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KWA Ronin "Tekken" Pistol Caliber AR Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: TK.45 AEG 3)

7 Customer Reviews

by Richard R. on 10/20/2020
"Bought Tk.45 on sale with go airsoft bundle

+Bundle is great for starters as it comes with extra mags, batteries, charger, red dot sight, and gun bag. if you see it on sale, grab it
+gun is a great eye catcher
+the electronic blowback is fun and doesn't feel cheap. because it isnt a bolt moving backward, i feel confident that it will not cause a catastrophic malfunction
+plenty of rail space
+solid construction, no wobble
+can use 9.6 butterfly/nunchuck nimh in stock. don't let description fool you
+Loves .25g BBs
+entire flash hider is removeable w/ an Allen key. no heat gun required (i learned the hard way)

-proprietary mags. they aren't compatible with anything else. period.
-mid caps only. while this isn't that much a con, it does effect long game performance, especially if you have a defender role.
-the bolt hold open is cheap. the "bolt" itself is plastic and you need to hold the hold open up for it to catch, allowing you to adjust hop w/o fighting the bolt
- Not a lot of space for muzzle attachments due to the threads being recessed in the rail space
-Left hand mag release is pretty bad and the left hand bolt release serves no function due to aforementioned bolt hold issue
-No attachments to make it look like an RX01 or R99 carbine

Overall: its a great gun is a great package. not perfect or a top performer, but if you are already invested in the sport/hobby, getting the TK45 is a good buy.
by Alexander V. on 10/09/2020
"Let met start by saying that I'm normally a guy that buys an airsoft gun, uses it for a few months and sells it to buy a different one. This gun... this gun I can confidently say I'll never sell. The build quality is outstanding, the mags are plentiful & not expensive, the overall design is futuristic but not to the point where it feels out of place in an airsoft match. Performance wise it's good, not a monster but definitely don't have any complaints so far. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and I'm excited to see if they release a 556 version. Would totally recommend this gun.
by COREY P. on 10/05/2019
"I got the TK.45C mainly for indoor CQB games, but will probably take it outdoor as well. Honestly, I was looking to buy a Vector, but the oddities of the Vector have always been a sticking point. I like holding my rifles right at the magazine, and this gun feels nice in my hands. The minute I saw the TK.45C, I knew it was for me!

So, as others have said, it's a great gun. After shooting it, I have the following comments:
1. The magazine, being very specific, is a pain to load compared to my M4 platforms. The M4 platforms have awesome speed loaders out there, and I highly doubt there will be a speed loader specific to this gun. The good thing about the magazines are that they're very inexpensive compared to the Vector, hold more rounds, seem smaller, and uses every last BB. I picked up a 3-pack when I bought this gun, and will pick up another 3-pack soon. The magazine catch and release mechanism feels more solid and more secure as compared to my M4 platforms.
2. I prefer some features of this gun over my Krytac Mk II Combo in SPD form. The barrel is short, but still longer than the Krytac. The feel is definitely better in my hands, but that's my personal opinion. The stock flip-up sights seem to be much better than the Krytac, which I ditched immediately upon buying that gun. I won't be ditching these sights.
3. The variable FPS is really handy.
4. The stock and battery tube is fine for a small battery, but will need an extender if you want to run a bigger battery.
5. An Xcortech mini tracer unit screws right on and the inner barrel doesn't interfere with the tracer operation! I was shocked, thinking I was going to need a barrel extension.
by Alex S. on 07/14/2019
"If the option was here on the site, I would give this gun a solid 4.5 out of 5.
I've used both the full size and the C, but in the end went with C. Its a superb size for CQB while still powerful and accurate enough for outdoor. Especially with the adjustable FPS dial. The full size is still a hell of a good gun. The blow back function is a ton of fun to feel, and despite being somewhat heavy its so perfectly balanced that you don't even feel it. The C model however is a good bit lighter without the blowback device in it, but doesn't have that perfect balance. After using the C for a few months I'd say the weight is the one issue that holds it back from being perfect. For a small SMG sized gun its still kinda heavy. Its pretty much 80% metal. The only polymer is the mag well, handle, and parts of the adjustable stock.

KWA makes quality and this series really shows that. Tinkering is not something you'll have a big need for. But if you are someone that just HAS to rip guts out for your own parts this is not the gun for you. KWA is known for being finiky with proprietary parts, and this gun is the prime example of that. There are ways of adding things like Gate Titans, but its not simple. And forget about changing hop ups, because the one in here is a very unique shape. But again, its really not needed because it really is quality as stock.

- Super unique look that definitely gets attention.
- 45C is a great size and feel for all forms of play
- Great trigger response and rate of fire when using a 11.1 battery (just have to get the right shape to fit in the 45C stock. Full size 45 has a larger M4 style stock with normal amount of space)
- Adjustable FPS
- Ambidextrous EVERYTHING.

- Bit on the heavy side
- As with all KWA, proprietary everything.
- People keep asking me if its a Vector. Open your eyes, its not a Vector

- Only 1 type of magazine is a mid cap, but 120 round is pretty good, and the 3 pack is reasonably priced.
- I would suggest using .25 or .28 ammo. I've had feeding issues once in a while with .20s. Not enough to ruin play, but enough to notice the difference.
- I would also suggest a 1in outer barrel extension for the use of tracer units. When you take off the false suppressor the inner barrel pokes out a tad.

This gun has served me well as my primary and I don't see myself switching any time soon. If you're looking for something other then a boring old M4, this is a great choice.
by Jordan P. on 02/21/2019
"So first off i love this aeg. Its gorgeous. Particularly the c model, though i would prefer it with a different stock alongside that shorter rail. For me the mft minimalist stock would be perfect. This all being said, i believe the video to be a dis-service to the airsoft community. Before people jump down my throat let me explain why:
1st.) The lack of eye pro at varied combat moments is a very poor choice. I am aware that this is not a quote on quote live fire video, but its still a bad bit of publication if seen by NON airsofters or those looking to ban/cause legal changes to our beloved sport, as well as being a bad example set by those who heavily influence younger more impressionable players. Eye pro needs to be taken very very seriously. As a referee for some of the north easts largest events and having seen eyes lost due to careless disregard for the seriousness of eye pro and needing to keep it on at ALL TIMES when in play areas, this is not an uninformed oppinion. Accidents happen. Even with hugely experienced people.
2.) The simulation of death and actual ammunition is EXACTLY what those same groups previously mentioned look for as their own ammunition in pushing for bans or serious changes/limitations to our sport. Airsoft, though it is obviously a war sim by its very nature (im not dilusional, i know my sport :) ), is viewed in a much more favorable light by those who DONT play or have any knowledge of the game when it is portrayed for what it is, a GAME with clearly defined differences to real combat. Simulating the real steel muzzle flash/sound is ir-responsible in my humble oppinion. It sends the wrong message to people and groups that are on the fence about airsoft and gives those that oppose it ideal material to use in lobbying against airsoft.
I hope that i wont be crucified for this post. I have alot of respect for evike, kwa, mla, and the industry as a whole. I am extremely passionate about airsoft, as most (all :) ) players are and am painfully aware that many people/groups oppose it strongly. Although they are almost always uninformed about the sport. This isnt meant to be political correctness gone overboard, just a call to operate within our current given circumstances until guaranteed legal protections can be put in place to ensure the continuance of airsoft.
by Garrett S. on 10/15/2019
"I have the tk45c the gun is great! love the adjustable FPS. It’s a bit heavy but the gun holds close to you so I don’t notice it much. The one complaint I have is the hop up set up. Seems to just lob bbs out there with no hop. I did a flat hop mod on it and it shoots beams like 200ft. Also the gun Is a bit loud. Other than that I love it great for cqb
by James J. on 02/05/2021
"I've been a KWA fan for years and when I saw the TK45 I was beyond excited. Unfortunately after purchasing it, I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with it. The trigger on it is terrible and when firing in semi auto it constantly jams. I sent it to Evikes techs to see if there was an issue with it but they said nothing is wrong so I guess it just has very poor internals. For the first time I'm very disappointed with a KWA product.

PROS: It looks awesome. The "recoil" is pretty cool. The hop up unit is really nice. Its accurate.

CONS: It constantly jams. It has a bad trigger. It's heavier than the average airsoft rifle. Its pretty loud.