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LCT LC-3A3 Full Size Steel Airsoft AEG (Color: OD Green)

15 Customer Reviews

by Jack D. on 10/27/2020
"I Wanted this rifle for a while now I wanted to build a DMR similar to the auto sniper in CSGO and I just love the G3 as a gun itself. And I’m gonna go over a list of pros and cons.
Built like a tank
Shoots great
Have had like to feeding issues over the seven times I’ve taking it to a field.
Get great ROF using 11.1 lipo
Able to hit shots of all the football field away
Heavy weighing in at 11 pounds once I put a scope on it
Mags are garbage, you you have to buy LCTs mags and LCT is known for lackluster mags although they work fine
If you are looking for a rifle build this gun shoots a little hot
Hop up was very stiff when I got it just as a forewarning
by John P. on 07/24/2019
"This is my second airsoft gun and I couldn’t be happier with the LCT LC3. It is truly a beast of a gun. I took it out to my local field and it shined brilliantly performance wise for a stock gun, and I did get a few compliments amongst the predominantly M4 style airsofters. It’s heavier than my other ICS Cxp peleador, but it’s not overly heavy unless your a small child. Everything is sturdy and looks great. The magazines have the best fit in the mag well, no movement whatsoever. Out of the box it shot 400+ fps so a spring change may be needed for your field. Mounting a proper rail to this for optics has been the most difficult thing so far. I just can’t seem to find one that fits perfectly for my budget, I haven’t tried the LCT available rail made for the gun yet. Overall it’s been an amazing purchase and I’m overjoyed with its results. Get it! You won’t be disappointed.
by Alec B. on 05/24/2019
"The best G3 out there.
With LCT you are getting the best external quality.
Internals are meh but you can upgrade the hell out of these.
This is my 7th LCT gun, I highly recommend this gun as a DMR.
by Hayden S. on 02/16/2019
"Wonderful rifle! I got the black version (not the SG-1). It's heavy as hell so be ready to be able to lug this thing around all day. I played with it in pouring rain and it didn't get any water in the internals due to the tight tolerances on the receiver. The charging handle and cocking tube and both full steel so don't be afraid to H&K slap this puppy. The accuracy and range are great and I can consistently hit shots at up to 250 feet away. The entire build of the rifle feels amazing and you could really use it as a baseball bat if you needed, same with the magazine. Speaking of, the magazine feeds well but when it gets to around 20 rounds left it likes to sometimes double feed or not feed (never a major issue, never had a jam or breakage, if your mag isn't feeding just rack the charging handle and let it slam forward. It will unjam itself)

-Comes with a cool ownership LCT badge and the replacement steel black flash hider
-AMAZING Construction
-Plenty of battery space
-Accurate and has good range
-Good stock internals
-120 Round mid-caps
-Good, clear iron sights
-Looks absolutely badass
-Polymer is super sturdy (handguard isn't just a thin piece of polymer - it has a mock heatshield and everything
-H&K Slap all day
-Heavier than the real thing, feels super realistic.
-Tight tolerances, won't get destroyed in light-medium rain
-Full auto is moody and will sometimes stop shooting (not a massive deal if you're like me and mostly use semi)
-Magazine feeds weird towards the end (probably just got a weird mag)
-Butt pad should be harder to remove
-Rear sling point takes some force to get a sling hook around (I'm using a ferro concepts slingster with ferro concepts sling hooks)

TL;DR, Ignore the bad reviews. I assume Evike just got a batch of lemons. The rifle is amazing.
by Colin L. on 01/13/2019
"Great rifle, don't pay attention to the other reviews. Use good batteries and this thing is a laser. I had no issues with my magazines or feeding issues. Looks great, shoots great, best airsoft G3 on the market.
by DAVID S. on 08/23/2018
"I had my g3 for just about 4 days . i havent had the chance to take it to my local airsoft field yet but i've shot it off in my back yeard a couple of times now and i must say. I'm in love with this aeg. Surprisingly the pistol grip design feels more natural in my hand and feels very comfortable then i ever thought it would. And i was very sceptical about puying this because of the grip at first. This gun not only feels solid but it is solid through in through . best aeg i have ever owned. I have sn vfc scar l aeg and i must say i like this lct g3 sg-1 much better than my scar l . i give this gun a 5 star rating easily . even my father enjoyed playing with this and he was sceptical about this gun giving that its just a toy after all. Any way once again i say its earned a 5 star rating.
by Christiano D. on 08/03/2022
"Body of the gun and other parts seem nice so far. The Hop-Up is a little problematic.
by Christopher T. on 10/03/2020
"Took it out for the first time and out of the box the gun preformed very very good. It was shooting 430 to 440 FPS and it can really reach out there. The gun is very versatile as you can use it for almost any task such as a DMR or using it as a support gun. The only problem I had with this gun was the stock/battery cover would come loose and fall out but tape does the job. Overall this is a very good gun as well as very sturdy. This gun also offers a change in the flood of M4 builds.

Pros -
430-440 FPS out of box.
Easy hop up adjustment.
Good build quality.

Cons -
Non stripped magazine that came with it in the box did not fit in the gun.
Battery cover/stock padding falls out easily.
Mid caps don't feed the entire magazine.
by aaron F. on 09/20/2020
"Terrible accuracy, fixed using a flat hop.

Excellent construction quality, really solid.
I dropped from 1.6 meters and it cracked the floor.

Dust cover/ ejection port detaches from the charging lever, no issue with the operation.
Fixed by welding it back in the lever.

No wobbles in any component.

Mags snaps in with a sharp click, no wobbles in any direction
by Aidan C. on 01/20/2020
"I didn’t necessarily get it from this site being canadian *just easier for me to dodge border taxes from a local site* but I have it none the less. From what I can tell after owner the gun for a fair while the hate and love this gun isn’t unwarranted. The gun when it behaves is unfathomably awsome but out of the box she is fickle. Within my first 3 times taking her out she completely locked up and refused to fire, I later found out this is because LCT ships these guns with next to no oil or grease in them causing them to become very stiff and this can damage your gun if not noticed or dismissed. I had mine looked at by my local tech and thankfully nothing was damaged so we greased her up well and she’s been shooting nothing but lasers since. 200ft plus shots are easy mode with this gun even out of the box. The mags do tend to be fickle in cold weather but I have yet to see them misfeed in warm summer weather. The Hop up and availability of exterior mods for this rifle are my only gripes. Overall though, if your looking a gun that will give you a little tough love, 10/10
by Isaac F. on 08/26/2019
"Shoots great, pretty accurate up to around 150-220ft with .32bbs. Everything is sturdy and stiff (sometimes even to stiff like the hop-up lol), definitely won't be a gun you "accidently" break. My only slight complaint is the mid-cap it comes with is... trash... to say the least, will be trying to fix it or getting the hi-cap instead.
by Alec S. on 02/16/2019
"This is a very solid gun that I have really enjoyed. Shoots great stock and the hop-up is really solid for getting your bb's a long distance. I play outdoors and this gun is perfect for the field fps limits. I'd say this gun can shoot accurately to around 150-175 ft depending on wind conditions and might reach to around 200 ft on a perfect day. This is a very well built gun that can handle a lot of abuse and after nearly 8 months this gun has stood the test. It's quite heavy but that comes with the territory when you buy a full metal gun. It's also a very unique and rare gun and I've only ever seen 2 other people with a G3.

The reason I removed a star was because this gun had internal issues a few months after I bought it. Motor connectors and the motor itself blew but after some troubleshooting I was able to replace it with a new, better motor and wiring. I may have gotten a lemon but be ready to replace some parts down the lines. The stock motor really isn't the best but in my opinion it isn't a dealbreaker.

Pros: Durable

Good range


Good hop-up

No upgrades needed out of the box

Large amount of space for batteries (just make sure they aren't too fat).


Durability of internals


by javier d. on 07/13/2018
"Bought this gun and the first thing I realized is how sturdy and solid it feels. Too bad that it doesn't even shoot. First time I tried to, it shot twice then stopped shooting. I noticed that the magazine it comes with is unreliable no matter how solid it is. I never got to test out weather the gun was any good at all since it wouldn't shoot
by Nick C. on 07/14/2018
"I thought after hearing only positive things about this gun that it would a great gun like people said, I was wrong. The magazine wouldn't feed most of the time and bb's would get stuck inside and were a pain to get out. The gun itself is solid however performs terribly. Some shots would go almost 200 feet and the some would go barely 50 feet. Also for some reason the gun would not fire sometimes when I pulled the trigger, the gearbox would not cycle or anything. I'm very dissapointed in LCT as this is the third gun from them that I've had big problems with out of the box. Even though the build quality is great it's still not worth buying for all the problems me and others have had with this gun. I cannot recommend this gun, I'm in the process of returning it now.
by Colby G. on 07/09/2018
"When I first bought this product I had in mind a dmr. And lct being a reputable company I decided to buy this product.
I was gravely mistaken when I received this product it was full of problems magazine retained bbs bipod had rust on it and magwell was bent. Overall I was not satisfied with my purchase.