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EMG Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speed Loader with M12 Sound-Dampening Buffer (Color: EMG Operator Black)

86 Customer Reviews

by Evan Z. on 01/23/2022
* Super easy way to load my mags.
* Best loader in the biz
* Sound dampening works great.
* not easy to break.

* No easy way to clean it.
* Crank is far from indestructible.

Great loader that works great. Everyone does indeed ask to use it, though I wouldn't let them. General construction is sturdy with the crank being the weak point. the mechanical side of it works great with any bb .25 grams and under. Going up to .28 grams somehow gives it a problem. It still feeds my .28's but with difficulty. I have saved so much time with this loader. Great product with some room for improvement.
by Darrell W. on 08/18/2021
"These speedloaders do not seem to like loading heavy BB’s (.32 gram and higher), the loader will not totally fill the magazine with heavy bb’s, seems like 1/2 to 2/3 full and I have to load the mag the rest of the way with a traditional speedloader.

Maybe Odin needs an upgraded version for heavy bbs?
by Scott B. on 07/14/2021
"Seems to do a quick and decent job of loading AR-sytle mags. Because of the rubber flaps that cover the hopper, you need to hold the flaps down with your fingers as you pour BBs into the hopper.
by Mitchell A. on 09/10/2020
"Works great for mid ALREADY COMES WITH THE DAMPENER (doesnt say so in the description) do not waste $15 on that unless you want an extra.
by Connor M. on 08/28/2019
"Got it and it immediately broke, returned it and it is working this time around. Having some feeding issues with my mags that may be the speedloader but I can't say for sure. Loads the mags incredibly fast I can say for sure. They load in 12 bbs or so per turn which allows fast loading and it is pretty quiet. Loads pretty smooth but after about 70 bbs it gets tough to crank it. 8/10
by Joshua O. on 02/24/2019
"Just got one and got a chance to test it out. Here's what I think:

-Easy to use, It's pretty easy to figure it out.
-Better ammo capacity than most of the speedloaders you could find. The only comparable in capacity is the Elite Force loader, and that one is harder to use.
-Very quick to load mags. I had 4 190rd mags loaded in the time it took my friend with a regular speed loader to fill 1.

-Quite frankly, the specs on how many BBs it puts in one rotation is debatable. Based on the 12 per crank, I should be able to crank is 15 times and not quite make it a 16th. But loading the 190s I was using, I was running 20+ cranks sometimes.
-No mechanism to keep the BBs from bouncing back and so sometimes you're not actually filling the mag, you're just cranking the loader, and they're bouncing around inside it.
-Crank feels a bit flimsy, if you crank on it too hard, it feels like it might break, but it might just be how it FEELS and it might actually be much stronger than that.

Overall, it's not a bad loader. I'm not sure long term how it will last, but I'll update the review if I find any bigger issues long term.
by Sascha M. on 04/16/2018
"Very good product. In my opinion beats the SL14 loader. My only complaint is get some locktite and glue that darn screw on the winder. It comes loose within 2-3 turns which gets SUPER annoying.
by John H. on 04/06/2018
"Awesome loader. Works great and is super fast loading my M4 mid-caps. The only gripe is there is no retaining mechanism to prevent the exactly 3 bbs that are left in the tube after the final top-off crank to fill the mag, and these fall out when the mag is released. Not a show stopper as I know this and can just hold the unit with the mag up and release the mag, and flip it over to catch those 3 stragglers to be added back to the hopper.
by Daniel G. on 03/20/2018
"you know with all the fastest speed loaders that i have seen this has to be the fastest it my not look like it but it is

and doesn't take a lot of room to store it

made of thin plastic
over loading system dosent
feel like it works

but over all if you want speed and bing able to carry it on the feld this perfect
by Carlos M. on 02/15/2018
"I got the smoke one so I can see how many BBs I have inside. This is a necessity if you run mid-cap magazines exclusively. I've been able to load up all 7 of my K120s in between games in a minute and enjoyed the rest of my time I had left till the next game drinking water, chatting with friends and being worry-free about not being prepared in time for the next game.

-Fully loads a 120 round mid capacity magazine within 4-7 seconds of winding!
-Stops/locks when you fill your magazine completely, preventing overfills and jams.
-Fits inside utility pouches like a charm, so you can easily take it with you on your kit to the field!

-Bit pricey for a speedloader, that's the only reason why I didn't give it a 5/5. If you got the money, don't hesitate to get it (especially if you're in the market for a new speedloader and you use M4 mid caps.)

You wont be disappointed!
by Kevin M. on 02/15/2018