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DYTAC SLR Licensed AK47 RIS Airsoft AEG w/ QD Spring Gearbox (Type: AK105)

11 Customer Reviews

by Manny S. on 08/06/2022
"Going on almost 2 years on having the Krink version of this gun got it on an "epic deal" for 199.00 and let me just say the gun is beautiful and shoots phenomenal with .23 and .25's haven't moved up yet since I'm getting solid range and performance with those weights of bbs. Has over 2000+ rounds in it and I'm using some Blue Box mid caps and mainly some US Palm mags and haven't had any feeding issues yet. The only thing I'm experiencing is some mag wobble about half an Inch with the Blue Box mags and 1/4 Inch with the US Palm replicas(which is why I use them more often).

I changed the spring because it was shooting too hot with the stock spring it came with for the field I got and the quick change made it a breeze just dropped an M95 in there and was ready to go at my indoor field which is over at Evike Battlelab in Southern California was shooting around 350-360 fps with .25's with the spring change 380-400 can't remember exactly, none the issues with the gun it's beautiful and feels super sturdy haven't dropped it at all yet but I have a feeling it will be fine when I do. I'm running an 11.1 lipo on it mainly and a Lighter S tracer unit on it might change that for another one soon as I only got it so when I run a pistol I can use it on that as well. It does not come with an alternate flash hider and the orange one it comes with is a pain to remove if you don't know what to do in order to remove them. I must say though I feel like I got one of the best deals ever getting this for $199 it was an absolute steal. and even at regular price I think it's worth it with the unique SLR furniture, the stock alone would probably go for around 40-50 bucks with how well it functions no wobble, very comfortable and it's truly unique. Not much rail space on the Krink model but I didn't need much it has just enough running a PTS Stubby grip
on it in black, black flash light on the right of the gun with no pressure switch because I actually use my grip and thumb on my left hand to press when I want to turn it on. Left side is empty for now, I changed the pistol/motor grip for the APS US type gip since it just comes with the barebones AK pistol grip, and that was probably the most important part for me because the grooves in it make it so comfortable to hold. My select fire is kind of finicky though as I have to slame the selector up pretty hard to get it into safety, I think I may have messed that up with changing the spring and I can fix it but I feel like it adds some personality to the gun so I'm just going to leave it like that until it gets really bad if it does. All in all, The gun has a lot going for it:

- Decent price for what you get
- Out of the box performance is great and it's ready to go when you are
- Very Hefty weight doesn't feel like its cheap
- Has small issues that are easy fixes(Mag wobble(just get some tape), Select Fire Switch problem on mine)
- The quick change spring is just that, quick makes it super easy to just swap a spring out
- Nice power and accuracy out of the box as well

I think the single thing I felt I HAD to change on the gun was the pistol grip, the stock ones from any old AK just don't feel like it should be on a gun this good everything else is so good why gimp out on the grip? If you love AK's and want yours to be a little different in terms of furniture I say give this a go there are some that cost more and don't look as good and has similar's been doing wonders for me hopefully it can for you too.
by Hunter E. on 07/12/2021
"Amazing for a first gun! Only issue I had with it was the fire selector started to get loose and I couldn't switch fire modes. However it is as easy as popping off the selector cap and tightening it up with a screwdriver. Incredible Kalashnikov.
by stacey b. on 01/08/2021
"Bought the Krink version, Great rifle, Exactly what I wanted and expected, an AKS74u with just enough tactical. Shoots extremely well with .25 and .28's. A Matrix 11.1 lip worked well and fit nicely under the dust cover,.

However the stock hi-cap mag that came with the gun didn't work well at all, thankfully I purchased some Cyma Flashmags and they worked swimmingly.
by Austin H. on 11/22/2020
"Awesome AK, bought the AK74 for $269 and I think its better than my Krytac Alpha Crb. Switched to deans connectors, prommy purple bucking, and angel custom 470mm 6.01mm tightbore. 2 in. Groupings at 50ft. Trigger response is excellent and the gearbox sounds beautiful. 1.5J at 12.7 rps with a 7.4 titan lion. The only thing I dont really like on it is that its a bit front heavy, as the stock is on the short side.
by Angelo C. on 06/01/2019
"Amazing. Would recommend this any day. As my first gun it fires great and has an incredible full metal upper and lower exterior. My only complaint was the lack of rail space. I think an angled grip would go great on this but there is just no space. With or without upgrades this gun performs like any other aeg with that signature ak feel. Would highly recommend a buy.
by Sam J. on 05/30/2019
"I just got this gun today along with an EMG pistol and I loved this rifle!! It is so nice!

Very accurate
Shoots 380 FPS on average both semi and full auto
Looks and feels great in the hands
Comes with a nice 500 round Hi-cap magazine
good hop up adjustment

A bit heavy because everything that should be metal, is, which can be a pro as well.

Other than that this is an amazing gun and I would recommend this to anyone that is new and is wanting to start out with a great AEG that is in-expensive and can compete with the $500 AEG's
by Austin H. on 01/11/2019
"Great over all gun it is very accurate down range.
Does shot harder then what is listed here on the page.
We chrono with a .20 bb and it was around 400-410fps. But with a .28bb it was around 380fps
by Joel B. on 10/07/2018
"I'm not the best at reviews but here I go. I bought the AK 105version. I was looking for a modern AK with out all the rails and weight.( I use E&L's and LCT Aks.) At first, once I received the gun I was disappointed. The photos Evike shows, is not the gun you get. Photos number 4-5 are correct. The rest of the photos must be of the preproduction versions. I did not get the exact rail in the photos, it was missing the side sling slot and you get an orange bird cage flash hider. But upon testing, my FPS was higher than what Evike stated and you do get a better sector switch ,metal hop up, and other feature that are nice. The guns fit and finish are outstanding, very solid. Here are the specs for my SLR 105. With Tamiya connectors and a 7.4 15-20c lipo the FPS is 398-400, ROF 11.5. with deans connectors its 398-400 ROF 12.5. Change the battery to 9.6 nimh and the fps is still 398-400, and the ROF is 16.5. For me, thats perfect. Warning, on a 11.1 lipo the gun's motor over spins and you get 2-3 round burst on semi. So stick with something around a 9.6. I tested the105 at my fields gun range. 12x16 size target. Stock barrel and hop up .28BBs. 150 feet no problem, 9-10 shots. 175 ft 8-10 shots 200 ft 5-10 shots. Again thats perfect for me. Also I need to mention that the FPS consistency is very good. My 105 only varied -3 FPS per shot. So after my initial impression, this gun is very impressive. I'm now thinking of getting the Krink version instead of a E&LAK74U.
by James D. on 08/29/2018
"I would definitely recommend this ak. It is very solid constrcuted and performs well. It is definitely in my top choices when I go to play at my field. It is very well made and fires smoothly
by Luke K. on 03/01/2021
"I've bought 2 of these (1 used, 1 brand new from EVIKE). I dropped an HPA unit into the used unit that i bought off of hopup, only to release that the whole front barrel/handguard assembly was severely bent to the right (looking from rear of gun). Not too worried, I ordered a new one from EVIKE thinking that the used one i bought had gotten bent from use. Nope.... The one that i ordered from EVIKE, brand new out of the box was just as bent as the used one. Beware of this issue. Your red dot or scope will not line up with your iron sights due to the severe bend in the handguard. The gun will probably shoot fine as an AEG but will not align properly if you want to drop an HPA unit into it. I had to lock the whole gun in a vice and bend it back as straight as i could.

Also, please note that if you use a Polarstar F2 to drop into this gun, it takes the #12 LCT AK nozzle. Not the stock TM spec length.

Overall, the externals of the gun feel nice and durable. I gave it 3/5 stars due to the gun being severly bent from the factory.
by Bobby M. on 05/10/2019
"First review for me as well and I have purchased over 10k in products for my retail location in the last month. This gun is beautiful inside and out very solid construction and the added features such as the index fire selector is awesome. The trigger is comfortable and it fires great. However one issue I've noticed is this aeg has horrible feeding issues. The mag out of the box is poorly made and I suspected that was the issue so I swapped to a madcap echo 1 full metal dog of war and noticed the same issue. I know this is a simple fix but I think it should be addressed. No manual was provided with the gun and the box is bland. It's simple cardboard with a small sticker on one end. It doesn't come with a metal flash hider batteries a sticker or even a jamming rod. It also doesn't come with a scope mount so if you plan on adding one you'll have to drill out the holes in the upper receiver. _this was devastating for me.