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CYMA Sport SR16 E3 Full Metal Li-Po Ready High Performance Competition Airsoft AEG (Color: Tan / Long)

76 Customer Reviews

by Cougar B. on 09/17/2020
"I bought mine over a year ago wanting to upgrade from polymer body but not wanting to invest too much into something I didn't know enough about. This gun has out performed my more expensive guns like my xcr rdc and dytac black jack which have both broken down. Its accurate as can be has moderate range and packs a decent wallop. My one problem is that I got one with a lemon stock which I sent in to get fixed and not a single problem since. My favorite gun by far and have installed some upgrades, a new motor and barrel have got it to do stuff I thought only $500 guns could do. I love it.
by Carlos N. on 07/25/2020
"It’s been a year now since I’ve owned this rifle. I’ve owned a few decent ones for the past two decades. I bought this as a “budget” gun which at the time was actually $150 cause of a sale. Since my purchase the rifle has served me extremely well in all kinds of games and weather situations. (Even played one heavy rain games) it did not fail me on any way and holds strong till this day. I have not did any internal upgrades to it. I completely love this affordable rifle. I highly recommend getting this if you are a beginner or just want something to mess around with casually . I honestly might buy another one If the deal comes up again !
by Finn C. on 11/28/2019
"I've had several guns before I got this one including a VFC scar which I was told was a great gun but this is by far my favorite. It is very solid, the rail system and barrel dont move at all, the only part that isnt too solid is the crane stock and even then it's never had a ny problems just slight wobble. This gun is a little wierd when it comes to magazines but evike BAMF mid caps work good in it. It shoot very good. I've used either .28 or .32 bbs and it is very consistent and also still shoots pretty hard even with fairly heavy bbs. With a scope I got it quite accurate and it performs almost like a dmr. All in all it is a great gun that I've never had any problems with and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable and good performing aeg.
Good FPS
Sturdy construction
Fire selector though ambi still locks in place very well
Overall good feel

Bolt originally locked back and could be released but does it sometimes and the bolt catch no longer works
Picky with what mags fit
Buffer tube gets a little lose and causes minor stock wobble but I'd easy to tighten
All of the cons are minor and dont affect the performance and if you ask me the pros outweigh the cons tremendously.
by Kevin E. on 08/12/2019
"Fantastic gun, shoots at 1.6 to 1.7 joules out of the box and have since broken it in over a few different skirmishes and still shoots strong. I have lent this gun to a few different teammates who usually use the avalon series and they said this is just as strong and accurate as a $300+ guns. worth every penny!
by Qin M. on 03/21/2019
"Cool rifle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Caleb H. on 03/20/2019
"TL:DR This is a good gun. You're paying for a SOLID receiver/frame/rails/stock/grip. The internals are adequate, but will take some mods to get this thing running with the big ($300-$400) guns. Namely, you'll want a MOSFET, better motor, and bearings.

Now to the detailed review:
I bought this gun as a starter, and after having this gun for awhile, and disassembling/upgrading, I think I can provide some good info on it.

First off, it's a SOLID piece of hardware. This had a lot less stock wobble than any other gun I've come across, including my friend's brand new Krytac. The only rattle from this gun is the BBs in the mag, and the dummy gas tube over the barrel.
The gas tube is easy to remove (once the flash hider is off), and I recommend doing so. Just unscrew the set-screw in the bottom of the gas block up front, and remove the gas block and metal tube/rod. Done.

I got the tan version, and the receiver, rails, and buffer tube are all metal.
The plastic bits (stock, grip) all appear to be nylon, which is much more flexible and durable than ABS. The gun itself will withstand some abuse.

The stock will fit batteries pretty well. Plenty of room to spare on both 9.6V NiMH and box-type Lipo 7.4Vs.

Tenergy and Tattu branded 7.4V batteries work well with this gun, but you'll want to get bearings in the gearbox to extend the life (see below).

The outer barrel is 14mm left-hand threaded, but the flash hider is glued on. You'll need to break the flash hider, pull its roll pin, AND get the glue out of the threads in order to attach anything to the muzzle (tracer units, etc.).

Now to the internals. This is pretty basic, no-frills stuff. Your money is paying for a solid chassis, not fancy internals.

The gearbox appears to be a bone-stock, rear-wired JG 8mm version 2. It has bushings. It has normal trigger contacts. It has a small Tamiya connector. 'Nuff said.

Upon disassembly, it was adequately shimmed. Not perfect, some side-play in the gears, but it wouldn't have died prematurely from poor shimming. Nothing was rubbing that shouldn't have been. The motor can be tweaked to slightly better position, too.

The first thing I did was put bearings in it. That made a world of difference.
Out of the box, 7.4V lipo batteries would fail to cycle the gun (couldn't compress the spring) long before reaching minimum voltage. It didn't take long for them to wear out, either (maybe a couple thousand rounds?).
Once I switched to bearings (8mm), I could get a full day of skirmishes out of the same batteries, and the fire rate was much more consistent from beginning to end.

The motor is also adequate, and not much else. Classic Army or Krytac motors will run rings around it. Stock, I'd guess it's shooting in the 10-12rounds-per-second range.

The motor was my second upgrade. The MOSFET was my third.

I heartily recommend this gun if you want a cheap "in" to airsoft, and you're not afraid to upgrade later. With the upgrades in it (MOSFET/motor/bearings shimming and some TLC/service), this will run with guns $200 more expensive. And you can get all those mods for _$200, plus some elbow grease.

5 stars for the money (sale price). 4 stars if you pay over 200 for it.
by William M. on 07/05/2018
"Great gun overall but sometimes it misfires on Simi
by Shane C. on 03/28/2018
by Bradford C. on 01/11/2018
"I just got this aeg a few days ago and so far I am pleased. I was looking for a new aeg for a long time and this one worked perfectly with my budget. Overall this is a great gun.
by Edgar H. on 06/24/2017
"Great starter rifle easy modifilable and to future purshasers Please lube up the gun before use it'll misfire if you dont and use proper voltage battery to avoid overheating
by Dan J. on 05/23/2017
"This gun shoots 409 FPS right out of the box woohoo!!
by Adrian B. on 04/01/2017
"Decent AEG good performance and reliability right out of the box
by Tom M. on 02/26/2017
"Works as expected and well done CYMA! CYMA guns are super reliable and is what I will recommend for a starter rifle
by Paul S. on 01/05/2017
"If you are looking for a good starter gun that won't break the bank, get this!! It's awesome!
by Ace F. on 06/05/2016
"Highly recommend this. I won five CYMA AEG and all of them are awesome!