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Elite Force Spare Magazine for GLOCK Licensed G17 Airsoft GBB Pistols (Type: CO2)

4 Customer Reviews

by Christian S. on 04/13/2019
"First let's start off with, These will only work with the Glock 17 Gen. 4 from my experience. I've waited about 3 months for these to pop up and I'm glad they did.

-Works great, no feeding problems
-No air leaks
-Durable, I dropped it on concrete and worked fine
-Exact same magazine that comes with the Glock 17 Gen. 4 Co2 version

-It can be easy to strip the threads when screwing in the bottom that holds the Co2 cartridge in place, just take your time and be careful with it and you should't have any problems with it.

Great magazine, works like it needs to, if you need a magazine for the Glock 17 Gen. 4 Co2 version I'd play it safe and get this one.
by Ho Seok L. on 08/23/2018
"Works great, no leaks (yet) after 500+ rounds
by Nicholas G. on 05/27/2020
"Overall, they're decent quality aside from a specific thing that i'll get to in a moment. They load and feed well, and work fine.

- Pretty much the same mag that comes with your EF Glock 17.

- Feeds well and smoothly, never had any issues there

- Price is kinda steep, but it's a gas mag, so that's not super surprising.

- The feeding lip is made of cheap plastic that will break VERY easily. If you drop it once on a concrete floor (which is every indoor field i've been to), your mag is gonna be out of commission. Expected better from a $44 mag. I bought two of these and on the first day I took them out, I left the field with one because the other broke from being dropped a single time.

Overall, they're good mags, but it's pretty hard to give a 4-star review, let alone a 5-star one, on a mag that breaks so easily but costs as much as it does. Hopefully we'll see a better build quality for these in the future.

Meanwhile, my other spare mag has been working great. Here's hoping I don't drop it, too.
by Garrick H. on 07/30/2018
"Easy to Load, Looks Great but Leaks.

First and foremost, the EF Glock 17 is amazing. I love the look, the feel and it hits pretty hard. The magazines have a solid ammo capacity and are a breeze to load thanks to the feature of being bale to load the mag directly by pouring BBs in the feeding channel. They also look legit which is a wonderful touch!

I own three (3) Elite Force (EF) G17 mags, and all three (3) leak gas. I've only owned them for a short while (~3 months) and they (along with the g17) are maintained regularly (cleaned, oiled and small amount of gas left in mags at all times).

At first this was not an issue, but very quickly i noticed during a fire fight I reloaded my mag only to the pull the trigger and hear "click". I dropped the mag and tapped the gas pin just to make sure there was gas, and no - it was empty. I switched to my third mag and again got a "click".

Since then the only working mag (the one that came with the EF G17) has followed suit with it's brethren and leaks gas. To compound this issue, my brother-in-law who bought the same EF G17 is having the same issue with his.

Finally the price point is a little steep compared to alternatives other models and their corresponding magazines.

Looks: Excellent!
Ease of Use: Excellent!
Reliability: Poor (maybe it has just been me)
Cost: High (other brands and models magazines tend to come in $10 to $20 less)