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Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Double O-Ring AEG Cylinder Head

9 Customer Reviews

by c von c. on 12/01/2020
"Beautiful part with perfect air seal. Works great and looks just as good, just be careful of the sharp edges! Only criticisms would be that it could use a thicker rubber pad and rounded off edges- to reduce finger punctures.
Not the most quiet cylinder head, but should last forever.
by Whit M. on 08/31/2020
"Fits well, excellent airseal. Do not use this in a DSG or high stress build, you want a polymer cylinder head for that. No problems with the product itself for its intended usage, so 5/5 stars.
by Maxime D. on 06/28/2020
"This in a Lonex cylinder fits like a glove. It's real tight with perfect airseal.

The quality is excellent, just like any other Maxx product, but the rubber pad started to come off. It's nothing major, I just need to push it into place every time I take the cylinder off the gearbox.

The best part about this cylinder head matched with a Maxx piston head and nozzle is the sound it makes. Not only the airseal is perfect but it makes a loud satisfying THUMP that makes a foam filled suppressor actually silence an AEG.

If you like a loud piston noise or you just want perfect airseal, this is for you.
by Bill S. on 05/08/2020
"OUTSTANDING air seal. nothing beats this. all MAXX products are just too good. you need this!
by Mateo C. on 03/14/2020
"This is an excellent product, fits great in Retro Arms and VFC gearbox shells. Makes a great air seal in conjunction with Lonex cylinders, the double o-rings do their job.
by Elton F. on 07/29/2019
"I upgraded my KWA RM4 Magpul PTS with: Maple leaf Macron 75 degree bucking, Maple Leaf Nub, piston head cylinder head and nozzle of Maxx Model, Inner Barrel Prometheus 6.03/509mm and a cylinder full closed.

Results: 160ft shooting an A4 sheet. 360FPS
by Johnson P. on 11/12/2018
"Great product, works well with other maxx products fits Krytac gearbox shell perfectly phenomenal build quality 10/10
by Doctor Inferno P. on 03/01/2021
"This cylinder head was designed wonkey because the holes that fit the lugs inside the gearbox shell are perfect circles instead of oblong. because of this, it is not suitible for any remotely high-stress build because stress is transferred to these lugs instead of the front of the gearbox, increasing your chances for them to snap off and potentially cracking your gearbox shell. retro arms themselves specifically call out this cylinder head because even their advanced gearboxes can break while using one. I love Maxx Model, but I cannot recommend this part. if you were considering this, go for the lonex instead. if it's a lower stress build, you might be fine, but fair warning.

giving it two stars because the seal is quite effective and it works well with the rest of the Maxx Model compression parts.
by Reginald M. on 03/20/2020
"Don’t believe anything from these reviews as a person who techs on guns and has tried multiple cylinder heads over the years I can still tell you Lonex and even ASG is surpior to this head. For 15 dollars I was expecting something so great only to find out the airseal on this thing is mediocre at best. I would never recommend this product due to the price being so high and not getting what you pay for.