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LCT RPK LCK-16 Steel Airsoft AEG w/ Side-Folding Stock Tube

6 Customer Reviews

by Robert h. on 04/27/2023
"This lct rpk is just awesome. I own very few guns I've been able to just field and keep using. I think I cleaned the barrel once in almost 100k shots. Total beast, I can hit targets 200 ft away. With a 7.4 I get around 6-700rpm. Probably my favorite gun I own
by Nick S. on 01/18/2022
"For everyone talking about the battery space, they're right my normal 9.6v stick would not fit. Until I found Titan power batteries, their 3000 mAh 11.1 stick fit without modification. You can get the 9.6v stick to fit with some modification as well though.
by Jake V. on 06/16/2021
"I Love This gun!! very modern and goes perfect with any russian kit.

Shoots what to be expected out of the box of a good AEG, good range, shoots good, etc etc... does the job.
the ELECTRIC drum mag they give you is really high quality and feeds perfectly.
A real eye catcher at the field, not just your standard ak lookin gun.
A little heavy but nothing crazy, built very well and after fielding it multiple times have experienced no grip wobble or anything of the sort! the thing is just a beast!
Would recommend this gun to anyone trying to grow their Russian collection or want to get into support guns and LMGS.
fire selector is very tough and requires a bit of man handling.

All in all, A really damn badass gun and I'm in love!
by Louis A. on 06/13/2021
"Recently used at MSWs The Spring Offensive, and it performed without flaw. It fed from the drum with just an occasional pulse (at least 2500 shots). Accuracy is okay, but nothing like my old Cyma RPK.

Very solidly built, but not as heavy or bulky as I anticipated. This is easy to use for a full-grown man who doesn't cry. Attached an LBX sling with paracord; worked just fine.

The battery space is very challenging. The standard NiMHs sticks, as well as the Titan stick, will not fit. I have yet to find one that will, so I have designed a pin that allows me to use it for now.
by Oneil B. on 08/24/2020
"I've owned this RPK-16 for a few months now and can safely say it's one of the best airsoft guns I currently own. The look and feel is what you come to expect from LCT. The weight may be a drawback for some, however it is a pound or two lighter than similar LMGs on the market, and once you get used to it, this gun feels perfect. The 2000rd drum mag it comes with works amazing and is easy to reload on the fly. My other LCT magazines also work well.
Out of the box, mine was shooting 1.6j with .28 (which is about 425fps with .2) and took about a full drum mag to settle at 1.5j (right at 400fps), which was perfect to test at our local field's open play weekend. Even if it was shooting too hot, LCT's new quick change gear boxes make swapping the spring super easy. It comes with a stock tight bore barrel and the accuracy is superb.
Now for the drawbacks.
One of the biggest problems with the AK platform is finding a battery that fits under the dust cover. Most of the time, only small lipos will work, however the battery capacity isn't something that would work well for this full auto beast. The solution I came up with was to run an extension from the connector to the buffer tube and use a crane stock for higher capacity split batteries. This worked, however the motor became very hot after continuous fire and battery changes were frequent. If you're leaving it stock AEG, be aware of these drawbacks.
Having an extra Polarstar Jack, I decided to install it, and it was the best decision I've ever made. This thing rips and the magazine keeps up with high rate of fire. I would highly recommend this as an HPA gun.
by Dayna T. on 12/27/2021
"This is an amazing replica and it fits most other 5.45 mags which is pretty cool considering the mags are pretty cheap. 20 dollar 130 round mags are standard. The drum mag is cool but it’s kind of awkward when the dust cover and the center of the gun are heavy metal but the mag is light plastic. So yes there are some balancing issues. Last but not least the pin for the battery opening is a pain to put back in and take out. I have decided to use a different material like shoe laces to hold it in place and make it easy to recharge the battery. Overall a solid gun. Despite all the negatives this Lmg is pretty cool and any Russian airsoft collector should check this out. It’s more mil-sim than for a casual player that’s for sure. Still love it for its flaws and it’s worth the price. 8/10