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A&K Full Size M1 Garand Airsoft AEG with Real Wood Furniture

15 Customer Reviews

by Dalton P. on 09/18/2020
"This gun is a beautiful and well built replica not PERFECT but it does the job very well and shoots and performs very nicely
by Dalton P. on 09/17/2020
"This gun is amazing ! Very sturdy and beautiful finish and nice performance! My first A&K product and I can say they did a good job
by Jacob M. on 05/03/2020
"This is an amazing gun, real wood, real metal, nice weight, one other thing is that the fire selector switch will sometimes get stuck in between semi and auto, just make sure that doesn't happen
by Jacob R. on 10/22/2019
"Beautiful construction, nice weight, sturdy moving parts, and came out of the box shooting 400-410 with .20s. Hop up is easily accessible and once adjusted, the rifle is very accurate. The mag release is so low-profile it took me a minute to find it. The only problem with the rifle is actually with the magazines, but they're sturdy enough. I'm also not sure if I'd be able to put a scope on it was the M84 scope mount may block the mag release, but that's something I plan on looking into as this rifle definitely has the accuracy for it.
by Samuel V. on 05/22/2019
"I really love the way this thing feels. It shoots really well and is accurate. It’s a little heavy as it’s made from real wood and metal, but I like that as it feels like the real deal. The grip is a little more contoured than it would be historically, but to me it feels more comfortable and you can’t even see the extra contouring because your hand is in the way.

My only complaint is mine came with a faulty fuse for some reason. Not really a big issue, a 5 pack is like $4 from your local auto parts store, so a cheap fix and now I have extras. Didn’t affect the rest of the gun at all.

It had an semi/full auto selector switch which is not advertised in the product details, but for me is a welcome addition to make it that much more versatile.

You can get extra magazines for this weapon that are advertised as 42 rounds but are actually just exactly the same as the 22 round magazine that comes with the stock weapon.

All in all it’s very good and I would definitely recommend it.
by Sheri N. on 03/05/2019
"Having used this for approximately two years now, I can say that this is a good gun to get. The only problem I've found is that the magazine catch needed some file work done to it so that it will work properly. Other than that, it hasn't given me any trouble
by Carl David W. on 10/07/2017
"A really great gun with a great weight and feel to it. When I got mine however, the charging handle was a bit loose and only got worse with time. I couldn't fix it at first because this disassembles differently from the G&G and ICS models and it is a bit hard to do at first. After I tightened down the screw that held the charging handle, it has remained stable and has not loosened since. The only complaint I have about it now is that it only ever goes back far enough to reveal the hop-up dial.

I really suck when it comes to gearboxes, so it pleases me that A&K incorporated their quick-change system for the spring allowing me to switch out the M120 spring that came stock for an M100 spring to suit FPS limits at fields in my area, without the need of disassembling the gearbox, reshimming, etc.. All you will need is a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the gearbox from the upper receiver, a flat-head screwdriver, and an Allen key.

The only real complaint I have about this gun that would affect gameplay is that the magazine does not stay in the mag well and does not feed very well. The magazine catch does not do a great job at latching onto the very small notch on the magazine it's supposed to and I've come to the conclusion that something might have to be sanded down. Also, every couple of shots it seems I have to push the magazine forward a bit to get it to feed BBs. Not as debilitating as having it drop out on you, but it does make it a bit awkward to hold when constantly holding that magazine forward. If a short guy like me (5'7") is complaining about something like that, that has to be saying something, right?

There is a full auto feature on this gun, which as you might guess, was not present on standard-issue M1s during WW2 and Korea. This is easily disabled though by removing a small and unnecessary piece in the trigger grouping.

Other than that there isn't much else to say. The real wood stock is really nice, as is the full metal construction. The grip does look strange due to how profound it is in comparison to the rest of the stock but makes up for this by being really comfortable to hold.

Its accuracy isn't bad either as expected from A&Ks background with sniper platforms.

Overall it's a really great piece of kit and an affordable option for anybody wanting to do a WW2 US infantry impression but doesn't have quite enough money to get the G&G. Just know that like the G&G, you'll be limited to using a bandolier, ammo bag, or M1 Rigger pouch to hold the magazines because, though they are smaller than G&G/ICS mags, they still do not fit in the M1923 Cartridge belts.

I feel that a 4-star is too low a rating to give this, but it still isn't quite worthy of a 5-star. I would give it a 4.5, but I'm rounding it up to a 5 for this review.
by Jessica T. on 08/14/2017
"It's a beautiful gun. I'm very satisfied with the look and the size of it.
by John R. on 07/30/2017
"I am kind of an M1 Garand enthusiast as I have owned the Marushin gas blow back, a 2ndBat M14 conversion and an ICS AEG. I have not owned a GnG Garand although I have handled and fired them. The A & K is about 100 less and offers spare magazines that are far less expensive to buy. Appearance wise the GnG is the most correct. Had there been reasonable priced and available clips I probably would purchase it as well. One complaint on the GnG is how awkwardly it reloads. Since all 3 of the AEG Garands have right around 30 round clips, fast reloads is a skirmishing consideration. The ICs is somewhat off in shape ( a bit more bulbous through the stock and with significantly oversized sling hardware. The A & K conversely is a bit too thin through the stock and as mentioned overly rounded through the stock neck grip area. (No doubt to facilitate the AEG motor). The A & K and ICS shoot .20 gram BBs at around 420 fps so pleanty of power. The A &K has a selector switch for full auto (weird for a Garand which was semi auto only. The wood is a bit nicer on the ICS. The 2ndBat is a conversion that combines a CYMA M14 and real Garand furniture and gas assembly. The ICS gas assembly is stubbier and thicker than a real Garand hence a bayonet won't fit as it does on the other 3 replicas. The magazines with the A &K feed (both loading and unloading) seamlessly which makes it the best skirmisher. The wiring in the A & K seems a bit flimsy compared to the other 3 so care what I'll be taken when changing batteries.

There are upsides to each of these replicas which are all unique designs. I have been thrilled with all of them. The price point for the A & K gives it something of an edge (especially with the 10.00 spare clips although the G n G comes with two clips.

I will do what I can to cosmetically improve the stock shape on the A & K and refinish the stain. Assuming it proves as robust as the ICS which I have easily put 10,000 rounds through it will become my favorite. One curious aspect of the A & K is it came with no owners manual. Since I now have a Thompson a Grease gun, a S & T Springer M1903 Springfield, a BAR and a nice group of German WW2 guns all I need now is a well done M1 carbine AEG. The hokey WELL carbine being too weak a shooter and too far off in appearance to be acceptable.

So thrilled to see WW2 rifles and sub machine guns being replicated.
by Bryn B. on 04/04/2017
"I am very pleased with the A&K Garand! It probably won't see much use in airsoft matches, but it performed well in the limited shooting tests I did with it when it arrived yesterday.

The aesthetics of this rifle are great! There are a couple of relatively minor deviations from an authentic Garand (e.g., the magazine baseplate is not flush with the the stock and the grip is more contoured/defined than it is on a real Garand), but neither take much away from the rifle's overall appearance.

Other points to note regarding the rifle's "authenticity": I really appreciate that the safety works like it does on a real Garand; that the rear sight elevation/windage adjustments look and function like they should; that what would be the bolt release on a real rifle is used as the magazine release on the airsoft version; and that the compartment in the buttstock where the cleaning kit would go on a real rifle is used as the battery compartment.

The wood stock looks really nice. I'm sure it will get dinged up pretty quick (which tends to happen to the wood furniture on most inexpensive airsoft guns), but that's to be expected and gives the gun character.

The only thing that really sticks out and takes away from the gun's authenticity is that the operating rod can only be pulled back far enough to access the hop-up unit (about one-third of the distance it would travel on a real Garand) and does not lock back. This is my only real criticism of the rifle, but I knew about it before I made the purchase, and it's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. It would be pretty awesome if the op rod traveled its full distance and the bolt locked open, though.

Overall, I think this is a great buy, especially considering how much it costs. There are other airsoft Garands out there that are better quality and more authentic, but $300 is more than fair for what you get with this rifle.
by Owen S. on 03/06/2017
"Awesome! Good job on realism and performance. Will be my top gun for a long time!
by Owen S. on 03/01/2017
"This is an awesome gun! Love it's wood furniture, it has the correct weight, and looks good in your hands.
.wood finish/metal parts
.version 7 gearbox
. Mag capacity

.has full auto function (real gun just semi. I'll just never use full)
. 3-5 BBs fall out when mag ejected
Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone who loves realistic classic firearms. Five stars.
by Jesus B. on 11/08/2020
"To start off, this gun was deducted a full star because the front iron sight is crooked. When you look down the iron sights you can see that the barrel isn't straight... which is a big deal since guns rely on precise measurements. I definitely tried to fix it but the gun was built that way so I'm helpless to fix it. Although I'm 100% sure that this defect is not present on all rifles.

Now aside from the deficiency, the gun is built very well and solid, for the most part the wood it crafted in the right shape, it looks light the real thing. It's made entirely of metal and has good weight to it. The wood looks really good and feels smooth to the touch.. The slight mounts are solid and both the m1907 Rifle sling and the basic m1 sling work well on it, making it look more accurate.

I'm definitely not a big fan of low capacity magazines, or the fact that its nothing close to the real m1 clip, but it beats other brand due to its compact size. the magazines can fit inside the ww2 bandoliers and 20 rounds is good since it's a quick reload, in all ways. Easy to insert, fast to load bbs and it drops at the press of the mag release... and they're durable! Half plastic, half metal.

Overall I Do recommend this gun to anyone that wants to build their arsenal of Ww2 Guns, Its a good-looking, Well Performing airsoft rifle that I would buy a second time.
by Anthony L. on 01/30/2021
"Mine had accuracy issues out of the box and I had to swap the spring to get the rifle to a respectable FPS (advertised FPS is not correct). Quick change spring system is nice and external quality is good but overall it could definitely be better for the price. $325 is not cheap...
by Anthony C. on 03/19/2021
"It looks nice. The magazine is cleverly designed, but I had trouble firing. I fired but only got 2-3 shots out before no more BBs were going through. The magazine was still mostly full, so I tried again but nothing. I thought it jammed, but the barrel was clear. The body is crooked in several places, and the front aperture is crooked as well. I mean this is the cheapest airsoft garand on the market, so im not sure what I expected. The historical inaccuracies are there, but negligible. It makes a beautiful (and expensive) wall decoration.