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CYMA Sport M16A1 Vietnam-Era Airsoft AEG Rifle

5 Customer Reviews

by Patricia P. on 03/16/2021
"This thing is great. The only problem would be the markings on the side, which for me I do not care a whole lot about, and the connector needed. Thr connector part was fixable though, for 6 bucks on Amazon I ordered some adaptors, but after you get the adaptors you have to require them/switch them around for the gun yo finally be able to work. Overall 100% approval rating. As always, evike is the best, and little to no probelms.
by Christian G. on 05/23/2020
"Easily the best metal-bodied M16A1 on the market right now.
Shoots a whopping 450-460 FPS out of the box.
CYMAs M4s/M16s are easily just as good as their AKs, ignore anyone trying to discourage you from considering them.
The gun is solid as hell and an absolute deal considering everything this gun has going for it at just $175.
The gun, surprisingly, comes with a metal black flash hider, there is a orange cap glued and pinned onto it but that's easy enough to remove.
The gun "beeps" when plugging in a battery, thanks to the mosfet. It will beep continuously if the battery isn't connected properly or is low on battery.
I mainly got the gun so I can throw on the "Avengers" M203 kit, thankfully there were no issues installing said kit.
Personally I would swap the hop unit (I recommend a lonex hop up unit and ZCI balanced motor) and motor as they're somewhat lacking, but it's not totally necessary.
Super happy with the gun and totally recommended it.
by Christian T. on 09/14/2020
"Update from last time: As stated before, dynamite entry level gun out of the box- it shoots straight and accurate, chronos good and has a sweet crisp trigger puill (microswitch). It performs well if you leave it that way. However, I'm a technical guy, and I love modding and upgrading my own equipment. To keep it short, my gun broke in half at an event last weekend- no big deal, I'll just get a new receiver, right? NOPE. This gun comprises entirely proprietary parts- simply stated, NOTHING IS COMPATIBLE WITH THIS GUN. No gearboxes, uppers or lower receivers. Trigger switches, better mosfets- forget it. My intention was to buy this gun and completely overhaul the internals- this is designed particularly so that you can't do that. Which is what leads me to describe it as an entry level gun. This thing isn't really upgradeable, but for the casual airsofter hitting the weekly field, this gun will do anything you need it to do. It's an excellent starter gun but I'd like some parts compatibility for when I do long (3+ day) games.
by Christian T. on 05/29/2020
"This seems to be a pretty sweet gun out of the box- as an entry leven gun, it seems quite worthwhile. Now, for the experienced vietnam enthusiast, beware- this gun is extremely chinese. Theres an orange tip pinned over the metal flash hider, which you can remove pretty easily with any hand tool available. They made absolutely no attempt to use the correct trademark on the receiver, instead using a skull and crossbones (wtf?) And there's random Arabic warnings on the lower receiver as well ("Keep back 100 feet or you will be shot"). This was clearly made by the chinese who had no idea what they were even writing. As a historical replica, I don't know why they tried so hard for component accuracy and then dropped the ball HARD with these extremely lame engravings, so they definitely lose points for that. Also, the stock and front grip are pretty flimsy plastic and not the same size as other m16's, so I'll be replacing the front grip retaining ring as well as grips. Heads up, this thing has TWO tamiya connectors in it, so if you'll be running a lipo battery it would be wise to swap them out for deans to handle the higher current. Functionally, its a great gun. The mosfet is a really nice feature enabling the use of a microswitch on the trigger- resulting in a crisp trigger pull. Also, the use of a mosfet negates the need for a physical high-current switch, which means the electronics will wear down significantly slower, if at all. I would recommend this gun for a beginner or enthusiastic looking for a good project gun- this platform seems like a good start.
by Jason B. on 08/16/2020
"The outside of the gun is okay, the metal finish is good but the barrel cover is really plasticy. shoots fast but the hopup is awful the shot consistency is horrible one shot goes straight down and the next straight up. also all my shots curve to the right hard no matter what i set the hopup to.