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Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (Length: 380mm / PTS Special Edition)

60 Customer Reviews

by Justin C. on 07/19/2008
"i just have a quick question i just recently got a Echo1 G36c and im thinking about getting a tight bore and what the best brand to get for my gun is
by Josh S. on 05/09/2008
"Very nice barrel. Smooth and tight, with spectacular tolerances. Probably tied with DBC barrels for value for money. However, these barrels are probably more accurate than DBC barrels, due to their tolerances, but the FPS gain isn't as high. Definitely worth the money.
by Alex L. on 09/03/2019
"Nice product. Practically speaking at this length, it doesn't make an enough accuracy change to tell the difference from a 6.05mm.
by Jeremy B. on 12/03/2017
"The product is great, my only issue is that the krytac bucking i got with this did not want to slide all the way on it and i had to spend about 30 min working it on to the barrel without forcing it on.
by Brian R. on 07/03/2017
"these are probably the best 6.03 barrels on the market, but to be honest the improvement over the stock krytac 6.05 is very minimal, about the same range, and slightly tighter groupings (with .3 bbs) I think it would really benifit from a r hop or what ever bizarre hop up everyone and there grandma is using these days, never mind the fact that these barrels were designed for it. if your particular barrel is out of stock I would not sweat it because stock krytacs are pretty much the gold standard in allot of ways, accuracy is one of the best on market out of the box.

quick side note, these do come with o rings to stabilize the barrel
by James B. on 03/07/2017
"The barrel it's self is very nice. Just make sure you clean it before you install it. It gave me about 40 extra feet in my range. Now as far as fitting the krytac spr. I have the mk1 spr and this barrel is too long. Luckily my flash hider covers it but the 0-rings aren't even in the outer barrel. If you remove the flash hider this inner barrel sticks out about 1 1/2".

Pros: great grouping and range. Very strong.

Cons: doesn't properly fit the Krytac SPR as advertised.
by Brad D. on 07/14/2015
"Just for a reference to the above by Russel... 407mm is NOT 13's roughly 16.02 inches.
by noah p. on 09/04/2009
"This barrel while advertised for a G36 was shorter than my stock barrel in my KWA G36c. The stock barrel once removed from my gun was 262mm. While this seems to be a good overall barrel I did not see a huge difference between this and my stock barrel. If you go with this barrel I would recommend going with a 285mm barrel, I will still be covered by the flash hider.
by Phillip C. on 11/20/2008
"Yes this will fit in your CA g36c...and by the way to the person in front of you..go with a systema barrel..they are great and not to expensive
by michael e. on 09/30/2008
"i have a kwa m4a1 and have a King Arms Light Weight Slim Mock Silencer - 30 X 110mm and want to know if this barrel will fit and not stick out the silencer. please respond
by Sonny Y. on 03/27/2017
"Just received the barrel in today, and after installing the barrel in my LVOA C to test fire, i had jams with every shot. I am using the stock hop up, bucking and nub that came with the LVOA C. The bb's i used are elite force .25 grams and Vtac .28 grams. I tested with the stock hi cap magazine that came with the gun, my new G&G mid cap and elite force mid caps that i received with the order, and both also jammed. The magazines that came with the bundle definitely did not work for me, so i didn't bother to try with those. After all the mags jammed i decided to take out the barrel. I put some silicone lube on the feeding lips of the bucking, then it started to feed. After a few magazines the barrel would jam up again. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I am giving 3 stars because the bb's that did feed actually shot pretty damn straight.
by Edward S. on 02/23/2016
"I bought this for my Krytac Crb and it works beautifully increasing the accuracy greatly and increasing the range a bit. my problem was the way it was packaged.... it was in one of those large bubble wrapped filled envelopes and the bottom part of the package was bent over itself. at first i thought it must have been ups but after unfolding the package i found that it wouldnt fit withought being folded so evike must have intentionally packaged it like that which luckily didnt damage the barrel but damaged the plastic tube that comes with it. Barrel works great but wouldnt buy from evike again due to poor packaging.....
by Andrew T. on 12/04/2008
"It faces up. Check out youtube for guides on hop up assembly or google it and you should find plenty of step by step guides on how to correctly install the barrel.
by nick h. on 11/07/2008
"will this barrel work on a classic army G36c? wefvsdhvfvsdhfvsuhdfbsdfbsdfbsdvbfvdvbfibsdibfiubsdfiu 50 characters
by michael e. on 10/05/2008
"when u put a tight bore in ur hop-up does the part with the hole facing up or is it facing down. help