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Umarex Fully Licensed GLOCK 17 Gen4 Gas Blowback Airsoft Training Pistol by KWC (Model: CO2)

10 Customer Reviews

by nate k. on 06/16/2021
"solid gun upper is light but high quality looks to real to conceale
by jarreau g. on 11/30/2020
"I just recently got this package and I must say, I'm impressed. Its got nice snappy blow back, great trigger response, and performs smoothly and accurately right out of the box. However, me being a person who isnt satisfied with what comes out of the box, made a few adjustments and this thing is a work of art internally.
So heres a few pros and cons
Nice weight
Solid construction and feel
Decent fps
Great accuracy
Stylish (if youre into that)
Excellent gas efficiency (like 3 mags per cartridge)

Paint scratches easily
Holster is ridiculously tight
by Jackson S. on 10/11/2020
"i just got this glock and i have had it for about a couple days now. And i didnt order any bbs or co2 at all just been messing around with it. And the slide of the gun where the real serial number would had alot of paint coming off because ive been racking the slide back alot but i guess that would come with shooting the gun as well. the only other thing that for me personally i dont like is that after a couple days with it the slide rattles just a little bit . but great gun this is my first ever quality airsoft gun and love glock so i had to get it. And yes for some people out there the orange tip does come with it when you order it and YES you can easily take it off but i would wait for any problems to happen because if you take off the orange tip your warranty will be void
by Nick H. on 09/21/2020
"I've had this pistol for a few weeks now and its performed really well and looks almost exactly like a real glock 17. I would highly recommend this pistol who wants a really good looking and very customizable gun.
by Samuel G. on 09/15/2020
"This is a very good choice for an Airsoft gun. It’s got a very snappy blowback and the slide locks back when the mag is empty. Very realistic and a overall very solid gun would recommend
by Adrian C. on 09/05/2020
"Bought this gun, so far so good.

The Gun is pretty accurate up to around 5 meters or so. Otherwise, more than that is gonna be flying over the place with anything under .20 gram BBs. .20 Gram BBs shoot around 7-8 meters or so pretty well, but more than that its gonna fly to outer space.

Extremely reliable, and a great training tool as well, Trigger response feels crisp. It usually jams on me once or twice, but I was using really bad BBs. Even with that it still ran well.

Sights are not great but not terrible.

Recoil is crisp and consistent until you get to your last 10 rounds of BBS where you can really feel that it is going to run out.
by Eduardo J. on 05/02/2020
"I bought this gun some time ago and never reviewed it. Overall its a great gun, don’t let KWC fool you, I say this because many people hate KWC because of how “unreliable” and “bad quality” their guns are but those are the same people that buy cheap KWC guns. I have a ef g17 which broke on the third week and seemed cheap over all. This g17 can be thrown everywhere and it won’t break. Like the previous guy said there’s many upgrades you can put on it. Mine has the following:
1. Streamlight TLR HL
2. Vortex viper red dot with the UTG RDM20 mount
3. Poseidon Hop up and inner barrel
4. 5KU V3 compensator that i use with an adapter
6. I also stippled it

The pros:
1. Field strippable just like the real deal
2. Very durable and of high quality
3. Feels good and heavy like the real steel unlike the ef
4. The slide finish is similar to the real one; it doesn’t have the ugly grainy look like the ef
5. It shoots really good, hasn’t jammed on me and i’ve put over 4,000 BBS on it.
6. The slide racking on it feels really crisp and not loose like the ef.
The cons:
1.the Chamber indicator is in place and not removable
2.It’s not exactly the most accurate gun in stock form but still shoots good
3. Not much part support unless you customize a part to fit
4. It has a safety where the serial number in the real steel should be which Some might like but i am not a big fan.
by Reza K. on 03/20/2020
"I purchased this pistol and first of all, don't be scared by the price, its a good pistol to have, it works well, only problem I have with it is the internals and iron sights, more presicely about the internals: the inner barrel and the hop-up. It doesn't exactly shoot straight due to everything being stock, I would advise, if you were to buy this pistol, to upgrade from stock to a better version, here are some examples

1: Poseidon Striker Hop Up Chamber Kit w/ Air Cushion Inner Barrel for Elite Force GLOCK Series GBB Pistols (Length: 97mm)

This has everything you need all together though, hop-up and barrel, but more expensive.

2: Nine Ball by Laylax 6.00 Precision Inner Barrel for Elite Force / GLOCK Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols (Length: 97mm)

This comes only with the inner barrel. Go find a good hop-up if you can.

(* I already know that I will be buying the first one.)

Another issue I have with Glocks overall are the iron sights. For those who love iron sights, good for you, but if you are wearing a mask/goggles and it gets foggy and you can't see well... GET A RMR ON THIS THING!!

I switched out the iron sights for a reflex dot, I will provide sights below;

1: UTG Micro Reflex Sight with 4 MOA Single Dot (Comes in Red or Green)

(* I got green dot, and its perfect, inside and out, plus its unique other than red dots.)

(DISCLAIMER; this sight does not come with a mount for pistols, only for picatinny rails. You will need to buy a seperate mount and buy a tool as well to install it in. As for the tool, just search up Glock Iron Sights Remover Tool and pick one, they should all work.)

Here is a good mount choice:

1: Super Slim RMR Mount for Glock Rear Sight Dovetail.

+ This is UTG as well so they should fit together.

Other Points:
a) Also the magazines don't carry up to 17 bbs, its around 14-15 ish,
Buy this magazine, it works perfectly for this gun.

1: Umarex CO2 Magazine for GLOCK 17 Gen4 Gas Blowback Pistol by KWC

b) The holster is up to you but the only hardshell holster ones that seem to work for this pistol is:

1: Matrix Hardshell Adjustable Holster for Glock ATP ACP Series Airsoft Pistols

c) OH and this pistol is -14mm thread, it doesn't say it is but it is. Trust. If you want a good unit tracer, buy this one:

1: Xcortech XT301 Compact Airsoft Tracer Unit

d) Good weapon light to have, but you might have to get a soft or custom hardshell holster for this attachment:

1: Streamlight TLR-1 300 Lumen C4 LED Rail Mounted Weapon Light - Black

Overall good gun, better than any cheaper and more expensive pistols than I have researched. Thats all I have to say in this matter, whew, that was a lot. right.

My personal opinion, its a great pistol, too many people tried to buy this off me, I even got an offer from a guy trying to trade me a Hi-Capa with ten magazines for this, but I said no, because I love this pistol too much to trade it off.

If you ever see me, or something something, I have a custom Black Ice Glock 17, I'm that guy who painted Black Ice on his Glock 17. I mean Black Ice from Rainbow Six Siege. Yeah. Took me and a friend three weeks to finish it. Also I look like Ghost from Modern Warfare but I have a DMR instead of a M4. Don't be afraid to ask, I love to talk, as you can obviously see.
Hope you guys enjoy this review!
by Kenneth M. on 06/28/2020
"Solid pistol all the way around... Mostly, the operation of the firearm is really amazing, reliable feeding, the mags hold 17 rounds like it says, sometimes likes to eat your co2 but I can deal with that, my biggest complaint the metal used for the slide and the barrel are really cheap, my first drop completely dented in the front sight and gashed the plastic rear sight, I would recommend upgrading.
by Samuel G. on 09/17/2020
"Ive had this gun now for about 4 days and the first day i started to shoot it the outer barrel paint began to chip on the top of the slide. Then the magazine didn’t lock in even though it clicked it fell out and got chipped. The outer barrel with the orange tip wiggles back and forth and it gets sorta annoying. The gun shoots ok its just minor things that kind of upset me