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Avengers Polymer Magazine for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black / 150rd Mid-Cap)

7 Customer Reviews

by Taylor W. on 03/03/2021
"I have eight of these in FDE/tan, and now I'm looking to pick some transparent ones up as well since they've worked very well for me thus far.

I've bought a lot of different mags at this point, each replica is gonna be a little different in terms of tolerances so its good to have several different magazines on hand to make sure you find out which ones are best compatible with your AEG. Luckily for me these have worked great with all my guns!


-They fill to capacity and are not finicky (closer to 160 in my experience but I still download a little for optimum reliability).

-Worked with multiple AEGs from multiple different brands.

-The clear window located on the top between the feed-lips can help you identify fully loaded mags or when it's below 2/3 capacity (if you can see BB's there is a minimum of 100 left in the mag).

-They mimic the actual size (and look) of a PMAG which is awesome! Personally I dislike when mags are shorter in length as to look 1:1 with real steel *when loaded* in the replica. They tend to get swallowed up by magazine pouches and become difficult to grab when too short. By keeping them 1:1 with real steel magazines they become much easier to manipulate and fill up the pouches they were intended to be used with, who cares if they stick out an extra inch when loaded!

The BAD:

My only complaint so far is the polymer used to make the body and baseplate's seems a little brittle. I was able to crack both the lower body and a baseplate when tossing one to a teammate during a heated game. Yes it took a good smack so I don't foresee this happening from normal use and chest height drops during speed reloads but it's something to watch out for. I repaired mine with some Loctite brand super glue and a few wraps of electrical tape and it's working 100% (heck it worked while broke, it was just cosmetic outer shell damage).

I'd LOVE to see some aftermarket baseplates for these that mimic ranger plates to increase durability under impact.

OVERALL I'd say BUY. They're pretty cheap and work great! Just don't act like their real PMAGs and you'll likely be alright!
by evan b. on 01/21/2021
"its a great mag i did not know how to put the bbs in at first it feeds great and all around is a very well made mag
by Murat K. on 11/13/2020
"This is an outstanding mag. It feeds flawlessly . My CYMA QBS M4 Platinum loves it. It shoots 28 rps , not a single misfeed , not a single double feed. Get it. Its perfect.
by john t. on 09/18/2020
"I bought three of these for my Helios Umbrella Corporation M4 and they work excellently. So crisp when changing mags. These mags also look exactly like the one that came with my gun. Just a bit shorter.


Good quality construction. They'll most likely take a bit of a beating.

The witness window on the top of the mag is clearly see through (I have the all black mags).

Never had a miss feed till the last few bbs, but that's expected.


The last few bbs don't feed. You're getting more like 140 bbs instead of 150.

Not to shabby I've gotta say!
by Alexander A. on 12/14/2019
"Probably the best magazine you can buy for the money. Fits and feeds great in my KWA T6. Plastic quality is EXCELLENT, feels like a real PMAG. dot matrix for identification. So much better looking, feeling and feeding than the King Arms TMAGs.

Excellent quality
Look and feel like real PMAGs
Requires no modification to fit in KWA magwells
Feed perfectly
Dot matrix
Good weight, I would feel comfortable throwing these

No extended follower
CANNOT fit magpul ranger plates
by MobileSuitAirsoft !. on 12/02/2019
"Pretty Solid for the price and for it being a PMAG clone. Feeds well and gets the job done for what I need it to out of a Midcap Mag. Also I love the see through to see how many bbs I have left in the mag.
I say the quality is on Par for polymer midcaps and seems to be dutiable feeling with using it. I’m pretty sure it’ll withstand a few drops but nothing to crazy I assume from my use.

Also check out my channel on YouTube for more reviews on this mag and others. YouTube @ MobileSuitAirsoft!
by Stephen P. on 01/10/2020
"I got the black Flash Mag variant, and it isn't great. The winding cord is metal and the rest is plastic. It came manufactured to not feed. The BBs can't be pushed up through the end of the magazine because they push the plastic on the inside apart whenever you wind it up, and it releases most of the tension.
I want to like this magazine, it looks and feels good overall. However there are definitely some functionality problems. I'm giving it 3 stars because all though my magazine did not function at all, I haven't used the high or mid cap, and the outside quality is pretty good.

* Exterior quality is pretty good
* It fits pretty tightly, so the high-cap and mid-cap are good fits.

* The clear plastic is somewhat fogged, making it hard to see into the BB well
* Sharp corner on the bottom of the mag makes taking the cap for the winding cord off painful if you aren't careful where you position your hand
* The cap for the bottom of the mag slides off, so you might lose it if you set it down or put it in a loose pocket
* Plastic flakes (?) fall out of the winding cord when you wind it at first, which made me think I was grinding up something, which appears to have been the plastic holder for the cord.

* It wouldn't feed past the first few rounds out of the box. I took the mechanism out of the shell, and what looks like would happen is that the pressure of the BBs in the feeding tube would be too much, and the middle of that, where there is nothing holding the two halves of the internals together, would split apart and refuse to pressurize any further. The first round or 3 would release fully pressurized, and the rest wouldn't have enough energy to get out of the magazine.
* The winding cord catches pretty frequently 1/4 of its length of the way out on the return trip, requiring you to hit it or be either gentler or more forceful, typically more forceful, on the cord going back in. It seems like there's a gear on the inside that's getting caught against the inside of the shell
* My BB catch nub came cracked and with a chunk missing out of the end, not sure if it's gonna hold up to high pressures