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Xcortech XT301 Compact Airsoft Tracer Unit

15 Customer Reviews

by Viktor K. on 08/19/2019
"So although this tracer has some annoying problems that I wish did not happened, this tracer is still 90% worth it.

It is small (your gun bbs would not accidentally hit it)
It is rechargeable
It lights the bbs well

Sometimes it only lights up one bb and then turns off. I have to mess with it a lot, but when it is running good, I love it

So all in all, I love it when it doesn't keep turning off. I think if I bought another one, it would be this one, but possibly another one that is small. I have people from my field trying to buy my tracer off me because they really like it
by Jonathan B. on 06/11/2019
"I've had this tracer for several months now and have had ZERO issues. It has been directly hit in the cover plate which is aluminum. No damage to the internal components. This thing works like a charm and is even shrouded by my hand gaurd on my x9. Between the ease of use bright tracer rounds and high rate of fire it covers I can't expand this unit enough.
by Carlos O. on 06/08/2019
"This thing screws into the barrel of a AW CUSTOM 2011 HICAPA.
First thing first. Remove the orange tip by heating it up and unscrewing it or by breaking it off piece by piece but once it came off the tracer screwed on 11mm. No adapter needed or thread file
by Josh L. on 03/23/2019
"I bought one of these when they first came out and it was so fantastic that I bought a second one! It's small enough that I forget it's even on my rifle. When bbs are shot through the barrel they all glow bright consistently. From what I've noticed, the battery charge holds for at least a whole day of play. Since I bought two tracers on different occasions, the first tracer I got seemed to have a really smooth outer core and cap whereas the second one had a more textured surface and a slot on the cap to remove it easier. Simple push button on/off blinks when in use. The only downside I could see is that the unit requires a micro USB charger and that doesn't come in the box. Luckily I had one lying around from one of my other devices. This is a great alternative to the suppressor size tracers out there and is a fraction of the weight.
by Ryan M. on 02/11/2019
"I bought this tracer a little while ago and I love it! It is compact and lights the bbs up very well! It pairs wonderfully with a pistol!
by Dan S. on 08/17/2018
"Great Tracer unit. Simple as that.
It's compact, fairly priced, and lights up BBs very well. I ordered a few of these for some guns and a new project I had in the works. For now, I've only fully run one of them. I made an airsoft bow and secured one of these in front of the barrel and now I have a LASER BOW.
If you're into memes and have a weird build, put one of these on it and you're guaranteed to turn heads. The small size makes it pretty easy to mount onto something, even if it doesn't have threading.
Once again, this is a great tracer unit and I highly recommend it.
by Sang L. on 07/22/2018
"It is very compact easy to charge all I need to use is a USB great to use for cqb I would recommend
by Ben V. on 07/17/2018
"Great Tracer unit! Was shooting in my backyard when it started to get dark and BBs were lit up very well! Using .20 Glow in the Dark tracer BBs with my Elite Force CO2 1911. PLEASE NOTE, ONLY use Glow in the Dark tracer BBs with this Tracer Unit. One of the only drawbacks is it doesn't come with a charging cable or anything. It requires a micro USB cord to charge.
by Jamie L. on 07/10/2018
"Such an amazing tracer for the size!

Small size
Great with high RPS

(Not really a con) - wish it used AAA batteries because I don’t like built in batteries because if they burn out , then it will be hard to change out. Other than that , no cons!
by Zack B. on 07/08/2018
"Trace unit worked perfectly on my WE Hi-Capa pistol during an entire night of gaming. It's very bright, most people agreed brighter than my full-size trace units. Light weight and tiny. Great unit!
by Kenneth G. on 01/16/2019
"Received today, charged it up and installed it on my KWA Ronin 6 PDW. Looks great and works a treat! Seems solidly built. I really like that the adaptor pushes the tracer unit out past the end of the rail on this gun, making it easy to access the power button. Went out under a grey stormy sky about 30 minutes before sundown - EMG bio tracer bbs brightly illuminated waaaay out there! So much fun! Obviously the darker it got the better it worked.
Only thing I don't like is the interaction between the CCW 14mm threads of the adaptor and the 11mm CW threads of the unit itself. Not really the adaptor's fault (and a non-issue if the adaptor isn't used), but since the suppressor threads are CW, when you try to tighten down the unit it can only get so tight before it starts loosening the CCW adaptor. Just need to get a firm grip on the adaptor with a pair of pliers padded with some fabric. Still, I wish there was a set screw or something to help ensure that the whole assembly won't fall off in the field. I may just use some blue loctite on the adaptor if I have any problems.
by Ben V. on 08/10/2018
"I like this tracer unit. I love the compact size of this one. Lights up bbs very well. I've only tried it on my pistol, haven't yet tried it on a full auto AEG to see if it can keep up with higher RPS. It was well worth the money for me. I showed my dad at night and he was blown away with how bright the bbs were. Looks like a laser with the trail of light you see. REMEMBER, ONLY USE TRACER GLOW IN THE DARK BBS.
by Branden Y. on 07/27/2018
"This is an awesome little tracer. However I have had problems with 2 that I bought. 1 seems to have malfunctioning electronics as the light keeps flickering. Continuing to fire multiple shots caused it to stop working. The other one must have had a defect or something as I was in a game and firing when it suddenly popped off. The threading was bent inwards as if a BB had hit it from inside the barrel.

I think these are abnormal cases as I suspect I might have mishandled them. The one annoying thing about the design is that it is not 14mm- like the acetech tracer. It has a non removable 11mm thread with a 11mm to 14mm thread adapter that adds quite a bit of length
by Job G. on 12/28/2018
"i love it, it is great but the only problem is it is not turning on and not holding a charge, and this is my second one same problem
by Jordan W. on 02/03/2020
"Tracer wise it worked just fine, and I have had it since November of 2018, but the end cap fell off in the middle of a game, so it leaves the circuit board exposed, can’t find a spare end cap they sell besides a foreign website that will charge 30$+ for the cap including shipping, so just going to use it until it gets shot out I guess.