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Angel Custom "KRATOS" Ultra High Strength / High Performance Steel Teeth AEG Piston (Version: Full Teeth)

7 Customer Reviews

by Richard B. on 12/02/2020
"Indestructible. Hands down the strongest piston there is on the market currently. Will take PME on a 9T 1.5J DSG like nobodies business and continue trucking. Expensive but well worth it. Just make sure to epoxy the steel rack in place and this will last hundreds of thousands of rounds provided it's installed correctly.
by Nick W. on 02/28/2020
"My second review after having the piston in an even higher stress DMR build.

This will be short:

It's perfect, the best piston I've ever used. I still have yet to see any wear on the piston racks or teeth, besides some slight discoloration of the first few teeth, which is to be expected with the constant movement of the piston.

If you want the best piston ever, you'll want this.
by Todd R. on 10/20/2019
"Excellent product. Would recommend this.
by Victor C. on 10/19/2019
"Best piston I've ever used in a gun. I have been teching and playing Airsoft since 2001 and I want to honestly say this is the best piston. The material used to construct this is amazing, great job Angel custom!
I haven't tried this with anything over M150 spring but no one should abuse their AEG that much anyways, this has got to be one of the best piston on the market, amazing what technology today brings
by Washington T. on 09/30/2019
"Nice work Angel Custom. This is a great product!
by Nick W. on 03/08/2019
"First off, this piston is well worth the money.

It's very light, like, I mean it feels lighter than a pencil. However, it's extremely strong, and the teeth are very sturdy, and of a high quality steel. After maybe 200 rounds in an ARES SOC SLR at ~500 fps (mostly stock), paired with an SHS CNC aluminum piston head, the only "wear" that I could see is that the first 2 teeth had some barely noticeable marks on them, which I was able to wipe off easily. The trigger response I was getting though was great (can't speak for full auto, as the SOC is semi locked.) The exterior of the piston is extremely smooth and strong, and it slides smoothly in the gearbox. I haven't been able to test it much more, as I had to return the SOC, but if you're looking for an extremely light, yet durable piston, this is perfect for you. The second to last tooth is also removed, making AOE correction just that much easier.

- extremely light
- very durable
- nice finish
- slides smoothly in gearbox
- can easily withstand ~500 fps
- high quality full steel teeth rack
- second to last tooth removed for easy AOE correction
- keeps up with high rof (I'd assume, as the trigger response was perfect on semi)

- there was a little but of "wear" on the first 2 teeth after about 200 rounds at ~500 fps on semi, but I was able to just wipe it off with a cloth, and it looks brand new again
- nothing else! This piston is perfect!
by Dean M. on 07/19/2019
"I wish there was a 3.5 rating. I was very doubtful with buying this piston and once i id i was glad. Using it on a 9tooth DSG pulling 60rps @320. Piston is very strong and very flexible and the teeth felt great however after about 8k rounds, the costing on the teeth have come, I was expecting a much better performance then this. Oh and yes i did shim an correct AOE. I was expecting this to have little to no signs of wear but oh well.

Full parts list,
RA 8mm split
RA bushings 8mm
RA type j trigger
BTC spectre mk2
Lonex cylinder
lonex cyliner head
lonex nozzle
lonex piston head
KRATOS piston
Guarder tappet
M130 spring (lmao 320 fps on a m130....inner barrel is 363mm)
Tienly 40k/35k (i switch off)