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ASG Picatinny Mounted Flip Up Acrylic Lens Protector

7 Customer Reviews

by Dylan C. on 04/03/2021
"Really good deal, comes with more lenses and looks cleaner than the other options. Optically perfect and each lens has protective film.
by Juan C. on 11/16/2020
"Lenses may come scratched, but you just gotta peel off the plastic.
by Matthew S. on 05/22/2020
"So far this seems very good for the price. It comes with several spare panes of acrylic and an Allen key to change them out. They're all protected by a plastic film that once removed reveals a perfectly clear pane. The mount is solid and uses a thumbscrew to secure onto the rail. It can also be flipped down if mounted far enough ahead of the optic, or in my case I just angle it against the optic for better protection of both.

Now it should be mentioned that this thing is large, it will easily cover an ACOG or a red dot on a 1/3rds co-witness AR mount. However, if you're using this for a low mounted red dot it will probably look weird, but again you can angle it down to match the profile of the red dot a bit better.

Overall it's a really good product for this price, if you're running any sort of real optic buy this and protect it, after all most real optics cost more than even high-end airsoft guns.
by Christopher W. on 08/28/2019
"When I got this, it came with the clear flip up protector, and two extra protectors. At first glance I was bummed because like all the reviews here seem to point out, it was all scratched up. Oh well... they'd protect my optic anyways and would get shot up. Even all scratched up I could see fine. Played my first match with it tonight and it got shot, and that's when I realized there was film on both sides.... duh... peeled it off and it is crystal clear! So if you get these, keep the film on the spares until you're ready to use them, or keep it on if you don't mind the scratches. Either way a good buy!
by spencer p. on 05/02/2019

Comes with two extra shields
Comes with all parts to install on your gun
I did a test fire with the shield and shot two bbs at it from a close distance and it blocked the first one and shattered the second bb

It came a little dirty but nothing window cleaner won’t fix
by Josh I. on 07/23/2019
"They do there job and protect the sight but all of my lenses came scratched except one
by wyatt p. on 09/23/2019
"Honestly I don’t know what I was expecting when I got this, but I definitely didn’t expect all lenses to be scratched up and some purple goo on the base.