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LCT LC-3 Full Size Steel Airsoft AEG (Color: Black)

9 Customer Reviews

by Gwen K. on 01/10/2021
"I bought this as my first airsoft rifle since I fell in love with it's history as well as the idea of pairing it with an accurate 1990's era German Panzergrenadier kit, and boy did it not disappoint. The externals on this thing are magnificent and I can't tell you how many times I've HK slapped the charging handled (it's incredibly sturdy and also incredibly fun to do!). I've mostly kept mine stock aside from having our team tech take a look inside the gearbox and reshim things as well as a few other adjustments, but apparently according to him the internals are quite good just stock. With that fine tuning I can get accurate shots out to about 160-170 feet on a good day. If you're looking for a great basis for a DMR look no further.

- Incredibly realistic externals (seriously it's still one of my favorite guns to just take out and handle).
- Quite good stock performance (even before tweaking it still shot nicely)(I use .25s and get between 398-402 FPS)
- Cool factor (at my local fields everyone always wants to hold it and or shoot it)
- Great DMR base (I've considered turning it into one farther down the line)

- Heavy (it roughly weighs around ten pounds with a full mag and you will feel that at the end of the day along with carrying around extra mags if you use midcaps)
- Rear drum sight is loose (haven't been able to fix it, going to try and take it apart again)
- Long barrel gets stuck in the dirt if you're not careful (I quite like crouching or going prone and I've had to learn to keep the end of the barrel up to avoid dirt getting in and causing jams)

Overall, if you love the G3 or want a great rifle to build into a DMR, it's worth every penny!
by Michael L. on 12/14/2020
"The G3 has always been one of my favorite rifles IRL so when this one was on sale for $299 I had to scoop it up.

As one would think, this LCT G3 has a fantastic external build. The steel and polymer parts are of extremely high quality and you can do all the HK slaps you want. Externally I added a AIM MLOK hand-guard (real steel) and the LCT buffer tube extension. All of these are easy to add on making it great for custom builds.

Internally the gun looked very good from what I saw. This gun is a hard hitter so for my local outdoor field, I had to downgrade the spring for a Rifleman role. When I was taking the gun apart to install the buffer tube , I noticed a flat head screw in the back of the gearbox once the stock is taken off. So yeah, thats right! A quick change spring! After the swap I got under 400 (1.49 joules), perfect for a rifleman role.

As a player who likes using different platforms, I highly recommend the LCT G3. The gun is just awsome in general and it definitley turns some heads on the field. The range is great, gearbox runs smooth on a 7.4, and its build is fantastic.
by Nick W. on 03/26/2019
"I ordered this using store credit from a big return.

This thing is an absolute beast, and the externals are rock solid. Be careful where you put your hand though, because when I slid my finger along the charging handle path, I got a pretty deep cut from the steel.

The externals, as I said, like all other owners of this rifle can vouch for, are rock solid. Nothing wobbles, and everything has perfect fitment. The trigger wobbled a little bit, maybe ~2mm, but I fixed that with a couple gear shims. Also, the externals we're lubricated perfectly for shipping, and the stock was fit extremely tight on the receiver. The only polymer parts being the pistol grip, hand guard, charging handle end, and stock, were all very strong and sturdy. If you're looking for an extremely sturdy, perfect dmr base like me, this is the perfect option.

Stock Internals:
The internals are nothing "premium", but they're definitely above average for a stock aeg. Nothing really needs to be upgraded and should push 200 foot shots no problem.

Gearbox shell- good build quality and finish, not radiused.

Cylinder head- aluminum with sorbo pad pre-installed (good AOE, but should be corrected,) double o- ring, great air seal.

Cylinder: ribbed and highly polished steel, good volume.

Air nozzle- strong polycarb with good air seal and an o-ring.

Piston- no removed teeth for AOE and will have to personally remove any teeth, full steel teeth, tooth strip is a tight fit in the piston, piston is a very strong and durable polymer.

Piston head- aluminum, steel ball bearing, great air seal and good porting.

Gear set- the gears are actually quite good and are a tough and low friction steel. The sector gear has a steel or aluminum delay chip. Shimming was ok, but you should double check yours. Ratio is probably close to 16:1.

AR latch- again, steel, and with a relatively strong spring.

9mm bearings- the steel bearings are tough and have low friction.

Trigger assembly- the trigger assembly seems high quality and showed no wear after a couple hundred shots.

Wiring- the wiring is 16g and seems to be very efficient.

Motor- the motor is sort of torquey, but it's not going to be pulling an m130 above 12 rps. The pinion gear is a steel D type, and the magnets are pretty strong, long type.

Cut off lever- I don't know the build material, but it's most likely steel as well.

Tappet plate- a strong and pretty flexible polycarb.

Selector plate- a strong polycarb.

Safety latch- a strong polycarb.

Spring- steel, irregular pitch, ~m115- m120.

Spring guide- steel, steel ball bearings.

Hop up- the hop up is very effective, strong and very durable polycarb, loud and audible adjustment clicks.

Hop up bucking- nothing out of the ordinary, good air seal, good bb contact, effective with the stock hop up unit, good material.

Hop up nub- nothing special, good even pressure, good material.

Inner barrel- 515 x 6.02mm, brass, pretty smooth and good trajectory, average size hop up window.

My personal upgrades:

Gearbox shell- stock, I radiused it and sanded down 4 nubs to make room for the Gate Titan's wires.

Cylinder assembly and air nozzle- Guarder M16A2 bore up set. (WILL WORK WITH LC3, BUT AIR NOZZLE IS WRONG LENGTH.)

Piston- Angel Custom Kratos piston with steel teeth, I partially sanded down the 3rd to last tooth.

Gear set- Laylax/ Prometheus High Seed Steel Gearset, I put the stock delay chip on the Prometheus sector gear.
AR latch-

Bushings- FLT 9mm steel bushings, kept original bearings on sector gear.

Trigger assembly- removed for Gate Titan.

Wiring- removed; Gate Titan includes wiring.

Motor- ASG Ulimate Upgrade U-35000 Long Type Motor.

Cut off lever- removed for Gate Titan.

Tappet plate- kept stock.

Selector plate- kept stock, slightly modified for FLT bushings.

Safety latch- removed for Gate Titan.

Spring- kept stock.

Spring guide- kept stock, I put an m4 screw in the spring guide with a washer on the gearbox to keep the spring guide steady.

Hop up- Prometheus Wide Use Rotary Hop Up, I had to modify it slightly by dremeling down the outer barrel guide arms to about 19mm long (from the back to the front.)

Hop up bucking- Modify Flathop Bucking

Hop up nub- Modify Flathop Nub

Inner barrel- Prometheus 509 x 6.03mm Stainless Steel Inner Barrel with Flathop Installed by Umbrella Armory.

Mosfet- Gate Titan, fit pretty easily in gearbox.

Sorbo pad- 1/32" 70d Neopad.
by Chris S. on 10/16/2018
"Got this gun two days ago and it's one of the most sturdy airsoft guns I've ever acquired. LCT is one of the best quality Airsoft company's out there. If you are looking for a sturdy, well manufactured and unique airsoft gun, look no further than the LCT LC-3!
by Jarold D. on 03/12/2018
"Love it drop in a nano aab mosfet and 11.1 lipo and this tho g is a beast love it wanted one just like my real g3 and lct was about to release this one and I'm glad I waited this thing thank you lct and evike for giving me what I wanted
by Dennis H. on 11/17/2017
"Got mine through another retailer overseas, as I had no hope if it being release in the states. But, oh well, here we go... thanks EVIKE haha. Best airsoft G3 out there for sure. Absolutely build like the real thing, just as heavy as the real thing.

Spare mags are a bit of an issue, but LCT does produce migcaps. Last I checked they were all out tho. I can only recommend this rifle, especially for the price Evike is selling it for. Again, absolutely amazing.
by David M. on 11/13/2017
"For sure this is the best G3 out there, full steel, lipo 11.1 ready, insane rate of fire (22 per sec) shots way to hot (450 FPS .20) the only con is, it's way to heavy like the real thing and there is no spare mags.
by Andrew P. on 04/04/2021
"Only gave it 4 stars for the mags being proprietary.
The range on this thing is ridiculous. I used .32 bbs and I was hitting dudes 100 yards away. I love this thing. I would even suggest 36 bbs honestly. I will say this thing is HEAVY but it was fairly easy to get used to as the day went on. The issue with the mags is that they were double feeding. The way to remedy this is when you change mags, fire one time without a mag in it and it should get rid of that 1 extra bb. I might throw some 30's in this things and make it my primary.
by James L. T. on 01/02/2020
"Two stars only because, so-far, a simple RMA process from Evike. Gun looks and feels great. Really wanted to like it, but got and open box that looked like the gun was used. No mag. The "spare" Matrix mags as recommended from Evike do not lock in.