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Condor MOLLE Style Water Hydration Carrier (Color: Coyote)

44 Customer Reviews

by Bradley M. on 02/05/2020
"I really like this product a lot. It perfectly fits my 62/3000 air tank with a lot of extra room. It takes about 8 lines of molle for a perfectly tight fit BUT my chest rig only has about 6 lines so It drops off the bottom of my chest rig a little. It comes with straps to turn into a backpack too. I put some lancer tactical pouches on the pack too, an admin and a medical. The pouch comes with a sealed hydration sack too and it holds A LOT!
by Jordan W. on 08/12/2018
"Got shot in the pack 2 ft. Away and no damage was done to the pack. And for the price it is excelent for everything you need and its very compact. Highly reccomend
by Max U. on 01/25/2015
"Ive had this pack for a little over four months now and am convinced it was worth the money i paid.
The only problem Ive had is the mouth piece for the bladder became a bit leaky after a while, but that has nothing to do with the pack and is a cheap fix. The pack is highly durable and perfect for action sports.
by Tim G. on 01/25/2015
"This is compact. If you wear it with a chest rig it looks like the back of a vest, and it looks GREAT. It is excellent for snipers.

I actually fell on it twice, and nothing happened. The bladder included is great and the rubbery taste goes away in two uses. It was shot by a 400 FPS G3 but the pack shielded it from the piercing power.
by Alex H. on 01/25/2015
"This hydration pack is pretty neat and very handy out in the field
I've havent had any problems with it leaking and the first time drinking
out of it tasted a bit nasty but give it a short while and it goes away... it
fits nice and snug even when wearing a vest.
by Ronald M. on 01/25/2015
"I was surprised at how high the quality is for the price. I highly suggest you grab this one if you only have a chest rig.
by James K. on 01/25/2015
"This straps to a MOLLE, most crossdraw vests (which like everyone seem to use). They aren't too hard to attach, any type of strap will do. It has molle attachment to the back of this pack.
by Jacob F. on 01/18/2015
"Got this labor day 2014 with my loadout. everything works GREAT. the backpack straps come off easily attach to a plate carrier, and can go back on quickly. the bladder is pretty nifty. i left some water in there for a few months (bleh) but the liner was perfectly fine with no smell or moldy feel. would recomend, except all my friends already own this.
by Benjamin C. on 03/11/2014
- if using molle straps then its is very sturdy with minimal movement
-Carries alot of water
-durable water piping.
-Great mouth nozzle
-very simple

- the water bladder seems too small for the size of the pouch and has about 2 inches of movement even when filled up.
- water pipe is really long (is this even a con?)
by Ryan R. on 01/07/2014
"Great carrier/hydration pack. Fits greats on my Condor MOPC. it has enough room for bladder and a few other things. If you wanna run this by itself it has a rig to run it as a backpack thats removable. 10/10
by Ferious J. on 05/11/2013
"Great quality and plenty of room even when mounted to molle vest and full bladder. I'm not sure if the bite valve has a hole or not mine dident look like it so I poked it with a knife to make one and it split perfectly but not same direction as knife so just bite on it see if its cut already. Also another reviewer said he had a snap in hose to the bladder but my hose screws into my bladder so maybe older models snap in. Great buy and great quality as almost always from Condor
by n8 v. on 12/28/2012
"this hydration carrier is awesome. it fits perfectly on my load bearing vest. it keeps you hydrated and it looks cool. the only minor con is that the water kinda tastes like rubber, but i can live with it. water is water
by debra h. on 11/05/2011
"i love it its great for any one who plays the water taste bad (not that big of a deal)
this is a must 4.5/5
by Joshua I. on 09/28/2011
"for anyone who plays airsoft! this is a must!! we've all been out there on a hot day in the middle of a game wanting nothing more than an ice cold drink to quench your thirst! this puppy keeps all your drinks ice cold for hours even in the sun/on your back.. i noticed my game improved drastically when i wasnt worrying how thirsty i was.
by trevor p. on 07/16/2011
"excelent camel back the molle grips my vest and dosen't shake. The water pouch itself is sturdy and won't brake.The nozzle is tight and won't drip all over you're gear