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APS ASR114 2.0 eSilverEdge Full Metal 10" M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by Nathan D. on 03/24/2020
"Great gun works well!
by Kevin G. on 12/04/2019
"Hey I know long reviews strain attention but PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS I just got this gun and it is GREAT. I love it and it fires very quickly and the velocity is good to.

- Above average fire rate
- mag looks cool
- Holds mag well and there is no wobble.
- Stock is good
- sounds sweet
- Battery lasts long time (6 Hr game frequent firing)


by Nicholas K. on 11/25/2019
"excellent airsoft platform. Everything is high quality cannot say enough about the new line of aps guns they really stepped up their game especially with these new silver edge gearboxes which are great, very strong and seem reliable. I have been playing airsoft for 10 years now and this gun is probably one of the smoothest running guns i have owned besides my rd ak700 from echo1 also and excellent gun. If your looking for a unique looking m4 this is a great start. The key mod rails are great too.
by James C. on 05/31/2017
"The gun is a lot lighter than I expected. The gearbox is smooth and it is very accurate.
Love the look!
by Lorin S. on 04/26/2017
"This rifle is sick!

You can't tell in the pics, but the hand guard is "dimpled" along the sides like the real steel Midwest Industries RIS and it looks and feels great.

The Kryptek pattern is a "wrap", not a coating - so it feels a bit different than what you would expect but it still looks and feels great. Be careful when placing things on your rail as the Kryptek pattern mars easily. A quick cover up with a black sharpie works wonders.

I had a previous APS rifle before, but had to return it due to a malfunction that couldn't be fixed. I was skeptical on getting another but I rolled the dice on this one. I am glad I did... this thing shoots hard and shoots straight. It may be the most precise rifle I have owned! Holes within holes on most targets, and the rifle is so lightweight it is a pleasure to run around with.

No problems with the included magazine - it feeds great, but I prefer mid-caps because I hate winding mags. I tried a PTS Enhanced mid-cap and it works, but I get some mis-feeds with it. I'm gonna buy a number of dif brands of magazines and see how they perform. If I find some that work well I'll wrap them with some Kryptek Typhoon style camo myself to match the gun.

I've put over 1000 rounds through this now and had zero issues. I added a Trijicon MRO, a Strike Industries Slink aluminum Vertical Grip, a side mounted light, and a two-tone muzzle break (silver/black). It looks amazing and this thing is a MONSTER...

... thanks Evike!
by Paula M. on 08/11/2016
"Amazing gun, powerful and reliable. It has a nice feel and the weight is great
by Nikolis R. on 06/12/2016
"This gun is amazing!!! It feels so real! I haven tested it out on the field yet but it's an amazing gun! I love the blow back mechanism and the weight to it. It's full metal and the key mod is easy to get used to. The crane stock is polymer but feels great on the shoulder. The only concern about this gun is that my guns blow back system stopped working and I don't know why. I'm contacting evike soon but either way the gun is perfect for AR style players.
by Matthew C. on 02/21/2016
"This gun is very good. There are facts and opinions, but that is a fact. The gun has an outstanding external build quality, great internal parts that you don't need to upgrade, and blowback, which is a very nice touch.

Build Quality
ROF (19 RPS)
Range (About 200 feet or more)
Accuracy (Dead-accurate groupings at 85 feet)
Looks Sexy as all hell

You don't have it
I don't have two
by Blake b. on 05/29/2015
"I have had this gun since November and it has performed out standing i got it on sale for $200 and it was a total upgrade from the combat machine i had before.
by Nick B. on 01/03/2015
"So I recently got this gun and so far it is a very good performing gun. I have been in one game with the gun so far and I wrecked with it. There is only one problem so far, the small spring that makes the plate for blowback slide back and forth broke. This is the only problem that I have encountered so for. Except for the spring this gun is amazing. Great gun overall.