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EMG Salient Arms International BLU Standard Airsoft Training Weapon (Model: Blackout w/ Green Gas Mag)

43 Customer Reviews

by Jaime A. on 07/27/2020
"great pistol outta the box. Has hard kick to it with the co2 mags. I would recommend if you want a badass looking pistol with hard kick to it
by Hunter X. on 01/25/2020
"Bit on the higher price but an excellent gun, however. It didnt come with the barel nut and adapter like I hoped, it's not as gas efficient as the EF g17 but uses the same mags. Would highly recommend if you can afford it.
by Richard Z. on 06/16/2019
"So far, so good!
I used it here and there with no real stress on it. Used it in my first game yesterday. It did well! Shot far and straight. I love the look. I cant speak about reliability but it does what it's supposed to do.
by Sean S. on 04/14/2019
"This was a great pistol! (Until mine got stolen)

So I wanted to wait until something bad happened before I wrote a review, but then my pistol got stolen(rip). But it was a great gun and if you like glocks and the aesthetic of this gun then definitely go for it.

Shoots very accurately with .2 and .25
Shoots nice and loud
Slide is very nice and feels natural
Nothing is loose or shaking
Mag can be reloaded very quickly and locks nicely
Mag doesn't leak and gets all 25 shots off
Looks amazing


Definitely recommend!!!
by Charles C. on 12/30/2018
"This gun is a 5 out of 5

looks very realistic
good heavy weight
easy to disasemble

All in all, I would highly recommend this pistol
by Caleb C. on 07/06/2018
"Just got it today and decided to bring it to my local airsoft field, my field is urban based so its a little bit of everything. I held the gun, and holy mother of comfortable, the grip is the most comfortable grip I have ever felt. And boy, is this gun gas efficient, it took me 4 mags before my Co2 decided to go. It's accurate, snappy and overall lightweight.
my only complaint, that dumb orange tip on the end, its glued to the end of the freakin gun, its annoying, so I had to melt mine off. but overall the gun is good.
by Jamie I. on 07/01/2018
"Great collector's item if you want an Airsoft gun not just for it's performance, but for it's real resemblance to the real firearm of your dream. EMG products have always been impressive when it comes to the quality mimicking what a shooter would appreciate from trigger response, weight, to finish.

Everything about it!


If you are in California, this is the only SAI BLU you can get in California!!
by Kent L. on 06/25/2018
"This pistol feels very good. Shoots straight (I use 0.23g bb).

Tip: Use Co2 mag in the winter and green gas mag in the Summer.
by ian b. on 06/23/2018
"This gun is a beast. I got it at the Palooza event as one of the first 50 in line and I want to say it was well worth the 10 hours waiting in line!

The gun feels nice, crisp, sharp, and performs awesome! I have used it exclusively in a few games and it has done very well. Good power, accuracy, range, and everything you are looking for and more!

Metal slide
takes co2 and gas mag both
use WE / Marui compatible parts for easy tinkering
easy to disassemble


Can't wait for the compact to release so I can buy the compact as well!!
by Sharon D. on 06/18/2018
"I own the SAI GRY and when I see this, I had to have it to complete my SAI collection! Big fan of SAI products! Thank you!
by Chris S. on 06/18/2018
"This gun is awesome!

takes both co2 and green gas mag
good accuracy and grouping
easy to find spare parts
looks nice
feels good in your hands (compact) and fits my glock holster

by Aaron D. on 06/18/2018
"I love the gun shoots great, so great I need to buy 3 more mags!
by Aaron S. on 05/29/2018
"To be honest, this gun is not good, it is AWESOME!

Realistic weapon manipulation with detachable mag, working hammer, metal slide,....the whole thing.
Amazing blowback action and feel.
Fits in my palms like a glove.
Utilize both Co2 and gas power source
good rate of fire
good grouping
good range
good FPS to deal some pain


Hope this review help you make your decision when it comes to selecting your next Airsoft pistol.
by jerry t. on 05/06/2018
"This pistol I will say rocks.... I got it from a box of awesomeness loaded it up and tried it out, and dang does it shoot far and hard, I love it, so far no issues at all, feels good in the hand, only thing I don't really care about is the gold back strap, besides that it is a great shooting gun so far.
by Lorin S. on 04/21/2018
"Excellent pistol.

It shoots really well - amazingly accurate. Feels great in my hands, and I love the styling.

It's like buying a G-Series pistol and Salient-ing it all out with custom upgrade parts from Guarder, Guns Modify and Ready Fighter - but instead of doing it yourself it is all done for you!

My only complaint is the plain looking trigger. I mean it's cool and all, the flat face feels good and the pull is smooth, but I can buy a SAI aftermarket trigger and get a gold shoe and a color filled logo.

Anywayzzz - all parts are pretty much to TM spec, so you can switch it all out yourself if you are inclined.