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Beretta M92 A3 Co2 Powered Blowback Airsoft Pistol by Umarex - Semi / Full-Auto

7 Customer Reviews

by Boden O. on 04/10/2021
"This pistol has been outstanding 5 stars all the way. Semi or fullauto it just works. I got this as a Christmas present from a bud and its he best airsoft gift I've ever received.

Its tight. Nothing feels loose and it feels dang near real.
Double action trigger is helpful for a hammer reset failure when using Automatic fire.
Barrel and hop up are more than satisfactory (easily can make 100ft shots with stock parts)
Its Co2
Good sights
Good price
Mags are a bit pricey but worth what you pay for them.

The front sight might be loose when you get it so don't tighten it to much or the screw will make contact with the top of the barrel and scratch a big ugly line on it after firing.
And of course you have to wait a few days for it to be delivered.
by Dilyn M. on 11/29/2020
"love this gun to death, I've shot this gun a lot after I got this. almost like the real deal, but to anyone getting this don't use the full auto vey much. looked into this gun for a long time before I purchased it, i was very happy with the use of my money.
by Rico D. on 08/12/2020
"This was my first airsoft handgun and was very happy with it. It looks and feels great. The weight is perfect, unlike my second purchase which had a polymer frame and aluminum slide but still felt light. I'm not a fan of tan normally but the coating on this looks fantastic. After a few days worth of play there is some wear on the barrel. It is a fun gun. It kicks hard and really shines with full auto. Everyone who shoots it on full auto giggles when it starts bucking in their hands.
Now, what I don't like. The fire selector switch is mostly hidden. It is a little lever on the back right hand side of the frame. It cannot be operated one-handed. I would have preferred it integrated into the safety.
The safety itself works but is not very well constructed.
The sights are adequate but cheap.
And last is more my fault because I took it apart. I saw houge made a nice OD rubber grip for the real steel M9 and tried to install that. I didn't realize it uses a vertec grip not the regular M9 grip. A knife was enough to shave off the excess and it looks and feels more to my liking. But while I did all that the tiny spring attached to the fire selector lever flew off and was never seen again. So now, if I want to switch I have to take off the grip and do it manually. I am considering getting another just to avoid doing that.
It didn't come with a thread protector but I bought the one for the kriss vector and spray painted it OD to match the grip and it looks good.
Shoots straight
Full auto
No thread protector
Fire selector switch
by Brandon M. on 12/25/2019
"This handgun is really fun to use and pretty accurate. Only thing is the CO2 drains a lot faster when using full auto. Would recommend!
by Derek S. on 06/18/2019
Feels great
Fairly accurate
Rof on fully auto
Scary on full auto
Threaded barrel

Threaded barrel is orange
That’s uhh..that’s it.

This is a 5/5 handgun. Very good.
by Nicholas G. on 05/20/2019
-Snappy trigger and recoil response
-Takes CO2 Mags, black, FDE, and Extended 40 rd mags (Super Awesome)
-Full Auto is awesome and insanely fast.
-Comes with Threaded barrel for tracer units or mock suppressors
-Polymer Lower frame for light weight use( can be considered a Con as well)

-Full Auto wastes CO2 super fast. You can only get about two mags worth if you run full auto on regular mags and extended mags only. Semi will get you about 3 mags worth on one CO2.
-Polymer Fame may not hold up to serious abuse like it’s other black metal counterpart. Same can be said to how it may hold up with CO2 powering it. But time will tell.

I have a review posted on YouTube, go check it out my channel @ MobileSuitAirsoft! For full take down and review and updates.

Overall sweet looking gun, sweet handling and firing, full auto is awesome but can be risky when using it because your drain the CO2 fast if using in a game where they allow full auto lol.
by Richard R. on 09/13/2020
"I'm enjoying the gun so far, although it does tend to misfire and the BBs will bunch up in the barrel then fall out all at once when using the full-auto fire. The slide and most of the parts are also polymer, not metal and I expect wear and tear to run its course eventually on this one. The grip also feels a bit cheap, but it's replaceable so I won't subtract points for that. In addition, the safety also came packaged as very lose and had a tendency to flip up on its own until I tightened it down.

Overall it's good and works 80-90% of the time on full-auto and 100% on semi. I recommend a higher quality gun if you're looking for a full auto primary, but it makes a good secondary for funsies.