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Helios Knight's Armament Licensed SR-16E Mod2 MLOK Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: Carbine / Tan)

20 Customer Reviews

by Andres M. on 06/24/2020
"Stock was a bit wobbly but love it.
by jordan g. on 05/27/2020
"Gun is better than expected. This gun is the -ish me and my friends decided to indulge in airsoft during quarantine and all purchased guns from evike. Out of all of our guns this fastest/strongest and dead accurate up to at least 40 yards easy. We were shooting full pop and beer cans from 45,70, and 100 ft away and this gun pierced at all distances. I got the reflex scope and a laser site which are both lined up perfectly and this gun PRODUCES a** whoopins. All my friends paid 550-700 for their full setup; for me the gun, scope, battery, extra clip, and laser i probably spent close to 375 maybe 390? Looks like it belongs in predator when decked out. Cant really complain but the stock does get warm/hot when using for longer periods of time.. not sure if this is normal and i stopped using for a little as i didnt want to burn out the battery the first day i got it. But yeah highly recommend for fun, battles, EQB, anything. Carbine isnt too long it feels the length of a standard AR.
by Michael M. on 05/25/2020
"I've enjoyed the gun, but the battery space is tight. After 6 months, I am seeing some fraying in the battery wire because it is packed in so tightly. Also not impressed with the 1000mah batt, having thrown away two of them in 6 mos.
by Jorden C. on 05/22/2020
"I bought this rifle in December just after Christmas and it’s held up since. I put a 37k Evike torque motor in and swapped to an m120 spring for 360fps with .25’s. I’ve hit a 14x14 inch pan from 160ft fairly consistently with the stock barrel although I plan to upgrade.
Full metal upper receiver and barrel shroud. Polymer lower polymer pistol grip. Reinforced metal buffer tube that can take a heavy fall and not bend. Polymer Stock. Slight play in the stock but not enough to notice in game. Gun is solidly built and is tough as nails
-Note about the stock: Only buffer tube/stick type batteries with fit in the stock. If you want a long lasting 11.1, the Titan 11.1v li-ion stick type will fit with wire management. Just be careful not to put an extreme bend in the guns small Tamiya wire connecter best you can. The stock will have to be fully extended at all times with this battery although.
-Only con I can possibly think of is if you put a full mag in and out a few times then a bb can get stuck somewhere in either the piston or the nozzle which plugs up the airflow and just takes a few shots to release the stuck bb
by Bill H. on 05/09/2020
"Great gun for the price! i just got this today and i love the build quality and that a thing of beauty! If your on the fence just jump it!! you wont regret it unless you have much more expensive guns and see this shoots and feels just as quality as the others. i bought the cqb variant and the length is perfect for indoor.
by Travis N. on 03/19/2020
"These series of M4's are truly amazing! They are tactical and customized right out of the box, which looks very unique compared to the standard M4 you always see. Great for CQB because of its FPS and size. Again I love how cool it looks! Great overall gun, no problems.
by Thomas A. on 09/06/2019
"Got mine in a box of awesomeness, very impressed with the features it has and good build quality, very snappy with lipos, love it!
by Gary K. on 09/05/2019
"I like this airsoft gun. Shoots straight, isn't too heavy, feels nice.
by karen s. on 09/02/2019
"A nice gun to start with weather you are a beginner or veteran to Airsoft. As far as sportsline priced rifle goes as the review benchmark, I would say this rifle gets a 10 out of 10 from me due to that it has everything you want and more that you can't find in other sportsline in it's class. The gearbox is the ARES EFCS with quick change spring and electronic mosfet for a snappy nice trigger response, takes just about any M4 AEG Marui spec magazine I feed to it, and I want to say the KAC licensed receiver makes it much more enticing than an AMOEBA in my opinion. All in all, great gun.

I would recommend this gun to anyone who is looking to start Airsoft or looking to add one more M4 to your arsenal or collection.
by Nancy T. on 08/31/2019
"Saw that it's by EMG so I grabbed one with a part of my pay check. Was going to test it out but I ended up using it for a whole day. The internal is exactly the same as the latest Amoeba series, and the receiver although not metal feels very heavy duty with a nice etched in Knight's Armament logo on it. The trigger response is superb with an integrated electronic trigger and everything else on it from stock to sights is superb ARES furniture. Comes in a nice EMG box and all in all I highly recommend this rifle. Hope this review helps.
by Aaron K. on 07/03/2020
"Overall the gun is great. It is cheap, but has a Ares Gearbox that works well. The trigger is very snappy, and it seems like it comes with 13:1 gears. This can work with a 11.1v, and this gun has good accuracy.

Snappy trigger with small trigger pull
Worth the money
It's programmable with the Ares programming box
Everything is solid except the stock. It wobbles easily, but stays on.
Feels very weightless with good quality polymer
Haves enough space (for me) to add attachments, some attachment might now fit

No manual on the website that it says to go to. The manual is not available right now!
Stock wobbles

It's only 4 stars, because there is no manual available for the gun. I'm not able to scan the QR code, but the website doesn't have it. This could be 3 stars, but the quality makes it 4.
by AJ B. on 06/22/2020
"I got this as my starter gun in the black carbine. The iron sights are a bit wonky, but I'm using a red dot anyway. The stock has a bit of wiggle, but nothing too concerning. The accuracy is decent, with a better bucking this thing could be deadly. I was a little sad to see a plastic hop up, but what do you expect at this price point. This thing shoots HOT My field has me at a 100 foot engagement distance, shooting 385 FPS with .28's.
There were a few issues:
- I had an issue with the hand guard wiggling, and clanging against the outer barrel support/guide. I wrapped some tape on the inside of the hand guard where it mounts, that seemed to tighten it up.
- The SINGLE SCREW that holds the stock on loosened up, and the back plate for the spring loosened behind it. A nice wobbly stock and inconsistent shots made for a couple great games. Not to mention you need a LONG screwdriver to tighten that screw, as you need to reach all the way down the buffer tube.
-My first day playing, my motor loosened up and backed off, luckily i don't think i hurt any gears.

I also got another gun in a BOA, that was open box, this had a torn bucking right out of the box. I couldn't turn the adjustment wheel, because the bucking was wedged between the hop up chamber and the nub.

Overall I think its a good gun, and I'm glad that i got it. It would be a different story however if I didn't know how to work on things. Not necessarily the gun's fault, but a big QC problem.
by Raudel G. on 05/27/2020
"Everything about it is great except the stock. It's very wobbly and loose
by Aaron A. on 03/18/2020
"So I got the tan carbine length version and at first glances it's a really nice gun. The trigger pull is very light and fast and it shoots far and accurate due to its upgraded inner barrel. It feels very durable with the hand guard being metal and the lower receiver a very sturdy polymer.

One of my gripes are the iron sights it comes with are non adjustable, cheap plastic, and you may as well throw them away. But thats okay because who uses iron sights anyways when there are red dot sights. The other issue is that the gear box can only be programmed with a separate $60 unit when similarly priced guns like the arp9 can program by holding down the trigger. Last but not least MY BIGGEST GRIPE is the 14mm POSITIVE THREADS!!! Like why? Just why? NO BODY USES POSITIVE THREADS!!!! So unless you get an adaptor that is commonly out of stock this means little to no options for tracer units.

Other than that the gun rocks with tightbore inner barrel, rotary hop up, ambi mag release and fire selector and an etu at a very competitive price. (especially when on sale)
by Anthony V. on 02/15/2020
"Over all this is a real good gun it preforms amazingly, trigger is decent.

-light weight
-CQB shoots far
-Rotary hopup
-Ares v2 gearbox
-MLOK hanguard

-not deans connectors
-the hi cap mag broke in a game
-lacking when using a 7.4v
- battery space is tight
- 14mm+ threads why?
- QD sling mount on the buffer tube is fake it does not work
-the upper receiver bulges out alittle
-the iron sights suck and broke in a week

Like i stated earlier this is a good gun but it has some flaws