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Elite Force Legends Smoke Wagon CO2 Powered Revolver (Color: Nickel)

13 Customer Reviews

by Dan V. on 05/17/2022
"Noticed a review about the hammer and gave this gun a 1 star. Not cool dude, it's likely human error. Check the safety, likely you put it on. Anyway, I have 2 of these with shot shells. Revolvers are underrated. I have a fully custom hi capa and this hand cannon is very well made. It's a tank and reliable, however with well made shot shells. This gun turns into a shotgun pistol that can be fan fired spraying bb hell.
by Aziel O. on 06/07/2021
"I get more compliments than I can count whenever I go to my local field with this thing in my leather holster and since this thing is a $125 fidget spinner (in a good way) you will quickly learn very impressive looking tricks and you will soon develop your own gunslinging style but I believe you should buy the Gambler version as the shorter barrel means quicker draw time and it comes with 12 shells making the price increase worth it and the design is just sick
by Christopher H. on 11/08/2019
"Awesome!! I love this gun. Going to order another and have a quick draw competition with my buddies. Wish the grips were real wood but other than that this thing feels like a real revolver. It’s as fun to fidget with as it is to shoot! Try putting it down!!!! You’ll find yourself cocking and un-cocking it constantly for the satisfying sound. Shooting from the hip is blast. Five stars from me (granted it doesn’t break anytime soon lol).
by paul f. on 10/15/2019
"This is a very high-quality gun, and I'm glad to have purchased it. It looks and feels amazing, and shockingly enough, the 6 shots per reload isn't as bad as it seems so long as you carry spare bb's around with you - the shells load from the back, so you can just half-cock the hammer and rotate the cylinder to place a bb in the rear-end of each shell. The sights are a little dated, as to reflect the time period more accurately, but the sight picture is still very clear and easy to use.

- Weight feels *very* good in the hand
- Accurate up to about 100 ft, not a sniper but definitely a good handgun
- Shoots hard and fast straight out of the box
- Only 6 shells are required, as they are rear-loading, and the gun comes with all 6
- If you're feeling fancy and want more shells anyway, they're pretty cheap ($10 for 6), and I saw some dude 3D print them, so if you look hard enough you can probably find the model
- Weighted in the cylinder, so spinning is easy and feels great
- Perfectly captures the white puff of smoke (CO2 in this case) when fired (not enough to waste much, just enough to see), giving it a more unique look and feel

- If dropped, the grip panel may pop off, and then you have to go find it
- Dirt and grime may get stuck in the mechanism holding the cylinder in place if you manage to drop it into a pile of dirt like I did. Not a serious issue, just a minor inconvenience to clean
by james b. on 01/24/2018
"I did not buy this gun from evike. But it is amazing and I love it. It has a break in period then the accuracy gets a lot better. It does have a fixed hop up and the best bb to use is 25s. Would definitely recommend this for a fun gun. Or as a back up to your back up.
by Stephen B. on 12/05/2017
"Love the gun, got it after cancelling a different order that went out of stock, and it totally makes up for it.

-Heavy gun, at least compared to other pistols.
-Good gas efficiency, can squeeze out a lot of shots before changing canisters.
-Satisfying cocking sound.
-Easy to reload without extra shells.

-Still slow to reload.
-Single action.
-Not really a competitive gun.

If you want this gun, buy it. If you're concerned about how it would handle in a regular skirmish, you're better off with a regular pistol.
by Dan S. on 09/15/2017
"I didn't get mine off Evike, but here is my experience with the Smoke Wagon.The fps is over 400... on the first shot, it calms down to around 320-340 after that and stays consistent until the co2 starts to run low. It's perfect for any field. Being a revolver, it has no hopup, so keep that in mind if you plan on using heavier BBs. For anyone asking about extra shells for this, you don't need them unless the shell itself breaks or the rubber inside disappears. All you need is pocket to put loose BBs in and that is all you need to reload, open the loading gate and shove them into the back of the shells. My first 5 eliminations with it were all headshots.
Pros: Single action bad*ssery
Authentic style reload
You CAN fan the hammer (McCree-ing intensifies)
Allen key in grip to lock in co2 cartidge
Balanced for spinning (If that's your thing (It's mine))
Co2 lasts quite a while (one 12g is all I need for one night of games and then some)

Cons: Six shots only
No hopup (think paintball, then shoot)
Lots of BB deviation, Heavier BBs drop faster but are more consistent
Will fire even if hammer is in safety position if trigger is pulled hard enough (Full safety works fine in front of trigger guard)
by Matthew M. on 06/28/2017
"I love this gun, it goes great with my western loadout. The shells are rear loading which means I never have to remove the shells. Now the range isn't far, so I mainly use it for corners or tight spaces. Single action for that cowboy feel and my western holster for showdowns at high noon will make you spout all those one liners. My favorite " I'm your huckleberry... say when."
by Sean R. on 06/23/2021

Other than that large issue that elite force/umarex seem to ignore, the gun is great and works well for practicing quick draw. I have one of these and a wildcard at the moment and they are working better than any of my past smoke wagons did in terms of durability.

These review would be a 2/5 if I wasn't having such good luck with these two I currently have. If Elite force would simply put out a rebuild kit for these like the 1911 and Glock, I would have given this gun a full 5/5.

The gun is great, and its internals are solid except for that stupid plastic hammer spring. Every other spring inside the gun is metal. Why do this Elite force/Umarex? Its disappointing. So much so that I would have to say the new king arms SAAs are better built, and those guns are worse in almost every other way.

by Samuel E. on 01/24/2020

I agree with what most of the other reviews have said.

-Don't NEED extra shells
-Accurate with decent range
-Allen wrench in the removable grip (super convenient)
-Very Realistic (weight, feel, features)

-The sights are really small which may be inconvenient or awkward for some
-Had a 20 ft minimum engagement distance (MED) so it was annoying to have this as my secondary since I didn't have a gun with a 0 ft MED
-Mine has a weird problem but it was fine up until the problem started (description of problem at the bottom)
-There isn't a lot of internals information about this pistol online but you can use other single action revolvers for reference and they're pretty much the same (at least so far for me).

-I've seen some people say you can (so I tried it). I mean it worked for the first 3-4 shots and then it would be weaker for the last few BUT I watched a disassembly video for a similar revolver (I think also made by Umarex) and the commentator said fanning it will most likely lead to problems with the hammer spring (as in warp or break it). He said the lower part of the spring is too short to support the kind of tension fanning would put on the hammer spring. When I got to my hammer spring, it wasn't broken but it could've possibly been warped. (I say possibly because I don't do a lot of modding or messing with internal stuff unless I have to so I don't know if I could tell if it was warped or not)

This is pretty long so I moved it to the bottom. I have had a weird problem with mine where the gun won't shoot at all. I'll cock the hammer back, pull the trigger, the hammer will fly forward like normal, but then nothing will happen (and yes the CO2 is in lol). Sometimes it will shoot fine for awhile and then stop working so I have to take out the CO2 while it's really full. But other times it won't shoot as soon as I engage the CO2 cartridge. It may have been something with the trigger or hammer spring but I'm not sure. I just now took out the springs and put them back in and the hammer seems to have a faster reaction time but I haven't shot it yet so I don't know if that was the problem. A guy at the last game I played at said he didn't think my hammer was going all the way back but it still felt like it did so I don't know. I'm just tired of wasting CO2 and not being able to use this in a game.
by Roy P. on 04/03/2017
"Weight and feel of the pistol is nice . The action when cocking it is a little stiff compared to the Colt .177's I have . Accuracy depends on what you shoot through it . I used Billes Colorantes 6 mm paint balls , they are meant for AEG's . They work fairly well in the pistols though , got 2 . If ammo is as far in the shell as you can get it by hand , the gun shoots pretty accurate . Paper plate size at about 50 ft.
by Roy A. on 11/16/2021
"This guns side panels fall of easily the co2 valve breaks so you can’t fire and you waste a ton of it. One good thing is that the thing has really good gas conservation so you can get about 100-120 shots all around it isn’t a good gun for a battle but a really good show gun
by Christopher H. on 11/11/2019
"I can’t believe it. I just left a good review and now the hammer will not cock back. It was rough and catchy for a bit but it’s pretty much locked up now. I’m sure evike will make it right ,but I’m not sure if I even want to bother with it. I love evike and its not their fault but this is what truly frustrates me about Airsoft. I love this pistol and I’d pay a thousand dollars if someone can make one that is reliable for years not days. Can it be done? I hope so. I was about to order one of these for every one on my Christmas list. I’m so sad lol. I may have got a lemon but I doubt it. I’m hard on my toys and I cocked it five hundred to a thousand times quick drawing lol. Like other Airsoft guns they just wear out quickly. Especially c02 models it seems. At least I have my Krytac. Oh well. Truly fun while it lasted which was 5 days.