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"Go Airsoft Package" Matrix Sportsline M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Black URX 3.1 12" / 350 FPS)

129 Customer Reviews

by Jose A. on 03/04/2021
"I bought the dark stubby earth and it it amazing. The gun feels well made and sturdy. Also the red dot that the package comes with is very clean and easy to use. I recommend this too any new players as it is easy to use and has extra batteries. Over all happy with my decision and I will be purchasing from Evike again.

the mock suppressor is a amplifier and makes the gun a bit loud
by Trent L. on 02/10/2021
"This gun is great! Fast and accurate! And it sounds wonderful I was a little skeptical at first but this gun is amazing. I will be using matrix more often
by Jacob E. on 01/26/2021
"THIS GUN IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have owned it for 3 years and had NO problems caused by the gun. (They were personal error and it was just a pulled wire at the tamiya plug that goes to the battery and the only reason it happened was because i tryed to extend the stock with the plug caught on it ) and that was about 2 years in and i got it working with hillbilly engineering (glue and tape) AND IT WORKED FOR ANOTHER YEAR and just this month(January 2021) and it was a short in the mosfet which im pretty sure was my fault from my hillbilly engineering. But the entire 3 years i owned this gun it never had any issues it hopped .25s and .28s with ease. And it was reliable it fed with almsot any moage i put in it it never skipped a beat. It worked with any battery from 7.4v. To a 11.1v lipo and the sight Still works after the 3 years with no problems cold rain mud snow doesnt matter. The batterys take and hold a charge and last a long time and never had any problems with the chargers. The gunsleeve fell part after a year of rough treatment but who cares THIS GUN IS FINOMENAL BUY NOW YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT STARTER OR EXPERIENCED THIS GUN WONT DISAPPOINT ITS A GREAT BASE FOR UPGRADES TOO
by jacob s. on 12/16/2020
"best gun I own
I love this gun purchased it a few months ago and it's great I like how it comes with a bunch of stuff like batteries and mags red dot etc I tried it out in a few airsoft games and it's amazing the thing has the best trigger response I've seen so I definitely recommend it a few this to note before buying are that the red dot sight wobbles a bit when you put it on but I fixed this by jamming plastic between the rail and the sight than the mags the hi-cap works great but the midcap doesn't work without modifying it which is very easy to do but cmon like why are you send a mag with a gun that doesn't even work together but these are very small cons I've found and you can fix them easily but other than that if your looking for a good starter aeg I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get into airsoft
by Elijiah H. on 10/29/2020
"I bought the starter pack with the ris 9 and I can’t begin to say how much I love this gun. It carries bbs really well(.25gs) and is super accurate. I have put a angled short grip and suppressor on this thing with the red dot and it is great. This is definitely a buy for anyone looking for a quality gun.!!!
by Brent M. on 10/26/2020
"Literally the best starter gun/package got the 8” key mod. Has really snappy trigger response and great accuracy out of the box (nice that it comes with a micro switch). Nice rate of fire, even on a 9.6. My friend got the same thing and it curved to the right a bit so he put a promy purple and a mad bull inner barrel in it and it shoots lasers.
by Nathaniel D. on 07/27/2020
"Just got mine today and I am super surprised by the performance. Kinda thought it was gonna feel on the low end, but nope, I was dead wrong. Shot it roughly 175' after adjusting the hop up and unloaded the included bamf mag (190rnd mag) and damn does it have some power. Trigger response is exceptional and the rotary style hop up is firm enough not to move with your shots. Only things I want to change are the plastic recievers and the plastic buffer tube. Outside of that this is a fantastic starter kit, or a primary kit for anyone
by chi w. on 05/29/2020
"my very first AEG

got it when it was FIRST came out with the huge discount

over all i like it very much, cant beat the price with all the stuff came with it(battery, red dot, charges, extra mag)

things that i upgraded was an angel custom inner barrel, and metal buffer tube(comes with plastic buffer tube, cant really hang it with sling at the back of the stock)

be aware that the inner barrel is 250MM ! ! !

the product description says 230MM is WRONG

it IS 250 mm

i bought the 250mm due to 230mm out of stock and eventually i got it right...LOL

stock barrel towards 50 feet away target has around 18 inches square spread (umarex .25 and evike japan spec .25)

angel custom barrel(250mm) towards 50 feet away target has around 6 inches spread (umarex .25 and evike japan spec .25)

stock spring with above BB shoots around 360 FPS(using AceTech AC5000 Chronograph)

m95 spring shoots 317-320 FPS(good for most american indoor having 350FPS with .20 limit) *** of course FPS may varies

sorry didnt test with m110 or 115 for outdoor:(
by Mark D. on 01/24/2020
"The gun shoots fantastically and is very solid, so 5 stars. FPS is solid and can play outdoor and most indoor field around 350 FPS. Solid gun, least solid part would be the stock, but other than that you are golden.

But you need to hear about this part of the package as a customer-

The model I got was the URX3.1 12" and the spare BAMF magazine DOES NOT fit in the gun. I do not know why they send this spare midcap magazine with this gun. Maybe it worked with other models, but not this one. The midcap magazine won't stay, it just falls out. Even if you try to file the square to get it to fit, it still won't feed. Only the high cap magazine works. I contacted Evike and explained the situation and they are now sending me another high cap magazine, but my question is why include it in the package in the first place? Do they really not know that this midcap magazine will not work in this gun? Hard to believe. I had to wait about a week and a half for them to finally ship a different mag.

Poor performance on this part of the package Evike. If you didn't know this mag worked, I hope you do now. I know for a fact I'm not the only one with this problem! So despite not being granted a midcap, it is a good purchase.

Great gun for the price, I know everyone says it is a great "starter gun" but honestly it is just a good gun in general no matter how long you have played airsoft.
by Ashton T. on 11/24/2019
"So far so good.... I just got mine today and shot it around in my backyard. Taking it too the field next weekend.
by jorge f. on 09/08/2019
"it's really good that's all you need to know you won't regret it ight trust me
by Trey G. on 01/25/2019
"I love this gun. This is a great first airsoft weapon. I bought five more mags when i bought this gun.
by Sara C. on 01/15/2019
"This gun is amazing haven't ran into any problems. Get it!
by Dan J. on 01/12/2019
"Ok, let start off with how AMAZING THIS GUN IS. It has great fps and amazing range I recommend this for active players!
by Andrew G. on 01/11/2019
"First off, this gun surprised me right out of the box. I was blown away by the weight and realistic look and feel of the gun. I test fired it and it shot well hard and fast useing .23 bbs. By the way it comes with a hi cap mag. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone.