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Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (Length: 380mm / PTS Special Edition)

60 Customer Reviews

by Sean S. on 12/29/2022
"This is a great tight-bore barrel!

A good first upgrade for beginners, pair it with a new hop bucking if you want to for your first basic upgrade. (I always recommend "Modify Baton flat hop" but there's many options out there)
by Aidan P. on 04/24/2022
"This is quite literally the closest thing you'll ever own to a magic wand. It's a stick that performs some real magic. Literally almost doubled my range on my GC16 predator with a purple bucking.
by Chase B. on 12/19/2021
"I really enjoy this barrel it’s works perfectly with my set up and has definitely improve my grouping.
by Quintin A. on 10/05/2021
"Fits perfectly on my Echo-1 P90 and with all the upgrades I've added.
(I have Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (Length: 247mm), Angel Custom Advanced THOR Complete Hopup Chamber for P90 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles, and Mad Bull 60 Degree Shark Bucking With Fishbone Spacer (Color: Red / Design: Hard)
by Nathaniel K. on 05/21/2021
"Prometheus is the only barrel I will use in my rifles as I believe they are one of the best tight bore's on the market to date. Every time there's a new build in my hands, I can promise you I have a Prometheus inner barrel getting the job done!
by Alex P. on 12/16/2020
"Awesome barrel. I’m using a maple leaf 60 bucking and maxx me hopup
by Zhongshan-Yao M. on 09/04/2020
"All I can say is one hole 15 yards.
by Isaac S. on 04/28/2020
"Best barrel on the market, got one in the two M4' I own and in my HiCapa 5.1. Like them so much I just ordered one with my Krytac PDW-M and they make ones that are specific lengths for rifles with odd ball length barrels like Krytacs and the ARP9. If your buying a primary order one of these also you won't be disappointed
by Akash P. on 02/01/2020
"So, I got the 155mm for the Krytac PDW and I gotta tell you. It's the best upgrade that I've got. Of course with the Prowin Hop Up, Modified Flat bucking, and a prommy M120 spring. I'm easily hitting targets at 250 ft. If you need to upgrade anything, get the inner barrel first.
by Daniel R. on 09/16/2019
"The only barrel I found that fits a ToyStar (Daewoo) K7 flush to the end without modifications. 318mm barrel length. Sitting perfectly with my prowin clone, need to add rubber oring spacers later for flush fit.
by Matt B. on 06/15/2019
"This barrel is amazing! It is the official Prometheus EG tightbore. (Not a knockoff). I currently have this barrel paired with a Pro Win hop up chamber, G&G green bucking, and R Hop patch by Elvish Tac. It is super accurate and provides amazing range with the combination I used. All of this I put into my Krytac MK2 SPR. My gun now shoots like a dream.
by Moon K. on 02/21/2019
"High quality and works as intended
by david m. on 12/20/2018
"Great barrel. Does what you would want it to do. I bought this barrel to make my VFC Avalon a CQB gun. I would say that it is a bit pricy for just an inner barrel. Should lower the price a bit, but it’s what you want from a barrel.
by Felipe E. on 09/05/2018
"Direct fit to my KWA RM4a1 ERG, it's a bit thicker but fit well in the outer barrel the hop up chamber had some trouble accepting it but with some lube and some finesse I got it to seat only the brass bushing at the end did not fit over the barrel so I left it out I will be sanding down the inside diameter a bit to fit the barrel later to re-install it. The grouping is where this barrel shines man-o-man it can put rounds, depending on the wind of course, on a 3x3 inch target easy at 40 yards especially after the flat hop mod I did with it, on full auto some of the rounds impact in the exact same spot. Great barrel highly recommend it and keep it clean.
by Ahmed N. on 09/01/2018
"Awesome Barrel. been running it in my ICS CXP APE and is honestly more reliable than the usual stock barrel. Great stuff