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AW Custom Full Auto "Ace Competitor" Hi-CAPA Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Package: Black / Gun Only / Green Gas)

8 Customer Reviews

by Andrew W. on 03/23/2021
"It’s lasted me about a year and a half. It’s shoots well and doesn’t waste much gas
by Miguel R. on 12/13/2020
"Overall pretty good, i only had some issues with it. The front sight fiber optic fell off and like in other review, my mag also broke. Luckily i was sent a replacement mag. It has decent range and the full auto will empty your gas reservoir quickly. It is heavy and it feels nice. I also like the fact that it is short-stroked. Im planning to use it with a hpa adapter, lets see how it goes. One more thing is that i dont know what sight could go on the provided mount, but that's beside the point. Also I havent experienced jams or malfunctions with this gun.
by Liam A. on 11/27/2019
"Let me start out by saying this thing is so fun to use! It has a very crisp blowback and a very clean look. It has good range and decent accuracy, it's a stock gun so the accuracy is pretty moderate.

I primary'd it for about 7 games and I easily competed with and beat aegs, it won't match the range and accuracy but it is very solid and with the right tactics can be brutally effective.

The sound is intimidating especially when you switch to full auto, people won't peek again.

I hpa tapped mine for the efficiency but the CO2 lasts about 2 mags and the green gas hardly lasts a mag.

DO NOT USE .20G BBS. The hop will send them straight up, use only .25s and higher.

It caught a lot of eyes and even got me into a group of regulars at my field because of my brutal efficiency and aggression that this gun permits. The full auto is one of the most fun things ever, it is amazing to spray and will empty a standard mag in a couple seconds.

One of the few cons I have and it's a big one, is that the safety selector switch came off, It happened with two of mine so it wasn't just a defect on the one. When that happens the retention spring and pin for the slide catch will fall out and they are small and impossible to find if they are dropped, I found a fix for it though as this gun is so fun I didn't want to replace it. All you need to do is take off the safety switch and make sure to contain the retention pin, put a couple drops of super glue on the pack and on the pin that goes under the beaver tail safety then put it back on and in the "fire, or unsafe" position. This will then make sure the safety doesn't come off and your gun will still function perfectly fine, except for the safety which will no longer move but that is no big deal at all.

I would recommend this gun for CQB players but it also works great for me outdoors.

You can remove the orange tip by crushing it with a pair of pliers which will then remove the orange so that it is flush with the outer barrel, there will still be orange over the threads which can be removed by prying it out with a small flat head screw driver.

Every once in a while you will have to put a couple drops of lube in it but it is minimal maintenance, and with the reinforced internals it will last a long time

Be careful with your mag, I accidentally broke mine because I released the spring at the bottom of the mag and it is powerful enough that it snapped the top of the mag right off ( which is plastic ) I was able to glue that back on and it works fine, but be careful

Overall I absolutely love this gun, even with it's drawbacks

Looks clean
Crisp blowback
Comes with mounting plate for sight
Fiber optic sights
Threaded outer barrel
Great stippled grip
Puzzle trigger
Reinforced Internals
Good range
Enhanced mag well
Easy Maintenance

Safety selector switch comes off
Accurate enough
Fiber optic sights wiggle a little after use( just glue them )
Not very gas efficient with Green Gas mags
by Maddox F. on 05/05/2020
"Warning, After 200 rds started breaking down, The full auto feature
Burns through gas and also damages the interior parts. The gun eventually requires upgrades/ Exchanging parts. Which will coy time to stack up until it’s a completely different gun
by Rafal K. on 10/09/2019
"looks and fills very nice.
at first shoot, the front piece of the outer barrel fell off.
not sure what to think off that. garbage comes to mind.
by Ian E. on 12/06/2020
"Does not last do not buy!!!! looks amazing and the externals are not to bad but the internals suck. it will malfunction and full auto and use up all the green gas. The magazine i received came broken so they sent a me new one which was good. when i tried to send it back they did nit take it. i wish evike would sell only good guns and not try to sell people trash like they do.

looks good
customer service ok

internals suck
by Weston B. on 02/20/2020
"This is not a good gun. It was marketed at a fair price for a has blowback pistol but not for what its built like ( prolly 30-40 cheaper for it's quality). After the third time I used the gun the slide pick fell off of the gun and I am currently trying to fix it. Would not buy again or recommend it to my friends!
by Christopher E. on 01/27/2020
"So so disappointed in this gun. Looks great and seems to fire great when it worked. Used once and upon firing the safety fell out onto the floor. Pushed it back in and took a couple more shots and fell out again along with the slide lock. Sent back to Evike via RMA and they fixed it. Got it back couple weeks later but didn't get a chance to try for a month. finally got to the field and same thing happened. Nothing was fixed. Not sure if it was Evike support, parts or faulty gun.

Evike was nice enough to take back via RMA to take a look at again. Hope they can fix as it never worked. So glad everyone else is having a better time with theirs. I had preordered this also so really disappointed in this gun.