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Pre-Order ETA October 2022 APS XTP Shark Full Automatic Select-Fire Co2 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Color: Tan / Stippled)

44 Customer Reviews

by Erik M. on 05/31/2022
"this Pistol is the best pistol I have ever got!!! really good FPS to. but it does shot 32g bbs with the hop up all the way down so it is a pain to get it to shot straight but after that it is amazing. and co2 last about to mags with full auto, but around three mags doing semi auto. for the extended mag it last about one mag with full auto. but with semi auto it shots about 2 and a half mags, now I am going to give you guys some tips to replace the orange tip with a silencer or a black tip. so you will want to put it in boiling water for about five minutes to get the glue inside to soften then use pliers to screw the tip off. and if you are not careful you'll break the tip off, so use a rag and pliers to get the tip off. and then you are done!!! the back tip will screw in really easily, or silencer after removing the orange tip. that is it! so if you are thinking about getting this gun stop thinking about it and get it!
by Tristen E. on 02/08/2022
"buy this gun strong and steady shoots far I noticed people say the mags leak well for those people oil take the mag apart and oil it and if that does not work change the orings then you will be good to go this gun is great
by Cam H. on 08/20/2021
"The was my first GBB pistol and it was worth it, great co2 efficiency that last for at least 2 mags. Full auto gives a great ROF and a solid kick. Mags also hold a good amount and I have only experienced one or two jams.

- good ROF
- flat trigger is nice
-camo looks good
- great mags
- a carbine kit sold on evike if u like that sort of stuff
- parts available
-durable and strong

- mag compatibly with other brands I hit or miss
- my fiber optic on the front sight came off
- the paint on the fire selector wore off
- a small problem where the slide would go back to far but was easily fixed as long as u don’t dry fire on auto for a long time
by peter x. on 12/04/2020
"This thing is a Damn MONSTER!!!!!!!
Love it!
by Joseph K. on 05/08/2020
"Aside from standard mags being a bit tricky to get. This gun is excellent. It’s a hard hitter and very accurate. Since it’s just my sidearm secondary I can’t really say one bad thing about it. Very durable. Made nearly entirely of steel. Looks extremely real. And performance is exceptional. If you can shoot well I can hit accurately at 100+ feet which is surprising. I can highly recommend this gun.
by Samuel B. on 02/13/2019
"I love this thing very good, sights are accurate. Very reliable pistol.
- stubbled grip
- magwell shape is good for fast reloads
- ampedexstrious (good for dual wealding.)
- full auto
- built like a tank, indestructible.
- clean moving slide
- compatibility with mags
- looks very nice.
- to avoid low gas slide chambering failure, it releases leftover gas
- full auto bleeds out gas FAST. 3 round bursts keeps seal up.
- you don't have one
by Daniel B. on 01/16/2019
"Amazing handgun! Mine came with a leaky mag which made the gun unusable at first but once I ordered a new mag it works amazing! My primary weapon failed in the last match I played and I had to run this beast by itself. The full auto function is super helpful in some situations but it runs through the mag almost instantly.
full metal
amazing range
good price

my mag was crap but that may have just been me
by Holdent P. on 12/16/2018
"I have bought 3 other pistols before, this has to be by far the most enjoyable pistol that I have. Aesthetically, this pistol is BEAUTIFUL! I generally don't go for an all black pistol but I couldn't take my eyes off of this pistol the first time I saw it. As far as the performance goes: WOW! It shoots like a dream, very quick response time, very snappy shot, and compared to my other pistols it is extremely efficient. I'm new to CO2 pistols, but this has made me a huge fan of them. I can get two plus mags out of one 12g CO2 canister, I don't know if that's the norm but that's far less refilling that my green gas pistols. I've read that APS doesn't have the greatest reputation but I'm having an unbelievably great experience with this pistol, I'll definitely get another one and would absolutely recommend it to other airsofters. Just to give you an idea of the efficiency of the pistol, I emptied the mag on semi, and then took it to full auto and emptied the mag and still had plenty of pressure left! Would rate this gun 7/5, it's that good.

-Full auto
-Highly efficient on CO2
-Snappy trigger
-Beautiful looking
-Ambidextrous safety switch
-easy to acquire sight picture
-great weight, feels sturdy
-great grip and integrated thumb rest

None that I can find yet, awesome gun
by Benjamin P. on 05/06/2018
"So far so good, the mags were a little leaky at first, but a little silicone oil and a mag or 2 worth of bb's through it and they're both fine now.

Full auto
Heavy (could be a con)

Mags don't have a catch when you pull the spring all the way down
by Tyson F. on 05/02/2018
"This gun is awesome. Very comfortable. Full auto is cool too. Ambidextrous mag release
by ron o. on 04/26/2018
"Awesome gun 🔫 great date of fire 🔥 in full auto 🚘 mode has a crisp blowback very well construction strong polymer frame love the co2 magazine its very well constructed and a great design no cons

Great gun 🔫 crisp blow back if you want a Glock look alike this is the bone for you its very well designed..

For the price its a great glock alternative..

Magazine is sturdy and the Co2 design is awesome haven't had any problems with it

Con none at the moment
by Shawnna B. on 04/07/2018
"Best pistol ever! Totally worth the price. I will list the pros and cons.

-Insane accuracy and range
-great BB capacity
-very solid construction
-Tan camoflauge color
-Stippled for lightweight construction
-Full auto
-Amazing grip
-Interesting Hi-Tech CO2 feature
-Everything else I forgot

-Everybody asks if they can use it because it is so good!

Buy this pistol!! You will NOT regret it!
by Aaron C. on 03/16/2018
"This pistol is nice.

-Blowback action is powerful
-full auto is awesome for a gun in this price range
- you can buy a 48rd mag for $41 dollars
-overall a really nice gun
-Loud and scary
-Ambi Mag release
-Adjustable trigger, bigger grip plate included, its a really nice starter pistol

-Manual is virtual
-for the extended mag there was no manual anywhere (Extended mag does not come with the gun, i bought it seperatly and had a little trouble)
by Dawson L. on 11/28/2017
"i haven't gotten it yet but I preordered it yet so can anyone gibe me some heads up to anything
by Daniel A. on 10/29/2017
"Great pistol gives a really nice kick very high rate of fire only thing is wish they had extended mags for this gun