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A&K / Cybergun FN Licensed "Middleweight" M249 SAW Machine Gun (Version: Mk46 / Dark Earth)

7 Customer Reviews

by Aidan M. on 03/21/2021
"So after putting about almost 15,000 rounds through this, I think i'm qualified to make a review on how I like it so far before I put major upgrades on it. So lets start off. I'm making a review on the MK.1 to be specific so that way I don't cause confusion. This is the Middleweight which basically means other then the stock, internals, outer barrel and bipod. The rest of the Exterior is hardened polymer. Which after awhile of using it, I've gotten tired of and I will be making a Conversion to a Metal Exterior. The Range on this Gun is meh, I recommend that you either upgrade internals or if your pushing up in a game, make you M4/AK support with you because you won't be making those longer range shots. So far ive had great reliability using the box mag so no problems there. For the price this is a excellent starting LMG Platform and it has lots of space to make upgrades on.
by Andrew M. on 10/27/2020
"As a long time airsofter and a brand new LMG user, I had my suspicions about trying to find an LMG that worked not only for my wallet but also me as a person. At first I was considering just getting a Shrike since they seemed to be compact and maneuverable enough for me to lug around for a full day's play while also having the option to utilize single fire to accommodate a number of fields' rules. Granted, the price tags on what are really just M4 platforms who have gained a little weight in some areas wasn't all that appealing. After having my eye on what would have probably been LMG's that were way too heavy I settled on getting this one, and I managed to order it right when Evike was having their week to give back to their customers that had just passed so I got this for even more of a better price! The parts of the LMG that have always been plastic still are, make no mistake, but the main body is what used to be metal and I cannot be more thankful that it isn't because I cannot imagine what it must be like for this thing to be even heavier than it already is.

Weighs less than the standard A&K MK46 (according to the description but I believe it)
Still awesome looking
The most important parts are still metal, especially the gearbox
Its an LMG
Quick Change Spring System. Need I say more?

The box mag it comes with, even when it is empty, adds a significant weight to it, could not recommend the smaller 1500 round mag more, color really doesn't matter unless you *have* to make it match.
A few plastic pieces of mine have pretty sharp edges, so those will need to be rounded out or at the very least sanded down so they don't poke so hard.
The rear Iron Sights are un-adjustable so I took them off bc less weight means fun on the field for longer.
The buttstock that comes stock with the gun, coming from an AEG rifleman, is not my cup of tea, there is a plastic sling hoop on the top of the stock that has a tendency to jab your cheek, I plan on replacing this with the para stock in the future to add more compactness
The lid, i guess you can call it, on the pistol grip has a tendency to open at random whenever I am gripping a little low on the pistol grip, not a huge problem considering there is no motor in the pistol grip but just annoying all the same.

Overall, I could not be happier with my purchase, there is a single screw that holds in the front bottom rails that doesn't seem to tighten no matter what I try but the rail already doesn't move at all so it is not much of a complaint. Additionally, I have only had trouble having metal Hi-Cap magazines to fit into my magwell, but that is not much of an issue since all of my mid-caps (KWA and ARES) fit just fine. Can't wait to field this thing.
by Dave H. on 08/15/2020
"Very sturdy and well put together LMG.
by Ian M. on 04/06/2021
"So far so good! I got the middle weight for the reduced weight over the full metal one and I’m glad I did because even holding this for a little bit you begin to feel it. Showed my brother in law the gun, he just came back from over seas, and he was impressed how identical the gun was to the real thing!
Enough gloating, I do have some problems with the gun.
#1 my front sight is completely off and came new with it being titled ~10degrees to the left. So I can’t really “aim” the gun in fortunately.
#2 holding the pistol grip, the grip bites the top of my hand. Can be rather uncomfortable, recommend gloves for shooting hand.
#3 the gun comes with NO MANUAL!
Good things
#1 very close replica to the real thing, backed by a man in the army.
#2 it is very accurate outta the box, using .25’s. The bbs are also pretty hot it seems.
#3 I’m currently running a 7.4 titan power lipo,, and I can shoot a lot of bbs before the hand grip gets “warm”. Seems to handle lots of fire well.
I have played a game with this yet, once I do I’ll tell my experience.
by Mark M. on 12/11/2020
"Very cool looking gun.
Fresh out the box, and new to airsoft impression.

High Rate of Fire
Large Drum
Seems to be reliable

I dont like all the plastic, I wish I would have got the full metal. I don't know what else they could even make plastic to make a lighter (featherweight) version.

The plastic charing handle feels fragile

BIGGEST COMPLAINT -I got the MK46/Black and the CNC lower grip was broke out of the box.
Its supposed to hold the battery but there is no way to mount the grip on the gun without it easily falling off.

I literally had to wrap duck tape (the new gun) around the grip to keep the bottom from falling off....

There is no owner's manual for this model/grip.
by Caleb E. on 11/24/2020
"I love this Middleweight M249 SAW machine gun. However, there are some gripes I have with it, but the good far outweighs the bad. I'll list them. The good: durable, reliable, adjustable hopup, bipod, limitless mag box for bbs, and wayyyy too much fun going "Rambo". The bad: front grip may wear out and pop out eventually, a round plastic feature (not sure what it is, not important though if lost) near the foregrip popped off and was held in with screws too shallow to tap deep enough into the holes, no rails for mounting attachments (obviously), the plastic has a lot of sharp edges to which I had to sand down, and the biggest gripe is where the battery is fed. The battery is loaded into the stock, there are "safety" contacts that pop loose when the wires are pulled out, but dang, everything has to be fed in a perfect way to get the battery in there. After cutting up my fingers around the plastic edges on the stock, I removed a metal pin that cut the size of the battery hole in half. It was easier after that. I think other versions of this gun or other manufacturers actually have the battery located in the foregrip, not sure why this wasn't. Honestly, I can't hate this gun. The amount of fun I have with it just cannot match up to the issues.
by Aaron V. on 03/04/2021
"Highly recommend just staying away from this gun unless you purchase an upgraded hop up system along with it. I purchased the middleweight para model on sale through evike so I figured it was worth checking out (They have amazing customer service so its never an issue with returns). Was nothing but a nightmare since the box opened. The hop up unit in the one I received did not function at all. I guess its a very common problem with these and causes the bb's to drop straight to the ground with absolutely no usable range. The gun is also 90 percent plastic, however it still has a nice weight to it. The rear sight is plastic and cannot be adjusted. The gun I received also had a crooked / miss-aligned front sight.

Pros: None really. Its simply not worth the price IMO

Cons: Everything about it is poorly designed. Especially the box mag and hop up unit,

Avoid the disappointment, save time, save your money and look for something else, unless you plan on spending another $100+ on upgrades when pruchasing.