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Jet Blaster CEDA Foam Blaster Dart Gun (Model: Omni / Blue)

12 Customer Reviews

by Eric C. on 02/03/2020
"Got Mine & Loving It!!!!!!!!
by James R. on 02/03/2020
"This blaster is simply wonderful it shots not to bad out of the box but it’s so simple to do mods and it’s especially good at short darts
by Wilson C. on 02/03/2020
"This is my second CEDA. I've had my fair share of jams, but it is due to the type of darts I used. Old used darts and the adventure force waffle head darts tend to jam. I tested the CEDA using talon mags and half darts and it works beautifully. I haven't had any issues with jamming. All in all I am very pleased with my CEDA.
by Eric G. on 02/03/2020
"After chronoing multiple full-length dart types, it very obvious that best performance with the stock OMNI Kit (the factory installed breech system) and stock spring is achieved with green foam Z-tip darts. The vinyl-like tip material has very little barrel drag, maximizing velocity and consistency. After swapping out the installed BLACK plunger seal for the included RED seal (per Bradley Phillips advice, as he now an official Jet Blaster product tester) the green Z-tips were running right at 96 fps average with a spread of only about 10fps after culling the lower performing darts. This fps makes for a legitimate 50 foot effective range in real-world game play. I'm anxiously waiting for Turf 10kg spring and an OMW 12+kg spring to arrive so I can test those combos. AND waiting for a Worker short dart breech as well. I may not bother testing short darts with the Omni breech. Then again, I might ;-) Very pleased with CEDA so far. Will post more test results later.
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by Jason C. on 02/03/2020
"First of all I like the Ceda. I believe it is a supremely good Nerf gun (the adjustable stock and high fps are great), but there are a few cons to the gun.

1. The plastic doesn’t feel like it is high quality.

2. I had to guess when buying a upgraded spring—spring info would be useful. (A Retaliator spring works great btw.)

3. I had a problem when a piece of the receiver bent at a near 45 degree angle when a dart was jammed in the barrel. It may have been user error and I’ve only seen it happen once in 300 shots. I don’t know what could be done about that but if I had not seen it it would have broken off

4. I did watch the video on why you can’t release the out of the box fps but not knowing almost turned me off buying it. Here is the video link if anyone is interested

5. The stock of the Ceda is quite lose and could be better made.

But as I said in the beginning of this comment it is, imo, worth every penny and is a very good Nerf type gun. Thanks at the Out of Darts store for the fun gun.
by Jet B. on 02/03/2020
"I like how it is super easy to modify. I would highly recommend. Not to mention the price is the best price.
by Christian H. on 12/29/2019
"Very cool blaster with a lot of room for customization and upgrades. Being able to attach real firearm picatinny attachments like sights and lasers is a huge plus for this blaster. In addition to that, you can also replace the stock with a nice CRT stock or some other type of mil spec stock. I also ordered a 12kg Retaliator spring kit from worker (Retaliator parts are compatible with this blaster for the most part) so we will see if the ceda's stock Omni kit can handle it. If not, then there's always the option to upgrade to Jet Blasters Alpha or Omega kit to handle the higher spring loads.
Overall, very pleased with this blaster and with some internal and cosmetic upgrades, this blaster can be even better. Shipping was a bit slow from Evike, so that was the only negative things about this order. They use UPS, and yes they are great, however, they are a tad slow if it's a normal ground order. We operate an online store as well and we can get orders delivered in 3 days after leaving our warehouse (we also offer free shipping), using USPS and in our experience, USPS has proven to be cheaper. But, I'm not going to take stars away from the product for the obsolete shipping charges and methods. Evike might just want to reconsider some of their logistics in that area.
by Jim S. on 12/13/2019
"Just in time for Christmas!!
by Pete A. on 08/23/2019
"Great blaster. The alpha kit inside performs really well. I love how easy it is to open the blaster for maintenance or upgrades
by troy t. on 04/04/2019
"These are awesome, great for playing around the house with the kids! Upgraded mine with a sealed breech and spring and it's hitting 200fps now!
by Kobe H. on 11/06/2019
"The stock blaster leaves a lot to be desired, its not accurate nor powerful, but everyone in the nerf community knows this. With modifications, however, this thing is a beast. I have some aftermarket parts from a worker prophecy (another third party gun developed from the classic nerf retaliator) and they fit with minimum modification. The best part is the other kits made by jet blaster that can get the FPS to 180 or higher with the short darts, which is impressive in a package this size.

The greatest inovation in this blaster is by far its modular takedown, which lets you change most parts on the field and modify the blaster with little or no tools.
by Dylan K. on 07/14/2019
"Some shots will rip the head of the short darts off while others won't make it halfway down the barrel. These misfires as I'm calling em for ease of mention, happen about 2-5 times out of each magazine (15 darts). I have ensured the piston o rings are thoroughly lubed and that there are no bore obstructions each time. I even went through 100+ test fires with the Jet blaster short darts that I had bought separately and it consistently happens. The shots that do manage to fire as they should do hit target with expected accuracy and power behind the hit.