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Matrix / S&T Sportsline M4 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Black RIS 9")

132 Customer Reviews

by Peter R. on 04/14/2021
"Totally underrated gun! Out of the box shot 365 FPS @ 22 RPS with a small stick lipo. I got the black one with the stubby stock. Mosfet let’s you spam the trigger, but can burn out quickly, but this thing rocks for such a low price. 10/10
by Simon S. on 04/13/2021
"This gun works amazingly with an 11.1v lipo, hopup is easy to adjust and the gun feels very solid.
by Wes D. on 03/22/2021
"Players at local field starting to take notice that these $150 guns smoke. Everyone is like “$150!?” Absolutely worth getting 3 fun variations of these than one overpriced $450 “quality” gun. Problem is they aren’t easy to find on the site so I end up sending the link to everyone. Evike’s dirty secret. “They are on page 165 in your search results, but we have great guns on the secret menu for cheap.”
by Clifford C. on 12/28/2020
"Matrix S&T (Smart Team rebrand) Dark Earth Stubby

I have owned a few (3?) airsoft guns but never competed seriously. This gun was purchased for use at the local CQB field (it is almost identical to the model of this gun they loan out) and it chronographs at 350fps with .20g BBs. This was the exact limit for the field.

-Sturdy construction. Polymer is a plus because of weight. If you want a heavy gun we cannot be friends... that gets tiring fast (milsim training purposes not withstanding).
-Quick change spring! What a surprise to see that inside the gearbox. I cannot stress enough how much quick change spring setups simplify all work on gearboxes. If you have not tried it, you should.
-Handles 11.1v lipo without any changes necessary and has yet to explode. Field is semi-auto only so trigger spam is a thing. Caveat: 2s will semi-auto for several mags before becoming a bit warm. 3s (11.1v) gets warm around 400 BB's and "hot" around 800.... this is steady semi-auto with no breaks. Not the intended use case for the design so of course it struggles.
-Cost effective for value gotten: QC spring, CQB legal from the box, handles 3s voltages, sturdy polymer frame, metal gearbox (only 1 ball bearing I saw, but that's 1 more than my Cyma AK has)... not at all a bad deal. That QC spring is worth its weight in gold.

-Stock is a bit cramped for batteries... but I swapped mine out for a fixed stock and that's a non-issue. The buffer tube section stocks fit over is a bit short and could represent a weak point. Will update if I break it somehow... December 2020 so far so good?
-As mentioned the gun begins to heat up on 3s lipo, but this was stress testing and frankly I have yet to make it through a CQB game where I expended the whole high-cap magazine. Most of my time is spent going "where is everyone". Not a good LMG... but did you really buy this to be an LMG???
-Sights are not at all useful if you've got a paintball style mask, but this is true of ALL sights and not really a failure of this gun. Just something to know... low profile mask systems may not experience this problem.
-Amplifier is not easy to remove at all. I have no idea how it comes off. I'm going to just replace the outer barrel entirely and that should solve that. Note you will be forced to do battle with it if you intend to mount tracer/silencer. Obviously, it makes the gun really bloody loud... maybe you don't care though?
by Wes D. on 12/28/2020
"The hidden gem of Evike. I have 4 of these guns: the one with the grenade launcher attached, two 5” stubbies with the amplifier and the 8” Umx. All guns shoot fantastic. My son has a krytac, but can’t let go of his dark earth 5” (the ones with the amplifiers are loud as F, but puts the fear of god in a room!). Trigger is amazing, rate of fire is very good. There is very little wrong with these guns if anything at all. For 135-150 dollars, I haven’t bought anything else, there is just no reason to spend more unless you are doing this professionally.
by Walker C. on 12/14/2020
"This thing rips. Trigger response is great, solid accuracy, pretty lightweight but yet still feels very sturdy. However, the stock is a little wobbly, and the rof is not the greatest. A great budget gun that makes a fantastic backup to give to a friend.
by Alan A. on 12/04/2020
"I got the URX 8" version a few months ago, and it has been my go to back up gun. My P* has been a work in progress since I decided to use the worst gun ever made as the base, but this gun has helped me stay at the field when my p* decides it wants the bucking to rip, or it just doesn't want to accept magazines that day, or any number of issues. I've never had to do anything with this gun, it just works out of the box. It's gotten to the point where I've temporarily stolen the hop up assembly to use on my p*. The hop up is plastic but works amazingly and always gives me more consistent accuracy than the other hop up I used on my main gun.

- High ROF for price
- Consistent accuracy
- Metal rail
- Overall great price to performance
- Great look
- Comfortable rail
- Very lightweight
- LiPo ready
- Never had feeding issues
- Very light trigger

- Polymer upper and lower receiver
- Polymer buffer tube
- Wired to small tamiya(can be a pro or con depending on the batteries you already have
- FPS more suited for CQB(same as last, could be a pro or con depending on the field you go to)
- Very little space for batteries in the stock
- Mag kinda dookie
- Iron sights are more useless than usual, don't even try to use them, just get a cheap red dot, (I managed to find one for $15 that has never failed me) or just watch where the bbs fly
- If the selector switch is leaning towards safe, even while locked in the semi slot there is a little tension when firing, which is easily fixed by a soft nudge towards full auto, but the tension is so minimal I'd wager I often don't notice it

Be careful not to be too harsh on the stock as I have managed to break a buffer tube by putting too much pressure on it, but I have not had problems with this stock buffer tube yet. As far as internals go, I haven't cracked open the gearbox yet* to check the quality of the alignment of everything, but as far as I'm concerned it's a great back up gun to allow friends to borrow, but it works even better as a starter gun. If you go to an outdoor field, buy this and just change the spring, it's really easy to do thanks to the quick change system. Other than the FPS it is a purchase that is very hard to regret.

*I will update the review once I break open the gun to look at internals
by Sebastian R. on 11/09/2020
"Amazing gun absolutely zero complaints, it shoots 370 out the box with 20s. I have a buddy who bought a 260 dollar APS and that broke in within one month, another buddy has a CYMA m4 ~240$ and his mag release flew off first game. My point is this gun is a tank as long as you take care of it ofc, zero malfunctions love it.
by Jordan B. on 11/07/2020
"this gun is amazing i got it 2 days ago and the fire rate is amazing and a little heavy but with .25 bbs it works like a charm
by Elijiah H. on 10/29/2020
"I’ve had this gun for a year now and I think that I can strongly recommend this gun. Shoots good and hits hard. Carries bbs great and is super accurate. This is definitely a buy if your looking for a quality gun
by wil l. on 09/09/2020
"Back in 2019 I got the Tan mk18 style version of this gun. I will continue to this day say that this was probably the best gun I have ever bought. Sadly I don’t have it anymore because I decided I wanted to get a full metal Mk18 from EMG. However I will say the Matrix M4 with the mk18 handguard is probably the best bang for your buck gun you will find on the site. It has an amazing trigger response and the rate of of fire is amazing as well. I have run this gun in many milsim events as well as Community games at my local field. This is the best sounding gun I have ever had, and best preforming gun I’ve ever had. 10/10 on everything across the board. If you are a new player just starting out, or even an experienced player just looking for a lighter gun while keeping that performance. This is the gun for you. I will recommend this gun to everyone that is looking to buy a new gun. 10/10
by Emmanuel T. on 08/20/2020
"CONTEXT: I ordered the (URX 8"/350 FPS)

The gun is primarily made up of a Nylon Polymer but it has metal where it needs it. The parts where its metal are the upper rail, trigger, charging handle, dust cover, front iron sight, and the Gearbox. With the Electronic Trigger Unit and MOSFET, this gun handles an 11.1v LiPo/LiIon without a problem. The trigger response is quick and satisfying. Battery used was the 11.1v LiIon nunchuck battery by Matrix. I highly recommend purchasing this gun if you are a beginner. Not only is it relatively cheap compared to other guns, but at this price-point, You'll never find anything better. So stop wasting time and stop second-guessing yourself. BUY THIS GUN!
by Brandon w. on 08/03/2020
"Got to play with it for my first time and let me tell ya, This thing packs heat. shooting around 360 with pretty good range. Hop up came a little messed up but got it working again.
by Dominic F. on 07/09/2020
"I've been testing it yesterday and today.
The accuracy for the price is great
It feel pretty dam sturdy for a 160$ gun
It says 380-400fps
Mines (348-356) fps based on my chrono

So i will test now if , the bucking, barrel, or hopup
Is the culprit. Maybe even throw in my lonex piston kit and see of thats it.
I thought maybe the spring is weaker than advertised but I'd like to see if i can get that extra fps out of my gun without upping the spring.
Both guns
I got recently advertised 380 to 400fps and its 350 so maybe thats just how it is idk
by Keith B. on 06/25/2020
"Like it!!! Best Gun for $150

The Gun is accurate, long range, reliable, sturdy, and realistic.
Got gun because I did not want to spend a lot of money on some fancy one (I only play airsoft about 6 times a year).

Love the metal rail and short accurate barrel.

Over all outstanding Gun. Thank You Evike for supplying such a GREAT Gun!!!

God Bless... Keep up the good work.