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Cybergun / FN Herstal Licensed FN2000 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / 400FPS )

9 Customer Reviews

by Ethan P. on 02/12/2021
"I like this gun the only problem i had was from my own fault .
by Ian M. on 01/04/2021
"Hands down awesome gun on 11.1v lipo with the 400 FPS very, rof is beautiful!!!
Ian M.
by Ian M. on 01/04/2021
"I bought the 400fps version in black and added an 11.1v lipo and damn this gun is a beast, it’s pretty heavy , but I like it , it feels beefy in your hands I added a tracer unit and a red dot and tactical light , I love this gun it’s awesome!!! The details are a plus as well it is an exact replica, just go watch hikok 45 on YouTube he has a video on the FN F2000
by Nikolai R. on 10/27/2020
F2000s are sort of rare
Comes with battery and charger
Easy take down for cleaning
Mock charging handle with ability to lock up (You can MP5 Slap it)
300+ FPS
Officially Licensed by the people who made the REAL F2000

Tan model has more of a dark tan than the lighter tan pictured (Minor issue)
Uses ONLY hi cap mags
Charging handle is very flaccid (Feel like its gonna snap)

Overall great but for $155 and a unique looking gun. If you want a quality gun under $200, get this!
by Juan Antonio S. on 10/07/2020
"the hop us of AUG 100% SAFE gears piston head and cylinder head V3, and we have a long type AUG air nozzle, it is a replica that for its low cost the ROF is a marvel It has from the factory is excellent and it is shooting at 390FPS without adjusting the screw of the spring eagle ahh yes of course because the guide of the spring has to adjust to 420FPS INCREDIBLE

I recommend this improvement to gain more FPS
by Matthew F. on 09/10/2020
"TL;DR: a very good budget option for an F2000 without the semi issues/midcap issues present on the G&G model
- uses a v3 gearbox with double stage trigger - non-proprietary parts!
- includes 9.6V/1600mAh NiMH/charger
- no quick change spring
- variable fps spring adjustment screw
- mock charging handle is kinda flaccid
- gearbox support plate removal requires back of body to be opened a tad (had to remove back 2 body screws)
- rubber butt plate held in by a screw
- midcap stanags fit, specna arms s-mags and krytac midcaps very snugly fit
- evike bamf gen1 mags don't fit, ares a-mags don't fit
- non-stanag mag fitment issues appear to be due to magwell shape/extra material on the front/back of magazine, NOT due to any screws near the top of the magwell
- ~14rps and 280-290fps unhopped on .25g bb's on max spring adjustment screw with 9.6V/1600mAH NiMH (not the included battery)
by Christian N. on 02/22/2021
"I've always been a fan of the exotic stuff that FN Herstal brings to the table, and hope they do more with this airsoft rifle and all of their airsoft products. I love the look of the F2000. It feels fantastic but needs some support to truly shine. A few things to take into account before purchasing.

1. When they say it's picky with Mags they aren't kidding. I've tried both the G&G 150rnd Polymer and Krytak 150rnd polymer and neither worked. Don't even bother with mags like the Evike BAMF mags. They don't fit, which they tell you in the video. I'm going to try out the G&P STANAG metal midcaps and pray they work. Otherwise, I guess it's only hi-caps for this gun.

2. The trigger takes some getting use to and the selector switch can be a little mushy. The p90 by FN Herstal and Cybergun, has a selector switch that is far more crisp. I know when its in safety, semi or full auto with a very distinct click into position. The F2000 selector is a little loose on semi, so I just gun it for full auto and practice shooting semi on that, which is very easy to do with the squishier trigger pull of a bullpup. Hopefully this can be improved with some airsoft tech.

3. Peripherals. Finding some nice quality of life pieces for the gun is hard. From what I've heard it should be fully upgradable with it's internals, but other support is lacking. Evike has a spare charging handle on the website (which serves no functional purpose other than looking cool,) and all the other peripherals are from the G&G run of the gun, and serve little purpose for this variant. A sling is hard to find at a reasonable price as well, with most slings on other websites selling for about half the price of this airsoft gun.

Stand out from the typical M4 crowd with something fun and affordable. Stick with metal STANAG Mags and prepare to upgrade at some point. Otherwise, just have fun with it for a while.

I love mine and hope to make it a beautiful space gun.
by Darrah B. on 01/30/2021
"solid gun but not lipo ready had to get a full piston replacement after i put a 11.1 inside other than that got it fixed and works fine
by David N. on 09/22/2020
"From an amateur tech perspective: This gun is through and through an AUG in an F2000 body (hop up looks to be a standard AUG hop up but not too sure and gearbox is basically an AUG gearbox not too sure about nozzle length). So if that appeals to you, double stage trigger and all this gun is for you. I would say the externals are solid and slightly less sturdy and nice feeling than the G&G but at half the cost can you really complain?

Took this gun out stock and it performed decently at Code Red. FPS is on the low side even with the allen key FPS adjustment screw in the back all the way turned in (350 FPS). Got inside the gearbox (remove two screws in the back a la the P90), fixed up compression, teflon taped the bucking and boom 400 FPS no problem. My only gripe is that a large gap at the top of the gearbox allowed a BB to somehow roll in the gearbox and jam my AR latch. My suggestion to anyone is to make sure there are no bbs in the body of your gun when you take out the mags.

Mag compatability ive only tested with high caps. My hexmags and my elite force 140s dont fit.

All in all a great beginner gun for CQB OOTB and a decent upgrade platform. Just hated how I was unlucky enough to get a BB in my gearbox :(