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APS Phantom Extremis Mark VII 2.0 eSilverEdge CQB Airsoft AEG (Color: Black / Red)

7 Customer Reviews

by Steven D. on 01/04/2021
"I have this gun and I put a M115 spring in it. Im scared to push it any further as no Gate titan fits with the gearbox it has. If anyone knows what upgrades I can do. Without damaging the stock internals. I was thinking m120 Spring with 30k high speed and high torque motor. Since the ad says the gearbox can withstand m190 spring but I need help with mods for this gun. I want. 400fps with at least 25RPS. But need help with the right mods.
by Xavier Z. on 05/12/2020
"It’s a fantastic sbr, it’s amazing for projects. My upgrades are so evil lol, leviathan trigger, titan battery 11.1, spring 135 asg, lonex piston, piston head maxx, motor 140 G&P, hop up pro win, precision barrel 6,00 bolt, angel custom supressor.
380 FPS with .32
It’s a beast. In my country my friends called “La Diabla”
Congratulations for APS.
by Matthew B. on 05/03/2020
"I've had this for about a year now. I absolutely love it (red and black). Great accuracy for the small size, shoots perfectly for CQB right out of the box. Performed well on the field. Still performs great to this day. You can also disable the EBB function if you want. I like the gun mainly for how well it shoots and its appearance.
by Juan Pablo R. on 12/30/2019
• Really compact size.
• Micro-switch electronic trigger.
• Really good and solid internals.
• No problem with long shots.
• Decent space in the battery compartment (it can fit brick style, or even some stick Li-Po's).
• 340 - 347 fps readings.
• Great looks.

• Doesn't fire at a high rate with 7.4v Li-Po.
• If you want it to hold an 11.1v Li-Po, you'll have to buy a wiring with mosfet kit. Or run it with the risk of damaging the internals.
• Does not come with iron sights.

Pd. It is a great m4 for upgrading porposses. And for cqb play style.
by Deana S. on 11/08/2019
"Everything is solid I haven’t played with it yet though due to the fact that I can’t find a battery that fits but shoots good with a oversized battery
by Max C. on 08/20/2020
"Solid gun, unlike other reviews the mag it came with had a secure fit. BAMF mags were loose but with a little electrical tape they fit securely. Slow rate of fire on both Semi Automatic and Full Auto (7.4v). Battery compartment is small.
by Caleb T. on 12/09/2019
Uses deans battery connection
Really good packaging
Great material
Can shoot pretty far if you get the hop up just right

Misfires every 2-3 shots
Most sights you will need a riser for because of the low profile rail
Selector switch is loose and doesn't click into place very well
Mags don't fit well and feel lose (even the hi cap they send you)
Very slow rps, I was getting a consistent 8-9rps
Long trigger pull
Not accurate at all
Whinny motor

I love the look of this gun and the style it was going for, it's just really unfortunate that it wasn't executed very well. It feels like very little thought was actually put into how it would actually preform and they just went for the looks first.