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APS 48rds Extended Magazine for XTP ACP Glock Series Airsoft Gas Pistols (Type: CO2)

13 Customer Reviews

by Mitchell S. on 03/09/2021
"This magazine fits and feeds great in an elite force Glock 17 gen 4. I get around 1.5 mags of bbs before gas runs out on a cold day, and around 1.75 on a warm one. Th trick with the baseplate on these mags is to screw the brass part in all the way, then unscrew the aluminum piece. Unscrewing the aluminum pulls the needle away from the pierced cartridge, therefore it is necessary to do to have a functioning mag. All in all, a great mag for the price.
by Mitchell S. on 09/30/2020
"These fit and feed in an elite force Glock 17 very well. Gas consumption is around 1.5 mags, or 78 rounds, which is nice. My one gripe is that sometimes the slide will not lock back on last shot, but that mag just be a function of a follower spring that is naturally aging.
by Brandon L. on 01/30/2019
"I love this mag. The gas seal is well done allowing one Co2 12g cartridge to last me all day!
by michael l. on 01/14/2019
"This magazine is amazing. This allows me to use my XTP even in extreme cold conditions. I recommend non-patrololium based lub to my o-ring and warm it up in your hands still as a good habit for cold weather.
by Christopher M. on 01/01/2019
"Highly recommend if you have an ACP or XTP. Good Co2 mag design.
by Sam N. on 12/27/2018
"This magazine provides me amazing firepower! GBB games are much more fun in my opinion and these mags dominates in pistol nights!
by Benjamin M. on 05/22/2018
"Good mag, only about one co2 per full mag. Looks cool and feels nice to. Overall I might buy another one.
by Tyler S. on 02/11/2021
"The number of rounds is nice, but when it arrived, the plate inside that the CO2 rests on when you load it was loose and slid around inside the mag. I managed to jam it back into place, but the full-auto only fired half the mag. I pushed it in a bit harder with a dowel rod and the second mag fired all the shots, but the full-auto fire continued long past the mag being dry. The box was broken when it came in, so I'm not returning it. Disappointed with the purchase, but maybe I'll get around to fixing it one day.
by Payton R. on 02/05/2020
"While yes this is a great idea in theory, the normal tankard 12g Co2 cartridge runs out before one can empty the magazine of bb’s. The Co2 cartridge runs out with 4-5 bb’s still in the mag. Other than that, it has good construction as long as you be sure to release ALL Co2 from the magazine before opening the Co2 compartment, unless you will end up spending even more money on replacement O-Rings to keep pressurization.
by Ben M. on 02/28/2021
"Terrible mag. The thing leaks most of my air out, and is such a pain to replace the C02. I highly suggest not buying!!!
by Thomas P. on 02/22/2021
"I may have got a lemon. The QC on this mag is concerning. The top valve has to be fully removed and a bur has to be removed so the o ring can sit correctly and not leak. If you have a dremell and have the tool to remove the valve you can fix it. However, buying a mag that leaks out of the box can be frustrating.
by Fabio R. on 11/19/2018
"Horrible their a pain to close without leaking 89% of the time they leaked and just because i thru away the boxes i cant get a refund never buying again anything to do with aps even the gun leaks and the full auto is horrible super inconsistent DONT BUY THESE MAGS people who wore a little vest or any vest at all did not feel the bbs hit them horrible time i had at airsoft the last couple times i went they shouldnt even be selling these WORST MAGS EVER
by Levi M. on 11/17/2018
"I had it les than 48hrs and it didnt work right then when i went to try to use it in a game the top blow off of it and it wouldnt lach right so it would lode the gun with amo less u push up on it