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Matrix / S&T Sportsline M4 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Dark Earth / Block 3 9.5")

295 Customer Reviews

by Jade M. on 03/29/2023
"I bought this gun in 2019 for my first starter airsoft gun and it still amazes me on how well it preforms 4 years later
by Luka H. on 10/29/2022
"Got the URX Carbine 12”, thing is stellar right out of the box!
I just started playing outdoor for recreation and it performs so well!

Accurate and precise from roughly 200ft with hopup tweaking
Very easy-to-use hopup
Good trigger response
Solid power
Sturdy/durable material made in Japan
Iron sights are dead on(but I will be getting a reflex)

(Personal preference) wobbly stock when fully extended, but that’s most stock plastic crane stocks
It’s not too bad, but dimensions are not what they say they are in the specs. Definitely shorter, but the inner barrel is the right size
Not much info in the manual but no other problems with gun itself’

Awesome beginner setup for sure! Used 9.6v NiMh but getting 11.1v lipo to get a comparison.

by Milsim M. on 07/17/2022
"I received this rifle (specifically the 8" Stubby version) as a Christmas gift and it is nothing short of the definitive best beginner rifle ever. Here's why:

The rifle comes standard with an in-line MOSFET which means it can run 11.1v lipos well with a decent rof and trigger response. I've been running a Matrix 11.1v 1500mAh butterfly style battery in this since I got it and it really has been a pleasure to use. It can compete with other higher end guns fairly well like the ARP9. It's easy to maintain, clean and put back together solidly. The hopup feeds well with most magazines. I use Bluebox 140rd midcaps and they feed down to the last bb in the magazine reliably. I have been told that my gun sounds like it's shimmed perfectly. I haven't taken apart the gearbox to see if there even are shims but it does sound really crisp for a sub $200 AEG.

But every gun has its flaws. Range is not it's strong point and needs a tightbore inner barrel to boost that. FPS is pretty damn high at about 390 FPS with a .2g bb on an 11.1v battery. That means it may not be CQB legal in most states in America. The polymer body feels okay but I'd recommend switching out your stock because it will wobble a lot and makes quite a lot of sound.

Whether you're a field owner looking for a nice rental gun, a beginner looking into their first rifle or an experienced technician looking for a good platform to convert to a HPA or DSG monster, this is all I can recommend. Do yourself a favor and buy any one of these rifles. They're amazing for the money you pay and they last a while if you maintain them!

9.6/10, would absolutely recommend!
by Peter R. on 07/10/2022
"I’ve bought 6 of these rifles so far, and plan to buy many more in the coming days. Here’s why:

- Solid externals (superior to competing brand for half the cost)
- Microswitch Mosfet (spammable)
- Comes with hard to acquire stubby stock (lots of battery space and looks awesome)
- Lightweight
- Cheap (cheaper when on sale)
- Shot 350 fps @ 22 RPS on 11.1v 30c LiPo

- Mosfet burns out quickly if spammed a lot
- Propriety gearbox/parts

For the price, it’s worth $140 to have a gun that outperforms the ARP9 and Calico Jack out of the box. Makes a great base gun for upgraded builds as well.

10/10 will buy again

And again
by Shayne H. on 05/19/2022
"I have had this gun for about a year and a half and it was my first aeg and is amazing for the price
by Jacob L. on 03/10/2022
"I used the base of this gun to put a polarstar jack into and 10/10 is amazing and I’ve had it for 3 years
by Wyatt R. on 01/16/2022
"This was my first AEG and I don't care what most people will say, but I was on a budget and this gun is perfect for beginners! It's easy to disassemble, low budget as said, durable, easy to use, and very easy to customize. I have painted mine gold and gave it a new railed handguard and angled foregrip, new spring, and a mock suppressor. It has served me well and would recommend to ANY type of airsofter
by Robbie G. on 07/28/2021
"Bought this gun to have as a backup for myself and a loan gun for any of my friends if they ever came along with me and actually found myself using it more often than I thought. For the price you really cannot beat it. One thing I don't like is how much plastic is used but that's just my personal preference. Would 100% recommend for any level player!
by Tony W. on 07/27/2021
"I absolutely love this gun. It feeds nice and shoots really well. I love the trigger. Only one thing that I had issues with and that is the mid cap BAMF magazines. The BAMF Magazines don't lock into place. The magazine that came with the gun feeds and shoots well. Have some Krytac 150rd mid cap coming. Hopefully these new magazines work. They should work. I also wanted to give a shoot out to customary service. I contacted customer service and they were knowledgeable and kind, and were able to fix my issue. Thanks EVIKE.
by Joshua L. on 06/15/2021
"This is a great gun. It shoots well and can handle anything you throw at it.
by Brandon w. on 05/16/2021
"Okay so here we go. I got the 5" one with the stubby fixed stock. first of all, The trigger response on a 11.1 is INSANE!!! you can really feather the hell out of this and get it shooting pretty fast. Full auto is good for a stock gun and well yeah... theres not much to it really, just buy it lol you won't regret it!

Heres some things you might wanna buy if you get the AFTER your warranty is over.

* Steel inner barrel (cause the stock is Brass and its light so it wobbles so just get a steel 6.03 barrel)
* Hop up rubber to go with the barrel. anything good. Maple leaf, pPometheus ECT.
* stock motor is great but I upgraded mine to a super high torque motor and its even better (RPS went lower tho)
* I also put 13.1 SHS gears in here and it boosted the RPS obviously and made the trigger response even better.
* Also change to DEANS its way better and cheap asf so just do it.

The stock air compression setup is good but you can upgrade it if you want, I didn't but you can if you want. it also doesn't feel cheap at all but eventually change the buffer tube and or Rail system. So yeah there's my review and just get this Beast.
by Cameron G. on 05/10/2021
"Overall good gun. I made a few changes to it myself. If you get the fixed stock version like I did, I had a problem with mine but may have been a factory error. The screw attaching the stock to the gun broke when I had it slung and the stock came off. I had to use it like a MP5 from that point on lol. I attached the batteries to the side with rubber bands. Not that big of a deal, just ordered a replacement screw.
by Peter R. on 04/14/2021
"Totally underrated gun! Out of the box shot 365 FPS @ 22 RPS with a small stick lipo. I got the black one with the stubby stock. Mosfet let’s you spam the trigger, but can burn out quickly, but this thing rocks for such a low price. 10/10
by Simon S. on 04/13/2021
"This gun works amazingly with an 11.1v lipo, hopup is easy to adjust and the gun feels very solid.
by Wes D. on 03/22/2021
"Players at local field starting to take notice that these $150 guns smoke. Everyone is like “$150!?” Absolutely worth getting 3 fun variations of these than one overpriced $450 “quality” gun. Problem is they aren’t easy to find on the site so I end up sending the link to everyone. Evike’s dirty secret. “They are on page 165 in your search results, but we have great guns on the secret menu for cheap.”