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EMG Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speed Loader with M12 Sound-Dampening Buffer (Color: EMG Operator Black)

86 Customer Reviews

by Gabriel H. on 06/15/2023
"Holds around 1000 bb’s quiet when running around with it and overall is an amazing speedloader
by Andrew V. on 02/19/2023
"Amazing speedloader but DO NOT BUY if your running EPM1 mags. Not a very known thing but they do not like how strong the springs are in the mags. Be prepared to buy replacement parts because the feeder will wear rapidly causing bbs to come out with dents or in fragments. Besides that it’s worth purchasing.
by Laif L. on 02/10/2023
"Love this speed loader! Highly recommend
by Sean S. on 12/29/2022
"Game-changing, buy it if you use mid-caps!
by Dylan M. on 12/09/2022
"This is one of the best purchases I've made so far in airsoft. It's definitely very speedy, and I like how the mag clips in so you don't have to hold it the whole time. I just barely got mine, so I haven't had to replace any of the parts yet. But I really appreciate how widely available the extra parts are. I'm sure itll last a long time because of that.
by Darren D. on 11/22/2022
"I have the first Gen Odin speedloader. It’s identical to this one, it just doesn’t have the EMG engraving. I’ve had it for probably around 6 years now, and it is worth every penny. It makes loading mags a breeze. It seems to accept all M16 style mags. I have several different brand mags including G&P, G&G, MAG, and Elite Force, and they all work. Get yourself an adapter and you can use it on any style midcap. The one I found was 3D printed by an airsofter’s printing business. Now I use it to load AK, scorpion, and M1 Garand mags.

The speedloader holds a generous amount of bbs. You can easily load around six 120rd midcaps in one speedloader fill. It is also compact enough to throw in a pouch or bag to carry with you on the field for reloading on the go. Just be wary of the sound of bbs shaking. It sounds like a high cap mag if carrying in an open pouch. I don’t know if these newer versions are quieter than my first Gen, but even with the bb noise, it’s not too audible.

Overall 100% recommend this! Mine is still going strong after several years of heavy use.
by Ethan E. on 10/18/2022
"Solid year's worth of use and still no issues. Works well, is built well, and is very quick and easy. No complaints.
by Hunter O. on 01/10/2022
"Works great for my M4 mags and ASG Scorpion mags. well worth the purchase.
by Shalain G. on 12/30/2021
"I use this with the included mid-caps from my Specna Arms EDGE series M4 as well as the G&G 120 round M4 mid-caps. The G&G mid-caps have a tough time fitting in at first, but the problems will eventually work themselves out. It also doesn't fit in standard single M4 mag pouches. Absolutely worth every cent for the speed and ease of use.
by Alejandro G. on 12/24/2021
by Justin C. on 12/20/2021
"Works amazing with all my M4 AEG mags. Does not fit or work with any of my GBBR M4 mags. I’m going to assume that this is only built for AEG mags. It’s pretty great, you can fully load a 150 round mid-cap in about 5 seconds. Doesn’t make a bunch of rattling noise in your pack.
by Bradley B. on 11/19/2021
"When I got this I was worried as it was very stiff and didn't seem to want to load my mags without some force. After loading 1 mag though it had loosened up and now seems to load perfectly. So expect a short break in period and then you'll be loading mid caps with true speed!

This is almost a must have for all airsoft players with mid caps.
by Ernest M. on 10/01/2021
"I've had 3 of these and only one has had any kind of breakage (hand piece snapped under too much torque from loading a magazine) , even then it was still usable by just gluing it back and ziptie-ing a piece of metal to it to reinforce it. I've dropped them, accidentally dropped 70lbs of gear on them, fallen on top of them and even had my dog chew on one and they have yet to fail. Easily the best damn speed loader outside of making someone else do it for you under threats of violence
by Mark H. on 09/30/2021
"AMAZING 100% the best speedloader for Mid caps
by Jon S. on 09/30/2021
"EMG Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speed Loader

-Winds mid caps in a few seconds
-Much easier to use than a thumb loader
-Large capacity of hundreds of BBs

-Too large to fit in most mag pouches
-Only fits M4 mags by default, but adapters exist

After buying an AK adapter, this thing has worked like a breeze with my AK midcaps. Definitely a recommend buy if you have the money. Adapters can be 3d printed as well.