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SIG Sauer ProForce P320 M17 MHS Airsoft GBB Pistol (Color: Tan / Green Gas)

32 Customer Reviews

by korben r. on 03/13/2021
"Very very comfortable gun in the hands and feels very high quality
Shoots very straight and I like how easy it is to adjust hop up and it came very well lubed. I have not had any issue with the mag feeds breaking like.
by Adam A. on 10/28/2020
"Best c02 pistol I've ever purchased in terms of gas consumption, reliability, power, realism, magazines and range.

400fps . 150' range using .32's. c02 lasts 2 1/2 mags with .32's and 4 mags .25's.
by Marcus K. on 10/12/2020
"This gun is amazing. Accurate, the hopup stays dialed in very realistic kick with both green gas and co2 mags. Threaded barrel very comfortable.

Great kick
Threaded barrel easy to use safety controls
Quick breakdown
Gas efficient about 2 mags with green gas and 2.5 mag with co2 mags

the nozzle in the blowback housing does break easily with co2 mag but I'm hoping an upgrade kit comes out I'd recommend buying a couple spare blowback housings
Rmr capabilities are limited
by Jace Y. on 07/06/2020
"I had this pistol for a short amount of time and boy was it fun. For my first gbbp I'm really happy. I got mine in green gas as I wanted to play indoors. This pistol not only looked awesome but felt amazing in the hand and was very ergonomic, would definitely recommend this pistol.

The reason I returned mine was because I like the look of the P320 M18 more with the compact barrel and a flush fit magazine. I went ahead and pre-ordered it, really hoping it comes out this month. Still really nothing really wrong P320-M17, it's a great gun.

Something I would be ware of is the magazine, (I only have this problem with the magazine that came with the gun, as I also bought i spare) Almost every 1/3 shot the gun would not go fully into battery, as it would not get the bb fully out of the plastic feed lips of the magazine. I pretty sure I never had this issue with my spare mag. I could fix this issue by racking the slide or moderately bumping the back of the slide. I've seen other reveiws complaining about how their feed lips completely flew off, so I'm kinda glad I returned mine before it maybe possibly broke.
by Connor N. on 06/25/2020
"Dude this thing is so much fun it’s got a great blow back and hits hard on the CO2 but omg it’s so much fun so worth $150
by Tyler P. on 05/22/2020
"Ok I've had a weird roller coaster with this pistol so far. But despite the negatives I still gotta say it's settled down to a 5/5 for me. After the first settled that is.

My first M17 I gave to a friend after having it for a short time. I messed the outer barrel up so bad trying to remove the orange tip I just salvaged what I could of the front to make it look passable and gave it to my homie. I bought myself another a month down the line and first shot with c02 snapped the loading nozzle like so many have had. Now by this point my buddy has gotten a co2 mag for my original m17 and it is shooting like a beast. Barely if at all field legal, it's the hardest hitting handgun I've used in airsoft with no replaced/upgraded parts. VFC really didn't give a damn about censoring this gun.

Evike kindly replaces my broken M17 and my current one is holding up wonderfully. I've given it a TB barrel, new bucking and a 140% recoil spring and it's shooting super consistent, clean, and has a unique crack sound like no other pistol I have. I guess I got lucky on a roll twice and honestly I love the gun. Is it an excuse that Sig/VFC (hopefully I got that right as the OEM) let a product out on the market with such glaring issues? No. Hopefully they fix it and make right with their supporters of this OG M17. But I'm having a blast, have gotten my money's worth, and that first pistol I bought is defying all rules of proper airsoft practice. My buddy treats that thing like garbage. It's spray painted with pink accents now.
by Adam A. on 03/15/2020
"Excellent. Co2 option. Not for fields that Chrono co2 pistols but perfect for most other fields especially outdoor. Suggest .30 to .32 weight bbs, .25's aren't heavy enough and will shoot erratically. Great feel. Realistic operation and goes into battery when you load mag. Mags are pricey. No Flux modular system yet. Shoots 150+ feet accurately. Hard blowback. I compared it to a real p320 and found them very similar. Mostbhard hitting accurate pistol out of the box I've ever had.
by Fred P. on 11/15/2019
"I bought this using the blacknovember sale code and it surpassed my every expectation for an air-soft pistol. It was between this or the EMG / STI Internationalâ„¢ DVC 3-GUN 2011. I'm really glad I picked this. It's extremely accurate using .28 and you can adjust the hopup without taking the entire pistol apart. I highly recommended this for anyone on the fence about purchasing it.
by Connor L. on 11/11/2019
"This is an excellent replica!
The first thing I noticed is how well built it is. There is no wobbling or wiggling of the slide or outer barrel as there is on the majority of gbb pistols.

- Solid, tight tolerances, no wobble
- Accurate. Shoots straight and looks just like the real M17
- Can hop heavy BBs
- Can adjust hop without removing slide
- Versatile for indoors and outdoors
- Green gas and CO2 magazines available
- Has a threaded outer barrel. It's either 12mm- or 13mm- but I'm not sure because I don't have either adapters. Tried to attach an 11mm- adapter and it was too small. Tried 14mm- adapter and it was too big.
- Comfortable and ergonomic
- Fully ambidextrous
- Snappy, crisp and satisfying slide action with CO2 magazine (haven't tried green gas mag)
- Great price for a high quality product

- Magazines only hold 21-23 BBs depending on CO2/green gas versions. Not terrible but not high-capacity.
- Magazines cost $35, but this is a normal price for gas mags.
- You don't own one yet.

If you're considering this gun, just buy it. It's great.
Evike rocks!
by Isaac H. on 10/23/2019
"Here is a lefty's review of the gun: Awesome.

With the CO2 version I would suggest you use 0.25s or 0.30s because it shoots a little hot with 0.20s for most fields.

With one CO2 cartridge you get exactly 3 mags worth.
1st mag: 1st hot as expected, all is good afterwards.
2nd mag: all good, fires all bbs.
3rd mag: all good until the 14th shot and it gets sluggish, fired all the 21rds in the mag. After the last shot its done.

And for you lefties out there: YES! You can switch the mag release over! Not only that the mag release is awesome, the lefty controls are as good as the righy controls unlike an M45.

Now for the Pros and Cons:

- Great weight
- Has a more neutral grip angle for more comfortable shooting.
- It is extremely easy to field strip and clean.
- Loud (con for some, sounds like a staple gun when indoors)
- Something unique on the Airsoft field.
- large capacity
- entirely ambidextrous
- FDE Master race
- Reliable
- Already has a red dot plate (SIG has yet to produce a RDS for it though)
- Going to be extremely modular. It just came out and I'm pretty sure SIG AIR has some pretty big plans.

- You don't own one.
- Unknown whether or not it accepts a thread adapter.

Overall you should totally get this gun if you are thinking about it.
by Connor L. on 10/02/2019
"I waited months for this pistol to come out and let me say that it was well worth the wait. I first saw this pistol at Sig's booth at ShotShow 2019 and was in love at first sight. I love the real P320 series and to see an airsoft version is fantastic (I did wish that they'd released the X-Five P320 as well but hopefully down the road). Now this gun is basically identical to it's real life counterpart including serial numbers and Sig trademarks. The slide is metal and the grip is Sig's standard polymer grip. The slide is extremely smooth to pull back and it comes with an ambidextrous slide catch as well as safety. The mag release is comfortable to get to and the grip is a medium Sig grip so it will feel comfortable in most hands. The grip comes with a point to attach a pistol lanyard to, which is a plus. Trigger pull requires very minimal pull which adds to how smooth everything is. The slide has an actual RMS mounting point for actual red dot sights (Not particular found of them on pistols but it is a nice feature). Another plus to this gun is the hopup, all you have to do to adjust it is pull the slide back and twist the slide's guide pin. Also breakdown is a breeze with this gun as the takedown pin twists in place and does not have to be popped out like other pistols. Now the final feature to this gun is it's mags. They are the extended mags like you can get for the real M17. This is gonna be my only gripe because I personally do not like extended mags. However, the design of these mags is perfect, as CO2 cartridges fall right into place perfectly. I would love to see standard mags released but as I said before that is a personal preference... The extended mag does help those who have larger hands though so I'll let it slide. The only downside is you will need to buy extra mags for this gun as there aren't any other compatible mags known of. In the end, for what it is worth, you are paying for an official Sig Sauer product as these are through their new ProForce line of airsoft guns. The quality is like any actual Sig firearm and this is definitely a must have. I highly recommend this pistol for any airsoft enthusiast!
by Aaron D. on 09/28/2019
"The weapon is very modular and very shooter friendly. On average, gas consumption is about 4-5 Mags before having to replace it on Crossman 12G CO2. It does feel like its real steel counterpart in handling and weight along with being very comfortable for left handed shooters. If you've got a Milsim event or just want a nice feeling handgun to run matches with, I definitely recommend this.
by Spencer J. on 03/30/2021
"Bought mine directly from the Sig Sauer website because they had been sold out on evike... For good reason; a really outstanding handgun. They were actually made as replicas for the military as a training tool when the Army switched from the M9 to the M17, they've just reached the civilian market.

Nice weight
Nice kick
Looks badass, licensed by Sig Sauer so it looks like the real deal.
Is either a GG or CO2 gun depending on the mag in the mag well; will fit both.

Mags have a VERY minor rattle in the mag well
Recoil spring is a little weak, will misfeed once the mag is nearly empty of gas.
Not outstanding gas efficiency, but not bad either. 21rd GG mags will fire 30-40 bbs before loosing power.
The magazine tip is very weak and can break if youre not carful with it - see mag reviews.

All in all, most of the cons are very minor, with exception of the magazines. - see mag reviews.
by Lori P. on 12/14/2020
Feels very well made
Nice iron sights

Sometimes when I have the gun pointed to the ground the bb will fall out the barrel and I don’t know if I did this or it’s just the gun but I think I may have done it
Pinkie extender on the mag falls off all the time
by Thomas H. on 07/29/2020
"I got this gun in the middle of quarantine so I was not able to field it until recently and was just shooting things in the backyard. Before that even happened I knew the CO2 mags were a little on the hot side so I took it to the chrono to figure it out. With a .32g BB it hit 800+ fps, so i figured it was the gas from the barrel and backed off about 2 feet, same reading 800+ fps. So I took put about 4 CO2 cartridges through it to see and it finally settled down, but still too hot for anything at 2.1J. I love the gun and the CO2 mags kick nicely, I just cant field it given how hard it shoots. Would have given it 5 stars if not for this inability to use it.


-Feels just like the real thing in your hand
-Disassembly is just like the real thing so it makes for easy cleaning
-Super clean cycle and satisfying crack when fired
-Able to lift heavy bbs without issue
-External hop up adjustment so you don't need to open the gun to get it right


-CO2 mags pack too much of a punch
-The double stack in the mags are a pain when trying to load quickly, needs a locking mechanism to keep the guide down when you load
-Spring on the mags are a bit much and have been the cause of most mags breaking
-Only comes in tan, would really have liked a black option