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Pre-Order ETA May 2021 WE-Tech Desert Eagle .50 AE Full Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol by Cybergun (Color: Chrome)

19 Customer Reviews

by Cutter S. on 02/24/2021
"This thing is insane. I got it from a BOA and the build quality is amazing. Would recommend if your looking to buy one.
by cuinn g. on 10/26/2020
"I got the Silver Tiger Stripe Desert Eagle in a mystery box. I did not expect to get this by any stretch of the imagination. I test fired it and im instantly in love with it. This is gonna make a legendary opfor impression
by T.J. D. on 10/24/2020
"All I can say about my Desert Eagle is that I love it. I got mine in gold and it sure is quite the attention grabber when I hit my local fields. Not many can say they have seen an airsoft Deagle, let alone a golden one. The look on people's faces when I pull this piece out is worth it. In terms of performance, I am also quite satisfied. With how heavy the slide is, this gun is a bit of gas guzzler at times, with a hefty amount of recoil for a gbb pistol, which is pretty appropriate considering the irl equal is chambered in .50 Action Express. The magazine holds 21 bbs, which is enough to get shots in at people without running out.
I've noticed that some complain about gas efficiency, but I have a simple trick to get gas guns going. Hold down on the button that releases the gas and put gas in it at the same time for a short moment. This should get rid of excess air that's in the magazine, which means more space to hold gas. I can easily shoot two mags worth of bbs without having to put more gas in.
Officially licensed
High quality build
No shaky bits
Heavy (can be a pro or a con)
Holds a good amount of bbs
Huge (ditto ^)
Super fun to shoot and show off
Head turner
Mags are stupid expensive and always sell out quickly
Fire selector scratches easily (more of a nitpick than anything)

TL,DR: It's really cool and I think you'll love it
by Braylan D. on 05/14/2020
"This thing is awesome. has a high quality build and full metal construction. every click and clack sound this gun makes is solid and so satisfying... racking back the slide, releasing it, putting the magazine in... everything! very nice hefty weight as well. I love the chrome finish and official engraved trades. Its powerful, accurate, and kicks like hell! the only gripe i have with this gun is the magazine. you can't see how many bbs are left in the mag and i don't like that at all.
by Trevor C. on 02/17/2020
"I picked a pair of these (black) up for my wife when my original order of Tokyo Marui guns were not going to arrive in time for her birthday. I'm not sure what the fuss was about with TM, because these are considerably less expensive. I love these guns and I'm glad we got them!

You should be aware that they're heavy-which I'm OK with since I want my airsoft guns to be as much like real guns as possible for training purposes. That said-they're not as heavy as the real thing.

There is solid metal construction throughout, and great externals. They shoot great, and they're intimidating because they're fairly loud.
by Song L. on 02/07/2020
"Purchased the chrome version. I must say, as beautiful as the airsoft gun is, it has its flaws cosmetically. The paint in the grooves on the slide is blemished as well as other parts. The magazine is hard to insert without using a good amount of force to push it in. I don't know if its just my luck, but the ambidextrous safety switch is sticky and cannot be manipulated with one hand. Grips feel cheap because its plastic and probably the worst part about this airsoft gun. On the other hand, its a desert eagle. The correctly polished paint feels nice and smooth. Kick is nice and hard. Intimidating sound when racking slide/firing. No to very little slide wobble. Hammer sounds too springy. At the end of the day, you're either a collector of this gun, you'll flex with this gun, or you're that guy or girl who runs around with a freaking desert eagle lol.
by Micah P. on 12/12/2019
"This gun is amazing! It is super heavy and accurate. I have some pros and cons for it so...

Easy to rack the slide
Field legal (I think. I haven’t been to a field yet, as I am a 12 year old beginner)
Kick of a mule
Realistic blowback
Most realistic Desert Eagle on the market
Magazine doesn’t rattle in the gun
Full metal
Easily able to be taken apart and lubricated (Does run on green gas which does lubricate some parts of the gun, but you should still lubricate every game, and if you only play with friends in the yard, every maybe 5-10 magazine loads)

The bottom magazine piece or base rattles and is pretty loose (Could only be mine. I don’t know about that)
There are no holsters for the gun that won’t damage it (Evike’s holster can damage the gun because it’s barely big enough)
That is about it

Pro and Con:

Overall, this gun is great, and has nice kick, and is PROBABLY field legal. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could because of the magazine problem, but it won’t bother me too much because I’m not a very serious airsofter. But great gun in the long run, and I highly recommend!
by Juan ignacio A. on 09/10/2019
"I had this gun for two months and I have use it on every game that I played so far (2 games a week).
The gun has a real nice realistic finishing, for more details of this I would recommend to see YouTube videos. Very Very nice kick for an airsoft gun. So... to the pros and cons!... and troubleshoots

-The gun has the most realistic finishing on the airsoft market, it’s the most real Deagle you are going to find.
-Nice kick, making it more realistic.
-Good FPS, I think it’s on the limit FPS to be considered a secondary (for close range shooting)
-It can run with propane BUT!!! You have to add silicon oil to the propane every 2-4 loads, otherwise IT WILL BREAK! This has happened to manny people.
-Good accuracy

-Heavy, but not so much..., if you are a runner I wouldn’t recommend this gun... but what the hell!!!
-Monstrous gun, you’ll need to have big hands for a proper use.
-Very hard to find a proper Holster for the gun, there is a nylon holster on evike, but it’s still very small and can damage the pistol, the best thing to do it’s going to a leather worker and make your own custom holster.
-Mags are not so gas efficient at the beginning, but in time they get more efficient.
-Hard to load the mags, you can not see the mag spring or interact with it, so speed loading it’s not included on this gun.

-The Tun it’s a gas blowback, all gas blowbacks, including rifles, handguns, shotguns, etc., have to be disarmed and cleaned on every game.
-At the beginning you’ll notice that the mags are not so gas efficient, this will get better on time.

In conclusion the gun it’s Monstrous, it’s very big and very intimidating, it’s hard to carry because of its weight and size, but the player will be frightened of this monster, you will have a very good time with this Desert Eagle.
by Alexander K. on 03/14/2019
"Very well made and reliable!
by Brennan K. on 08/17/2018
"Feels great to shoot and hold, with the mag loaded the Deagle comes to about 3lb. Can be a bit heavy when one handing it, I use it with a shield and it will be cumbersome. Overall a great pistol and I consider it the best Desert Eagle currently on the market
by Gary S. on 06/20/2018
"I'll say this much: Coming from a WE Hi-Capa 5.1, this thing is a MONSTER of a pistol. Shoots consistant groupings, nice hard kick, and the all metal construction makes this a great gun. One qualm I have with it is how the hop-up is adjusted. You have to own a TINY (and I do mean TINY) allen key to be able to turn it, and mine didn't include one in the box. Thankfully, I had one laying around in my RC pitbox, and was able to adjust it. Just a heads-up for anyone looking to get this cool piece of kit.
by Thomas D. on 05/29/2018
"Really nice replica of the Desert Eagle. With the mag inserted the weight feels very close to the real thing, and is very solid, no rattles. I also appreciate that the slide cycles all the way to the rear as on the real steel, as far as I know the other Desert Eagles on the market do not. There is also simulated rifling at the muzzle, you will have to remove the orange tip to see it. Engravings are solid as well. Feels a lot like the real steel. Only cons I see are a lack of silver mags to match the silver finish, and the silver could be more of a stainless or chrome type gig, but I am happy with it regardless. Have not fired it yet so I cannot comment on the performance.
by Justin K. on 05/25/2018
"Awesome super solid and heavy. As close to real as you are going to get.
by Steven A. on 09/09/2020
"Amazing fun but huge issue. Only took this gun out about 6 times to shoot and it felt amazing to shoot, however it broke on me and it was outside of the warranty due to me being on vacation and being able to shoot it when I came back. It broke at the rear of the slide all around and on the inside of it and caused the back sight to fly off and hit my head, didn’t hurt just surprised. Did this happen to anyone else or was mine just faulty, and does anyone know where I can find a spare slide for this gun? That is the only issue I had with it and it was by far my favorite airsoft gun I own. Otherwise amazing product
by Christian T. on 01/09/2020
"Overall, this thing is a beast but it can't handle its own power under pressure. I test fired and ran numerous reload drills with this gun without issue, but as soon as I brought it to it's first match, the nozzle cracked in half and fell out. Granted I was shooting like a madman in cold weather, but my other pistols do just fine under the same conditions. As long as you take it easy, this monster will do just fine. The OneTigris fabric holster on Amazon fits this just fine if you need a holster.

+ Immense kick and sound
+ Surprisingly good range and accuracy
+ Silver finish is beautiful and it has a nice grainy/metallic luster
+ Mags are efficient if you take care of them.

- Magazine bases are held on by a weak plastic nub. They will break if you drop it once.
- Grip is shiny plastic and it's kind of a turnoff.
- DO NOT go crazy with it. I'm sure my Deagle was just a fluke, but the nozzle is a $35 repair when it breaks.
- The gun is more effected by cold compared to other gas pistols. The recoil becomes sluggish.
- It's hard to snap onto targets due to its size, but this is a matter of practice.