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Pre-Order ETA April 2021 Krytac Full Metal Trident MKII-M CRB Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by Michael G. on 01/26/2021
"Absolutely incredible. Very fast, feels like the REAL thing. I'm in the military and want to practice with something that feels durable and real and this product is definitely it. Sturdy, good weight, comfortable, amazing cheek weld, great sight picture as well.

The metal rail peices do not come in the box as a pair, but only one. However, there is a metal flash hider that comes with this product, as well as a deans to tam connector. This product lives up to the hype.

I also purchased it in tan and was skeptical since most airsoft guns look tacky when it comes to tan... But I was proven wrong. I am so happy that I bought tan instead of waiting for black. I will be purchasing a black one later.
by Evan B. on 12/15/2020
"I just got my crb today and I love it already. I got it in black and it’s super clean. The quality of the gun is very good. Mine came with no marks, scratches etc. I’m around 5’ 10’ and it was a perfect length. I’d recommend staying with the crb if your 6 foot or shorter. I slapped a 9.4 butterfly in it and it shot great. I was running .25’s and it really sends them. After a few minutes of tweaking with the hop-up and it was sending my .25’s about 60-70 yards no problem. Overall really great gun.
by Ian E. on 12/06/2020
"BEST GUN ON THE MARKET!!!!!!!! just a weeee little overpriced but it delivered quick and it came with. the amazing 150 rd mid-cap magazine. i use an Elite Force 11.1 v lipo battery and it works awesome. only complaint is that the paint does chip off mildly over time if it is dropped or scratched but not to bad. The Krytac over all the best AEG on the market next to the VFC Elite Force Avalon.
by Matthew P. on 10/18/2020
"This is my first krytac and I am going to give it a 9.5/10. Overall, the gun is sturdy, reliable, and functions well despite all of the abuse I put it through these past few months. The full metal body is extremely durable yet lightweight, giving me a great combination of durability and mobility. I have dropped it, fell on it, and much more and it still runs well. The gun was smaller than I anticipated, but the 6.05 280mm inner barrel allows me to hit targets 75-110 ft out with no problems. The CMC flat trigger is nice, but a lighter pull out of the box would be appreciated especially for the price of the rifle. The stock is extremely nice and very spacious. Note: the gun is wired to Deans (at least mine was), but it comes with a Timya adapter. The mosfet is able to handle my 7.4 Valken 2500 30C, and it will have no issues larger batteries.

Out of the box, the gun arrives with a manual (very detailed and useful), a sticker, the gun, low-profile flip-up iron sights, a high-cap winding mag, a picatinny rail for m-lok, a Tamiya adapter, and a black metal flash hider.

Once again, it is a high quality aeg and it was definitely worth the price

Full metal
Good range with stock internals
6-position stock
Spacious battery compartment
Flat trigger (personal opinion)
Rotary-style hop-up (personal opinion)
Functioning bolt release
Amazing instruction manual
Comes with a black metal flash hider

Heavier trigger pull
Bolt release does not sound real at all
Strange echo noise when you press the bolt release or forward assist
Flip-up iron sights have to be pushed up with you finger instead of pressing a paddle (personal opinion)
Left-handed selector is very stiff (only applies to lefties)
by LUIGUI A. on 10/13/2020
"In the description it says to use tamiya connector, a week ago I bought my krytac crb and it brought deans connection (I'm glad about it). Important Evike update specifications. since I had bought a tamiya connection battery and had to change the battery.
But what a great replica, nothing better than krytac.
by Jack H. on 08/26/2020
"I was originally going to get the keymod version of this gun, but I decided to opt for this version instead. I'm glad I did! The build quality of this gun is AMAZING! And it shoots like a laser out of the box. One complaint I have about this gun is that the High-Capacity magazine it came with wobbles around a bit when inserted in the gun. (although it still feeds fine) Other than that, I would HIGHLY recommend this M-lok upgrade over the keymod version.
by Jeremiah N. on 06/30/2020
"Got my first day of games in recently and I love this gun. Ended up putting a mock suppressor on it and a faux-cog sight. Using .28 I was getting accurate shots about 100-150 (didn't do actual measurements, just guesstimating)

I bought the Evike BAMF 30rd mags and they feed well. I saw the first round or two kinda putz out the barrel, but everything else afterwards was dead accurate.

Definitely recommend this gun. :)
by Ron S. on 06/17/2020
"Love this thing, I do alot of milsim events and alot of cqb this thing is light enough and short enough to do both.. I can effectively engage targets up to atleast 75 to 100 feet with .28g bbs.. gun comes with a 30k motor and a m120 spring already installed.. barrel is a 6.05, great gun out of the box... I had to swap out the stock to run titan batteris and thinking about changing out the barrel to a 6.03 but besides that no upgrades are needed great gun all around and no issues and it's been ran pretty heavily
by Michael G. on 07/15/2019
"I bought this gun brand new from an airsoft vendor who is very reputable and it worked like a charm out of the box!

The gun itself is made out of a high quality metal and it held up great my first match. The hop-up is very easy to change it seemed to be already preset to .2 gram bbs (the type I use). I have used this gun avidly for shooting targets around my house and I have not ran into any issues except the battery (which I think is my 2-3 year old battery’s fault).

My overall impression with this gun is amazing so far, the defiance grip is great feeling, plus paired with a red-dot this gun shoots it’s .2 gram bbs like a laser at ~392 FPS.

If you are skeptical about buying this or going for cheaper alternative, take the step up and I believe you will not regret it.
by Craig P. on 05/15/2019
"5 Stars for this airsoft. 3 stars for Evike as the first two 'NEW' krytacs they sent me were open boxed/used/ruseted, had to RMA. After ~5 weeks from original order, and much back and fourth on the RMA's they finally sent me a new krytac in perfect condition. RMA process worked, it is just slow, and I am not opposed to open box items being sold but not when I purchase a 'New' item- honestly not sure if people let them get away with that but it is not professional for them to even attempt.

Back to this Krytac, it is of course great, and I much prefer m-lok over keymod, but this is just preference.. try them both and decide. For color choices, the green is a little lighter than I would prefer, and the combat grey is a little more blue/darker than I would prefer...
by James D. on 10/24/2018
"Great gun, very heavy do to full metal components. It's also very sturdy and there are no rattling parts. I definetly recommend this for all levels
by Matthew E. on 02/24/2020
"Solid gun. Everything you'd expect from a krytac. Shipping was Swift and it did come with an extra metal black flash hider even though I was told by an evike staff member that they did not. So save your extra 20 bucks. It's in the box.
by Blake D. on 05/05/2019
"Had a very good experience with my previous Krytac. But one game into having this one the motor went out and the trigger contact housing was broke. Just a heads up on what may happen.
by Drake R. on 02/22/2021
"Sadly, I have to leave a negative review on this AEG. I received my first CRB-M with a magazine release issue, inserting a mag was almost impossible and when you could get one in, it would damage the magazine beyond use in other guns. Mag catch was also extremely gritty and felt horrible. Sent it back to Evike, great customer service and a quick turnaround to get the second CRB-M.

The second one arrived today, magazine release still feels absolutely horrible but does take a magazine when it wants to. The other issue is the receiver halves weren't mated properly, leaving a very noticeable silver streak from the gearbox shell. Sending this one back for a refund.

Overall, extremely disappointed with the quality of Krytac. I ordered one of the EMG (King Arms) MK18s that was about $10 cheaper, and I'm significantly happier with the build of that gun. Spend a little more money and get a VFC or G&G G2, or save a little and get one of the EMG King Arms guns. I'm not willing to wait to get shipped another CRB-M to see if it has the same issues as the other two.