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ICS BLE-XAE Ambidextrous Duty Size GBB Airsoft Pistol (Color: Black)

12 Customer Reviews

by Luke G. on 01/13/2021
"Great pistol. Have had for about half a year now and havent had to repair anything.

Can get about 2.5 mags full of bbs out of one gas fill
Looks great
Somewhat hard kicking
threaded barrel

Your ejection port gets all scratched up from cycling (but ill pretty sure this happens with almost all pistols
If i were to break anything, the parts might be hard to find because it is not a super common pistol
by Matthew B. on 06/25/2018
"I love this pistol! I bought it three days before an event, on evike's next day air. I done some practice shooting with it and I loved it! At the event I got more kills with this pistol than my DMR!

Pros: Looks nice, accurate, and has a decent amount of FPS!

Cons: Gas consumption is terrible, 1 full mag and maybe a half and you're out of gas. So buy more mags for it!
by alexander l. on 03/01/2018
"This is a great gun works better then a lot of the other high price pistols at the course I play at ppl keep asking were to get 1 can't wait to see what ICS come up with next.
by michael l. on 02/07/2018
"I bought this for my best friends birthday. He has played airsoft for a while but never bought a gun for himself and i was always having to lend him one, so i bought him this. I have shot the gun plenty of times to realize that this gun only being 99$ is well underestimated. this thing is incredibly good at being reliable, accurate (to a point like most pistols), and very responsive. I never really was convinced that ics was a great company of airsoft but I was blown away at the quality of this pistol. I even want one for myself now!

Only downfall is that the mag doesn't always lock back when you run out of ammo.
by Camden P. on 11/27/2017
"Love the gun good for intermediate
by Brian Lee G. on 11/17/2017
by Blair G. on 06/25/2017
"I've had this pistol for about a month. I received it through the evike 70 dollar mystery box. In very impressed the pistol functions to it full capacity. Multiple squad members have used and appreciate the accuracy and trigger response I can't say enough positive thing about this pistol.
Very realistic
Nice blowback
Fits comfortably in my hands
And my squad says the same thanks
by Dylan L. on 05/21/2017
"This gun is easily one of the best sub100 gbb's you can get. The mags are a bit high on price but the gun is overall great. One filling of green gas typically gets 2-3 full magazines and the mags are 24 rounds each. Very good gun and very durable too.
by Luke G. on 11/26/2020
"Ive had this gun since june 2020 (about 6 months) and it still works great.
-Great gas consumption
-Looks cool
-Fits in a glock holster, which I have a few of

-If your holster is too tight, it will scratch the slide (which happens on most pistols)
-Some replacement parts are hard to find
by Mike B. on 01/03/2019
"It as a great pistol relative to its price. As long as your expectations are tempered going in (you're not buying an EF Glock or TM) you'll be happy. I bought this for my son an it's held up to pretty heavy use from a 10 yo for 5+ months.

For those of you experiencing leaky mags you can easily fix it with a $10 valve tool and ever so slightly tightening the valve. Please don't use screwdrivers or anything else to do this.


* good performance relative to price


* as others have noted gas consumption is pretty bad
by Prentice H. on 10/10/2017
"I got this gun a while ago and only just fielded it for the first time the day before I wrote this. The GUN feels really good. It fits my hand almost perfectly (with the larger grip panel), the trigger feels smooth, and it is really easy to aim (a little adjustment is needed for me but not nearly as much as others).
Shooting the gun is fun. The trigger response is snappy, the kick feels good, and the weight is perfect for the size of the gun. Speaking on the weight leads to the materials. The gun feels well made. There is no real wobble or play in the parts that come from loose tolerances or cheap manufacturing.

Now for a problem. As I have pointed out the GUN is great, but the MAGAZINE isn't.
The high capacity of the magazine is a major plus and the mag is well built. I'll admit it can be a bit annoying to get at the fill valve but that is just me being unfamiliar with the mag.
My problem is with the gas efficiency, or rather the lack-there-of. I filled the thing upwards of two dozen times over the course of a five hour session, not because i used the gun that much, but because I needed to constantly refill the mag just to shoot it. Every time I'd fill the mag, I'd half (or not even that) way through the mag before running out of gas.
Reading other reviews, I am saddened that I didn't get the excellent efficiency that others seemed to get. There is a good chance that I got a lemon or was using bad gas (the can is damn near a year old after all).

GREAT gun. good weight, performance, feel, and construction quality

disappointing MAGAZINE. (good chance I got a lemon or had dead gas)
by Susan O. on 07/25/2017
"I've had this gun for about a month and i must say for my first green gas pistol amazing build quality. It functioned really well until the magazine went bad. It won't hold gas anymore so I guess I just have to buy a new magazine however I heard rumors of co2 mags for this gun will come so maybe I'll wait. But other than the crappy mag awesome gun (just buy another mag) oh and $30 is a bit expensive for an extra.