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G&P Transformer Compact M4 Airsoft AEG with QD Front Assembly (Model: Ver2 / 8" Rainier Brake)

24 Customer Reviews

by Yeorl G. on 10/28/2018
"I love this gun, I bought a suppressor and an NCStar scope and they all fit together PERFECTLY, I was able to remove the flash hider with no problems and this gun's performance overall was amazingly strong and smooth with a 11.1v battery. I have had no problems whatsoever, I have only test fired it at home, I can't wait to use this gun at a day out at SC Viper.
by Shane D. on 09/26/2018
"Just used the gun today for the fist time and its amazing. Shoots like a laser gun and build quality is standard G&P, which is very good. The transformer handguard and stock is also amazing!
by Andreas A. on 08/04/2018
"This gun is great my friend bought this, He owned every one at the game and it is convenient that the rifle can be transformed to shoot indoor or outdoor in seconds. I am so getting one for myself soon, saving up for it!
by Peter C. on 07/15/2018
"I opened up the box and the first word that came to my head was, beautiful. I picked this baby up and it's a very comfortable gun. I mean it feels like your shouldering a pillow. But don't let the comfortable features make you think that this gun isn't a performer. Because you would be very wrong. This thing blows all other cqb weapons out of the water. This isn't a cqb weapon this is THE CQB WEAPON. Mine shoots a little hot, around 365 but I'm okay with that bc my field will allow it to be a little bit over the limit. Mine also shoots a whopping 26 rps with a 9.6v now that's just insane. It's very ergonomically designed and the features allow for quick movements and are very comfortable and aggressive looking in my opinion. With this gun i bought six g&p mid caps. And they all feed wonderfully. great gun by G&P and all at a great price. I will buy more front end as soon as I get some more money. This gun is well worth it! Go ahead and buy it!

Internally and externally it's a G&P
Fast rps!
Great fps! Good for field or cqb/indoor play
Full metal upper receiver
Hefty. Feels kinda like a real ar-15 this may be a con for some but i like it
Great mid cap mag


Great gun buy it!
by david g. on 06/28/2018
by david g. on 06/28/2018
by Thomas A. on 06/28/2018
"I've had this gun for a while now, and I'm proud to say that it's absolutely AMAZING! If you're going to use a sling, use a compact and QD one.

Eye candy
Combat multiplier

by Luke D. on 06/21/2018
"I love this gun! Had it for 9 months now and have always been a fan of G&P products. Lube it every 3 months, you don't have to lube it but I like tinkering with it.
by Anna A. on 05/25/2018
"I got this rifle for my birthday and I want to say I cannot go back to a sportsline anymore. World of difference on a nice G&P versus a chinese made AEG not to mention the gearbox and the transformer handguard allowing this gun to fit in my Haley flatpack!
by Eric G. on 05/25/2018
"This is an amazing gun, especially for experienced players that can really enjoy all the features beyond what you see on a sportsline gun nowadays. I put a noveske amp on the front and magpul vertical grip. I am running a 7.4 lipo. Crono with .2 is at 350fps.

Awesome looks
Greats rps

Hard to get battery in until you get you figure it out
by Edward K. on 05/20/2018
"I really like this G&P. It's light, accurate, and already comes with upgrades, really have found no problems with it. 5 out of 5 definitely!
by Oscar R. on 05/04/2018
"I bought this gun a while ago (3 months) and I am so glad I did.

This is not like your traditional Marui stuff, very innovative, and convenient. The gearbox is amazing with a lot of detail that a tech would put into a gearbox, put in it. Great trigger response and there is nothing to complain about it.

The transformer handguard takes a few try to master it. You need to match the direction and start the hopup in the right position. Twist and click in. Once you get it, it is addictive to play with!
by Zachary E. on 04/04/2018
"I LOVE this gun. My first impressions after about a week are:

Looks Amazing
Build Quality (G&P)
Short barrel (Cqb legal)
nice gearbox

Stock is a little wobbly
Little battery space (stick lipo)

An overall great gun!
by Josh O. on 03/18/2018
"This Gun is AMAZING! iv had no problems with it yet!
by Dough T. on 03/07/2018
"Overall, this is a great gun for the money you pay. This gun is built very well, is weighted like a real M4, comes with awesome accessories, and the magazine that comes with it feeds flawlessly. The transformer barrel is also amazing, you will get addicted to how compact this gun breaks down.