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FN Herstal Licensed SCAR-L Full Size Entry Level Airsoft AEG Rifle by Cybergun (Color: Black)

5 Customer Reviews

by Camden G. on 04/13/2019
"Works well with my polarstar Fusion. Would recommend for CQB! All the players at my field are very jealous.
by John R. on 12/25/2018
by Dan J. on 12/05/2018
"Since it wasn't super clear in description: electric has a extra little scope thing on top to pour bbs into. The clip is the battery. Since you are probably beginners like me and my 13 yr old, the battery lasts as long as you do. Electric has full auto, which fires about as fast as an 8 count in music or semi auto. Most of the time we just have in full auto and pull the trigger either fast once or hold down.

It is not fair to rate this $50 gun in comparison to whatever a real air soft gun is. This gun is perfect for a dad and son to start shooting each other in the yard. In fact, we took back a $100 gun we got at sports store, because it was garbage compared to this one and bought another of these.

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by Jeffrey P. on 12/02/2018
"Last year Santa brought my son his first Airsoft guns, a rifle and a couple of inexpensive pistols. He liked them and they worked well enough and were pretty accurate and functioned well. He had a few 'battles' with friends and all was good. He mentioned a couple of friends had automatic rifles, which I had seen for sale at a substantially higher price than the $30 I had invested. The few I bought were all manual, think of a bolt action with a magazine feeder. So it probably took him 3-4 seconds between shots and required both hands.
This year he asked me for another Airsoft gun. I saw this one on Amazon that appeared not to require manual cocking for each shot fired. It arrived and he we played with it Christmas morning, starting with a good charge of the battery. This is a great gun. Now that I know he likes these and will continue to use them, this was a great investment. It can fire about one round every 1-2 seconds if you hold the trigger down (automatic) and it appears to be pretty accurate. You can see the bb deviate about a foot at a 30-40 foot range, which I don't think is bad for these. The rifle also looks awesome and the swinging stock, while a gimmick at this level, is still really neat and just something to show-off. At $42 I'm very happy with this purchase and so is my son.
It probably holds 50-75 bbs and the "magazine" is the battery so if it were to go bad, it should be pretty easy to replace. I hope it proves to be durable.
by Nancy M. on 12/01/2018
"Got the electric black version. It came with the charger. It's really cool looking. You can't take the "accessories" off the rail. It has jammed up since day one, but shaking it works for a minute or so, until you have to shake it again. Not a big deal. Shoots very accurate and it's pretty powerful. Shoots holes thru an RC car body like butter when chasing it around. A family member said it was nicer than his $100 gun! Even though it jams I rated it a 5 because you can't get anything better for the price