carbine length 400fps in tungsten. This gun is easily hitting 200+ feet with .32 no problem. The trigger feels crisp and snappy. I was getting 20-22RPS on full auto with Titan 11.1v batteries. The groupings at 200 feet are decent but can can be greatly improved by swapping out the barrel for a Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (Length: 416mm/ Krytac Special Edition). Great upgrade for hitting those long range shots. I found that my bucking was off center on the old barrel when installing my new barrel. So if you're having accuracy problems that could be it. This is easily my new favorite gun to use. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend this to anyone without a doubt.
by hank f. on 10/08/2020
"This is my first krytac. Super solid, shoots precise, and comfortable. This grey color is amazing. I’m very pleased. The 350fps Model running a bigger 11.1lipo Over cycles consistently, Easy to fix with a smaller battery or upgrade to harder spring or active braking. Just be mindful of the battery you choose.
Overall just a great rifle.
by Zack H. on 09/30/2020
"I love the gun it shoots though a 150 round clip in about 5 seconds
It’s a great 400 dollar gun but it’s easy to scratch up the paint job
On it
by Brian S. on 09/14/2020
"I have had mine for a couple of months now with gameplay and this is a great gun, but buyer beware my first one I had to RMA it since it came defected from the manufacturer, was a bunch of issues mainly the hopup assembly was what did it for me. Evike did everything to correct the issue/issues I had. I do believe it was random lemon I got, but the second one I received is perfect it easily shoots .36g bbs like nothing and it can over hop them as well, with stock internals. The accuracy is on point, have gotten some nice long range headshots. I haven't had any issues since such as feeding, motor miss haps, or anything battery related. The gun is great from the feel to the customization you can do with the m4 platform. I easily can recommend this gun to anyone. My friend actually was hoping to get one from a BOA, he saw how both guns shot the lemon and the good one. I would recommend a sling for this gun, at first the gun is light 6lbs isn't a lot but after 5 to 6 hours of gameplay in a big field the strain can be to much for some people. Lastly get a 11.1 lipo, a good optic with some extra mags and you are good to go.
by Collin P. on 09/04/2020
"If you’re looking for a great full metal m4 that performs great out of box then get krytac barrett rec7.

Great accuracy
Awesome fire rate (about 20rps)
Full metal for realism
Snappy trigger response
Full metal(i like it)
Paint can easily chip when putting attachments on

Thats about it for cons. Definitely grab a lipo 11.1 for maximum performance
by Caleb S. on 07/27/2020
"Hi Everybody. I purchased the SBR in Tungsten. I purchased the Siege package with the Prometheus barrel pre-installed. I have created an in-depth technical review of this gun and uploaded it to YouTube if you're interested:

Pros: very solid build, very consistent velocity and rate of fire straight out of the box, snappy trigger response, aesthetics are off the charts as the Barrett logo is machine engraved and American flag laser etched into the awesome handguard, coating is very hard and durable, battery compartment in the stock fits larger diameter nunchuck batteries (Titan Power 3,000 mAh battery fits no problem), Dean's battery connection, 14mm CCW outer barrel threading will fit most mock suppressors, comes with a metallic flash hider you can use to replace the orange flash hider it comes installed with.

Cons: safety is hard to actuate if you're left handed, accuracy is not the greatest at longer distances even with the Siege package purchased, hop-up is difficult to adjust even after hop-up is broken in with 4,000 to 5,000 rounds fired.

Contents Received with Gun: 1X Black Krytac Mid-Cap Magazine, 1X Metallic Flash Hider with Unique Barrett Styling and Logo, 1X Metallic/Plastic Flip-Up Front Sight, 1X Metallic/Plastic Flip-Up Rear Sight, Deans to Tamiya Battery Connection Adapter, Cleaning Rod, 1X Detailed Manual, 1X Krytac Sticker and Various Documentation
by Elvis R. on 07/17/2020
"I saw this rifle and instantly knew I had to have it. I played my first game with it and i'm impressed with how snappy it is out of the box. I have a krytac trident mark 2 and I remember that it wasn't nearly as snappy as this gun and the krytac trident is a fantastic gun out of the box. It came to me at just under 400 fps with .20 and im happy with that. the accuracy is great but the range could be a little better with how long the barrel is (i got the larger version of the rifle). one thing i dislike a lot is the trigger. I don't mind standard style triggers but this one is quite uncomfortable. It is too wide and flat and makes it a lot harder to shoot faster. The fire selector is a little sticky brand new but seems to be loosening up after just using it a lot. for added range i'm thinking of adding in a tightbore barrel and maybe a better rubber and bucking. But, for now it is a fantastic gun. For the price of something that is licensed by Barrett and made by emg and krytac, the price is phenomenal. definitely worth the money and I am surprised it isn't sold out yet honestly. Id think the public would be all over this.
by Justin B. on 07/13/2020
"I really like this gun. It is my first krytac and I love the distinct krytac sound it makes when firing. With the stock barrel I was a little disappointed with its accuracy, some of the shots would be way off from my mark. My G&G ARP 556 is half its length and way more consistently accurate than this gun with the stock barrel. However, the G&G motor noise is no where near as nice as this Krytac. I installed the prometheus barrel that the seige package came with and its much more consistently accurate with very nice grouping since doing so. The stock fits a titan butterfly 11.1v 2600mah lipo with no problem whatsoever. Love the deans connector, fit and finish of the gun is amazing. I love the tungsten color. Would definitely buy again.
by Zach B. on 07/13/2020
"So I got this gun in the Independence Day BOA and this thing is a beast. It has great trigger response time and is extremely accurate. The only con I can see is that the battery compartment is a little small for an 11.1v lipo. I love how it comes with a deans to mini tamiya connector so you don't have to get a deans battery. I really like the rotary style hop up. Really good gun
by Christopher D. on 06/22/2020
"Amazing rifle. Very responsive and using .25 is great. Feeds like a champ on 400 rd flash mag. Haven’t able to sight in yet. I sight my rifles in for 35-40 yards (105-120 ft.) this will have no problem
by Pat C. on 06/09/2020
"I purchase the siege package, fde carbine at 350 fps and this is my first krytac. i needed a primary good for cqb and outdoors and this thing performs. upgraded barrel, red dot, and extra midcaps make this an awesome deal and at the time of purchase the package was on sale so even better. i look forward to many years with this aeg set up and cant believe what came in the package. between evike and krytac this was a welcome addition to my airsoft needs.
by Cheyenne M. on 04/14/2021
"Gun looks and sounds great, reason I'm giving it a 4 it of 5 is I ordered the 350fps variant and its 120fps out of the box.
by Alex L. on 09/26/2020
"- Visually great
- Sturdy, good build quality - not too heavy
- Good M4 ergonomics
- Great trigger response
- Great RPM
- Accuracy isn't the best - The Krytac Vector has better accuracy