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Novritsch Precision Sniper Standard 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: .46g / 555 Rounds / Bio)

36 Customer Reviews

by Vera M. on 04/06/2021
"Flawless, but expensive...
by Dustin M. on 06/19/2020
"I've tried alot of bbs and wasted alot if money on bad bbs and or expensive bbs for sniping. I personally feel these are better then HPA and BLS bbs in my personal opinion. I've used the .46 with my ssg24 and my ssg10 a1. Both with m160 spring installed and it's just amazing. You really cant beat it. One bottle got me through let's say about 4 games of airsoft. Though they were all milsims and I was carrying 3x mags and one more in the gun, each mag holds about 24 ish bbs. So despite the limited amount in a bottle you really don't go through alot. If you do in one or two games then you really need to learn how to snip or re think how you sight in your gun. Just saying. I feel its definitely worth the price. You can't get everything you want in life so the balance of quality and pricing is pretty good in my opinion. So really if you snip with an ssg or an ares amoeba or even an srs get these bbs really don't go anywhere else. Its definitely got my approval!!!!
by Joanne S. on 11/25/2019
"Bought these for my Amoeba striker and they work absolutely fabulous. Makes my rifle very consistent.
by Andrew V. on 11/05/2019
"BBs are really good. I strongly recommend these BBs for highly modified airsoft guns. If you are running stock internals just go for bioshot BBs. You get a lot more for a better price.

Played at SC Village this past weekend. I used the .30g bbs in a BAR 10 with EDGI 6.01 inner barrel, action army internals, maple leaf autobot 70 deg bucking, and a homemade nub made from an eraser. With a .20 bb my BAR 10 shoots just under 450 FPS consistently. With a properly hopped bb and a zero’d sight I was able to score kills across an entire playing field on viper and supply depot within 2-3 shots. No jams, no stray shots, and just the right amount of bbs for a game with a sniper.

Store the BBs in a bigger container with desiccant packets to prolong its shelf life.
by Joshua K. on 07/16/2019
"Buy them now! I know that’s a terrible lead off but it’s true. I’m the kinda guy that buys expensive bullets for my real steel guns just to get that edge on accuracy compared to cheaper bullets. Nothing changes here with bbs. If you want the Best, buy these. I use matrix just since they’re cheaper and the only ones readily available in the “invisible” black/grey color for me plus I like them. The matrix just don’t fly like these. These bbs are plain and simple superior. When I first used these I was dumbfounded because I saw it up until about 85 yards away and it’s flight path was just straight up straight down right along the vertical sight picture. I’ve easily shot 4000 of these out of an upgraded well mbo3 and lemme tell ya it scares my buddies. I can of course attribute a good portion of accuracy to the gun and upgrades but when it comes to being the best these do that. They also come in this perfect little bottle for speed loaders and they darn near feel like ceramic bbs when you first feel them because of the glass like polish. I highly recommend these bbs and no I’m not sponsored by novritsch to sell his product I just believe they deserve a 5 star review. They definitely are expensive but if you’re the person that doesn’t care about cost as much as quality look no further. I’ll definitely be continuing to buy these bbs just because I want the best and they are just that. The best
by James A. on 06/30/2019
"If you are gonna snipe look no further than these bbs. If you can hop them they fly laser straight. They also feed very well from my vsr clone magazines unlike the Matrix bbs that always double fed.
by Jose H. on 05/30/2019
"Beautifully polished bbs, authentic and come in outstanding packaging! These do indeed state "Bio" on them, just in case anyone is wondering! 10/10, no cons whatsoever!
I personally use them on an upgraded Well MB01 L96.
by Andre C. on 05/07/2019
"Hello there!

I just imported these bad boys to Brazil and I have to say: I can tell the difference between Nov BBs and some other good brands. I am comparing Bio Attack, Spartan, and others and the result is clear.


- My shots are more consistent;
- No more straying to left or right;
- Much more chrono consistency (meaning they do not vary weight much);
- The tony bottles are lovely;
- The BBs came very well protected encased in styrofoam.


- Really just the price.

Now I just need to buy the SSG24...
by Zander D. on 08/02/2018
"Okay I'll go ahead and say that I'm not really a ethical sniper as I use a LMG with a Sniper scope to be particular I used the A&K Full Metal M249 until sadly it broke when I took a fall but the entire time I used the bbs in the gun I never had any feed problems or anything they even work in my little compact smg pistol so they can get a little extra range and overall they are some of the best bbs I've ever used and will continue to use once I get a replacement main gun most likely a L1A1 battle rifle so

Very accurate
Polished well
No dents or scratches of the like in the bbs
very clear to see when firing

not really many other only being 555 rounds in a container

Would love to see them come out with a bigger container maybe around about 3-4 thousand bbs
by Joshua W. on 03/11/2018
"I have a SSG-24 and the .46 work amazing in this gun. They are super polished and bright white so they're easy to track in your scope. Super consistent so your shots are almost always in the same spot every time. I will definitely buy more once I run out. Best sniper BBs on the market.
by Joshua W. on 03/11/2018
"There is nothing else to say about these BBs other than they are the best. They are super white and easy to see when sniping. I was able to watch a very long range shot hit someone in the face. So easy to track. They are super polished and smooth. And the consistency of your shots is amazing. Which is what you want if you're sniping. They are a little pricey but if you're sniping you really don't use a ton of ammo anyway. So they are definitely worth the buy.
by Theodore R. on 01/19/2018
"Wow 350 feet is no longer a problem with these .46g bbs
by Theodore R. on 10/22/2017
"Perfect shots every time, with my TM vsr-10 I can hit a body shot up to 400ft with ease.
by Spencer C. on 09/20/2017
"Very nice BBs. They are bio if you don't believe me smell the can lol. Shoots straight and highly visible. I run em thru my ssg of course and I am hitting playing cards at over 100 FT
by JT S. on 07/25/2017
"I have to say it's Novritsch so there going to be great, they shot perfectly in my sniper and I have to say the price is actually pretty good for how amazing the bbs are