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ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Airsoft AEG (Model: BET Carbine)

5 Customer Reviews

by Blake R. on 08/11/2018
"This gun is completely worth the price, built like a tank with no loose parts or wiggle. Don't let the word "tank" mislead you though because this gun is so light and easy to move around with. It also has the capability to shoot a considerable distance which I found out can come in very handy even in cqb areas. The only cons I have are that the battery compartment is very very small which is a complaint that I garuntee you'll hear in any review video. The only other con there is, is that it isn't very easy nor fun to try and attach rails to the side or bottom of the handgaurd, I don't know if that's just because I have big hands though. Besides the fact that I just listed two pretty bigs cons in my option this gun is so amazing that just couldn't give it a 4 star.
by Melissa O. on 04/10/2018
"yeahhhhhh. I guess its pretty good.
by Jonathan C. on 02/12/2018
by Mostafa F. on 09/15/2020
"Well I love the gun. Compared to other guns I have bought in this price range this is by far the best. Accurate, fantastic trigger, great hop, decent RPS, and a nice polymer body. Mid caps suck on it. 75 rounds is nothing for how this gun shoots. Battery space is trash for a carbine. The EVO smg battery I bought made specifically to fit this gun is so tight that I cannot pull the charging handle back without it getting stuck and scraping the Lipo which is NOT ideal.
by Vadim P. on 01/28/2020
"As usual, ASG managed to screw up another great design by CZ.  

Design: the access to battery compartment is EXTREMELY inconvinient: new buyers be aware you have to :

1. Unscrew the silencer
2. remove or slide forward the handguard
3. pay attention not to loose the bolt and the spring (and pay attention to the order where they fit as the manual does not have any pictures)
4. somehow fit in your battery and all the wires into the tiny space
5. reassemble the whole thing.  
Idiotic is a polite way to put it.

Fit and finish are underwhelming: metal parts are not anodized but spray painted (not a bad as some of the cheaper brands but still) so bolt does not slide easily, the threads for the silencer are rough and dry (remember you have to remove/reinstall every time you need to access the battery)
the front sling attachment is too tiny to fit any of the quick release slings; 
the "ambidextrous" firing selector implementation is flawed, way too loose, and can be easily pushed to safety with your index finger/knuckles (especially when wearing gloves) resulting in you being shot as the gun is on safe.

air seal is great, shoots very consistently;
inner barrel is OK, may be a step above the mass market junk but not too consistent (bbs flying within 2-6 ft diameter at 50 ft. definitely needs replacement with something like the maple leaf.  

Bottom line what was a great promise ended up being a major disappointment. Do yourself a favor, buy a Krytac for less and get a better perform weapon.