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Matrix Carbon Striker Mesh Mask w/ Integrated Mesh Ear Protection (Color: Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by Quinn P. on 06/04/2023
"Great mask overall, only thing I have to say is that the tan is more of a coyote brown, which is no problem if that’s the color that you’re going for.
by Xavier P. on 09/09/2020
"The only mask I'll probably be using for the foreseeable future.
I bought this mask because all my others didn't allow me to get a good cheek weld. with a .83 riser I can use my 2-6x scope just fine, and with the built in ear pro this is a no brainier for sure. the only problem is the ear pro is a little low profile which puts your ear right against the wire mesh, but a piece of felt can easily fix this issue.
Great mask that lets you keep your teeth and aim while you're at it.
by Elijah A. on 07/05/2020
"It is ok I am very happy with it so
[good mesh at the sides for easy move meant ]
[good Acu clor ]
[very pro tecktive of my ears and nose

mi face looks flat with it
by christopher v. on 06/23/2020
"Mask covers where I need it to cover. Fits fine. Good quality. Would recommend to a friend
by Sam H. on 06/09/2020
"Super comfortable mask. Good protection. Very breathable. Would recommend.
by Connor B. on 04/20/2020
"Nice mask. Fits near perfect out of the box, and really like the ear protection (Never been shot in the ear, never want to be). the goggles i wear fit pretty good with it, but still wonder if I'll be able to wear a single ear mic over it (Seems like I can).

Good fit
Protects entire lower face
Makes me wanna kiss the business end of a rifle

(Not really a con) Mesh in front of mouth gets condensation, maybe leads to rust?
by Oscar S A. on 02/22/2020
"REALLY GOOD! Got shot few times on the soft pads and mesh and no marks nor stings. Fits my small face fairly well!
by Luke J. on 07/11/2019
Protective of everything - integrated ear protection
Works with goggles and helmets
Allows aiming - low profile
Not super expensive - $20
Design pictured is not quite identical to pictures - no big deal
Mesh rubs against face - doesn't hurt, is easy to mitigate
Moves when you open your mouth - duh, annoying-ish but not a problem
None really
Get one. Cheaper and better than a full face mask
by Victor R. on 12/29/2018
"I wear this for pickup games where I am not using a radio.What can I say,its comfortable and it protects what many people overlook.If the bone in your ear gets hit you are not gonna have a good time and you will have some hearing loss.I witnessed it myself and I only hope it was temporary,a player wore googles and that was it.People get chipped teeth and the skin ripped off their face from not using protection,its not a good look to say the least lol. It may be more comfortable to wear less gear,but its not worth your health or looks.If your headset goes down and you switch to a speaker mic you don't want to get caught without this mask to get ear coverage.
by Grady G. on 08/10/2018
"I have not yet tested it out on the field. So performance is still in the air.

However! It fits snugly to the face with nearly non-existent scraping or chafing. It has not irritated my ears and doesn't suffocate or wedge them in an uncomfortable position either. The fabric and wire mesh is high quality, and there is breathable cushion that is substantial and sturdy. It does not significantly reduce vocal capacity, but may inhibit more roudy war cries. The two straps and fabric on the back are snug and hold the mask firm. All four straps are adjustable as well.

In summary:

+ Comfortable
+ Protects the jaw, ears, and cheeks effectively
+ Quality material is used
+ Adjustment is simple
+ Secure fit
+ Very slim profile
+ Integrated cheek and ear protection
+ Well-ventilated(off-field, at least.)
+ Versitile and can compliment many loadouts, due to low profile

- Mesh cannot be molded, which may hinder comfort
- Does not cover entire temple area
by Quinten M. on 02/03/2020
"Did not even fit my face and was unconfortable with the googles i got for them.