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CYMA Full Metal M14 EBR Designated Marksman Rifle Airsoft AEG (Color: Black / EBR Stock)

89 Customer Reviews

by Michael S. on 01/09/2020
"I have had this rifle for 6 months now, and it is my first AEG I purchased and I will say I am in love with this gun.

Accuracy: Out of the box and dialing the hop-up for .32g bbs, I can reach approximately 150ft without much issue. With .20g bbs I get between 385fps and 395fps, which is perfect for my field.

Build Quality: With the exception of the pistol grip and grip plates located on the sides of the rifle, it is all metal. With the exception of the metal piece that joins the barrel and mock gas tube and holds the front iron sights coming loose (I simply used epoxy to reattach it), nothing is loose. My favorite feature about this weapon is the metal bolt, while not functional, does move and the sound is amazing. Hop-up wheel is also easy to access inside the magwell.

Rail Space: There is almost limitless amounts of attachments you can add to this rifle. Be warned if you purchase the EBR stock variant and not the crane stock, there is a mock ANPEQ unit on the right side of the rifle that houses your battery. Even then, you can move it back and attach a variety of side mounted lights or lasers. I have fitted both a foregrip and bipod on the bottom at once with no issue. The top rail does have a gap where the bolt is, but has a small 1 inch rail after that to allow for scopes to be added. If you want to attach non-scope optics to that area, you will need to find an M14 rail adapter.

Rate of Fire: Rate of fire isn't super impressive but it isn't meant to be used for large volumes of fire. It does feature a full-auto mode but I wouldn't recommend using it as it starts to get inaccurate after 100ft. It comes with a 400rd magazine. Get two spare mags (or one of those Angel Custom 1500rd drum mags) and you're set.


Weight?: This gun is heavy. Without attachments it weights 8.5lbs. I highly recommend putting a foregrip on it to manage the weight and a sling. I'm a big guy, but after a day on the field it leaves my arms, shoulders, and upper back very sore.

Iron sights: The sights kinda suck to use. It's almost impossible to look down them in any configuration of the stock. Just slap a scope on it and you're good.

Sound: This thing is loud. Yes, I know it is an AEG, AEGs are loud. But this one is a bit louder than the other AEGs at my field.

Would I recommend this gun? If you love that ranged support/counter sniper role, but dont have $500 to spend on a gun, this is the gun for you.
by Ethan T. on 02/10/2019
"This was my first real airsoft gun, and I could not be happier. I threw a scope on it and made it a proper DMR, and I’ve become the go-to long range shooter on my field. I’ve had 1v1s against people using snipers and I’ve dominated them every time with this beauty. I love this gun and highly recommend it.
Full metal
EBR stock is awesome/helps with scopes
Looks great
Lots of rail for equipment
Metal slide (for dramatic effect)
No need to upgrade it
Not easy to switch to Full Auto (helps me keep my shots more careful, might be a con for you)
Longer scopes fit very well

Rather heavy (maybe you like that)
The wires stick out a little bit from the battery compartment (hasn’t been an issue but it could be)
The EBR stock can’t slide all the way out as a screw blocks the last section (I haven’t needed to use it so not too big of a deal)
Shorter scopes sit further up (ACOGs and Red Dots)
by michael g. on 05/21/2018
"Great gun does awesome out of the box
by brady j. on 05/15/2018
"Great gun

built well
decent fps
crane stock
motor is not in grip so its easy to fix when it gets loose

wobbly stock but that's easily fixed
wobbly pistol grip but that's easy to fix too
its heavy.
by Seth Y. on 05/12/2018
"This is a great upgrade from the original cyma m14 ebr with the m4 stock. The old m4 stock one had this problem with the stock coming loose after almost every match I played, it was a pain to have to consistently unscrew the pistol grip (to get to the stock) to tighten it back up, I had two of these with this problem. However with this model I no longer have that problem. there's a bit of a wobble with this style of stock but it's nothing to worry about like with the m4 stock version, where it felt like the entire stock was going to fall off. I also noticed I could shoot a lot faster in semi auto with this new model than what I could with the old one, the gearbox would trip up on the older one if you tried to pull the trigger as fast as you could.

Pros: basically everything about this new ebr is better than cyma's old ebr,

Cons: since they got rid of the m4 style stock, that got rid of the battery compartment, to make up for it, the battery compartment is a mock laser sight that you attach to one of the side rails, the only problem is that it takes up rail space.Other than that, that's really it
by Joe P. on 05/07/2018
"Strong gun, straight shooter, weighs a ton, but that's a sign of good quality.
Would not recommend for CQB because of its length, but great overall.
by Ben L. on 04/06/2018
"This piece is made by durable metal and weights a ton. Strongly recommended.
by McNeill H. on 07/06/2017
"Just got this and omg is it larger than in the pictures.

metal everything except the grips and stock
Bolt sounds dope
Big and proud (M14 will look different on a field than an m4)
small Tamiya connector in stock for battery

Stock after using it for a while became wobbly but fixed it by tightening the screw at the back
by Max L. on 06/23/2017
"Haven't got the gun yet, bet it's good!
by Didi B. on 05/25/2017
"Great gun, accurate, well made, good weight, and looks great, no complaints.
by Didi B. on 05/25/2017
"Well made, accurate, looks good, 400 fps, no complaints, absolutely love it.
by Didi B. on 05/25/2017
"I absolutely love this gun so far, its well made, feels good in your hands and looks completely amazing, couldn't be happier with it.

Well Made
All Metal
Feeds Good
400 FPS
Not Another M4

Heavy (Could be a pro as well, I personally like the weight)
by Eric Z. on 02/26/2017
"This gun is great. It shoots far and fast. It may be a little heavy but you get used to it. I got the automatic magazine and would recommend buying it with the gun. This gun goes through ammo like crazy. It was my first gun and I was not disappointed.
by Andy J. on 02/11/2017
"Just brought it out to the field today for the first time, spent about 10-15 minutes getting the scope dialed in and hop up all set. This gun is GREAT! I have mine zeroed at 150ft, every shot hits the target, and keep in mind the gun is 100% stock out of the box. I managed to snipe out a window of a building most of my game-play so I was not running around a-lot since it was a RUSH type of game (attack / defend) but after a few 30 minute games in a row you will start to feel it getting heavy. It is a 9-13 Lb gun depending on your load-out. so keep the weight in mind when you are checking your shopping cart it is not a light gun. I personally suggest getting a 6.01 tight-bore along with a slightly better bucking and maybe a better motor. This is was I am focused on upgrading but thats my opinion. I think the gearbox is fine for now, but the engine could be a bit better.

Just something to keep in mind is that the hop up adjustment is in the mag well so careful when reloading, I did bump mine a few times so if you start shooting high or low all of a sudden during a game take the mag out and quick adjust it, it is not hard at all.

I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that is starting to get into sniping and does not want to "Suffer" with a bolt action, with this if you miss you can quickly compensate from your last shot and quickly tag your target without having to pull back on a bolt.
by Alberto C. on 11/24/2016
"Awesome gun!!!!!!

I got this gun in a mystery box as my first Airsoft gun. I was thinking of putting this gun aside and buying an m4 just purely for the weight and the availability of mags but instead, I decided to buy some batteries and magazines for this and I am sooooo glad I did! I absolutely love this gun! My friends know me for my m14. My friends have used my m14 out on the field and they just don't like it cause it's too heavy but I absolutely love it! The m14 has become my signature gun just like Scott from USAirsoft, except his signature gun is a Galil.

It's different to everyone out on the field running with m4s
Wired to the rear in the crane stock
Good fps and quite accurate
Adjustable crane stock
Magazines are very high quality ( mid caps and high caps ) as well as reasonably priced for FULL METAL magazines
Hop up is easily adjusted
Lots of rail space

Really heavy but I solved it by putting a foregrip just in front of the hand guard so I have plenty of ways to hold it
Iron rights are really low and are virtually impossible to use with a lower mesh mask so you will need a sight
If you do put a sight on it that is not a scope, it will sit very far from your eye so I bought a scope mount from evike made by matrix that will close the gap. I was then able to mount my replica eotech right where I need it
My buffer tube has gone lose and it's an easy fix but you do need a really long screwdriver so be wary about that and try not to lean your gun on the stock