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LCT Full Size RPD Light Machine Gun with Real Wood Furniture

6 Customer Reviews

by Bobby W. on 04/25/2018
"Name is bobby and I have been running this RPD in the field for 2 months now. Yes I actually have been using this gun. Let me tell you it is loads of fun I love this thing. I have an 11.1 Lipo battery in it and she shoots extremely fast. Now I am going to get into what I love and what I hate. I love the fact that this thing feels like the real deal it has wood furniture and a non folding stock the 2900 round magazine is awesome, and it is battery powered (just has a little hidden red button to press). I have run into 2 problems ( this is my hate section to watch out for) the gearbox bolts on the bottom there are 4 of them I lost one and the gun stopped shooting. That was because they started backing out so I lock tited them and I haven't had a problem since. Also one of the posts for the motor in the magazine does tend to come loose, so watch out for that. I love this gun I played so many video games with it and to have one to play with in real life is awesome and I love going out with it. I highly recommend and I wanted to put this review out there since the other reviews are not related to actually using it. So I hope I helped you out with your possible purchase you won't be disappointed. Also LCT will be my future gun producer I don't think I will buy anything else the gun is impeccable and came with so much information well worth the purchase in my book.
by minn l. on 04/26/2017
"What I am about to write or to give my feedbacks are merely from a Collector's Point of View. I don't take my LCT RPD or any others out to the field so here it goes:
First of all, it is a PIECE of ART! So beautiful and gorgeous. 100% all metal/steel and real wood. It is like ... love at first sight.
Next is the feel and the quality that LCT has put into of the kind airsoft in the ENTIRE airsoft market/industry as of this very minute. No other companies, that I know or hear of, is or will be making an RPD.
I totally appreciate all the details, design and production of this RPD.
I fired over half of the drum magazine and it presented NO PROBLEM and no jams. But again, that may not speak entirely of its reliability. Needless to say, it is as good as it gets.
For those field-airsofters, this may present a WEIGHT problem as it is pretty heavy. Holding and aiming this RPD is somewhat of a challenge. But prone and resting positions are fun to shoot!
Last is the most important thing is the price from Evike is the BEST of all other retailers even the ones in Asia too. If one has the money to spend and RPD is his cup of tea, by all means go for "IT". It is so beautiful, well made and so much fun to shoot! I dreamed of this RPD since the day LCT announced its production and Eike made my dream came true with its PRICE and FAST&FREE SHIPPING.
by minn l. on 04/25/2017
"I was very fortunate to get this ULTRA-FINE LCT RPD before it was sold-out/"out-of-stock". And Evike had it "on sale" for the BEST price in all places that I could think of. Best and LOWEST anywhere even compared to those Asian stores. Also the sweet part is that I was able to get mine in 2 business days after placing my order.
I am writing is strictly from a Colletor's points and I don't take mine out to the fields, so please advised of that.
Overall, the quality and appearance is TOP NOTCH. All metal construction and real wood furniture. Very well built and very easy to take apart. The best part to me is that this "design" allows changing spring a breeze! Love it.
I have tested it extensively by shooting more than half of the drum magazine and it was trouble-fee. Sorry no ROF, or FPS data available from my gun.
This machine gun is very heavy so running around in the fields will not be fun, really! It does feel like it can handle the environment easily.
If one has the money and likes RPD, go for it. He won't regret. It is the only one RPD available in the entire & world-wide market!
As RPD is my Cup-of-tea, when LCT announced its production I was constantly on the net watching when it became available to the public. At first, it was available in Asia and I really wanted one but the shipping was a bit too high. So glad I waited and here is the golden chance, yo'll!
by Ryan S. on 02/27/2019
"To begin, this gun is massive. Most of the weight is up front and not in back due to the stock being hollow for the batteries, and it is a lot to carry around, it weighs 16 pounds (I'm 6 feet, 170 pounds) and in the video when the Evike guy was testing this weapon, he was using a 11.1 lipo, NOT the recommended 7.4 lipo. I would highly recommend buying an 11.1 lipo for this. The stock can fit 2 batteries in it at once easily, (I'm not kidding) and changing batteries is quick and easy. The bi-pod is functional in three positions, folded under the barrel, a 45 degree angle, and of course set up for the ground. There is a little latch that holds the bi-pod together and it is also metal. For carrying it I would recommend carrying it by the bi-pod like the MG42.

This design overall is simply incredible. It's so good that it actually keeps the design flaws that were built with the original weapon from the Soviets. The design replicates the crummy Russian engineering perfectly. I would look up a video of the RPD in real life if you consider buying. The gun smells like a old gun should, the scent of gunmetal says on your hands, as if the real one did. It comes with a black barrel muzzle, so you can swap it out for the orange one if you want to. The wood is not high quality, but it is wood and for an airsoft gun, that's pretty cool. The action on top opens up to reveal the gearbox, just like the real thing. The action slide doesn't move, and the hop up is difficult to get to. I've never been more impressed holding an airsoft gun, it's truly a great replica.

The only thing that is plastic on this gun besides the orange tip is the case inside of the electronic mag, for the bb's and the 3 AA batteries it uses. You press a little red button on the underside of the mag which winds them up to the gun. The mag cannot keep up with the fire rate with the 7.4 lipo, and definitely not the 11.1 lipo. You can fire roughly 50-100 rounds before needing to hit the button. The gun itself will stop firing after 100 rounds of continuous fire. THIS HAS MOSFET. For accuracy this thing might as well be a sniper, it's that good. I used .20 grams and they were all consistent.

The trigger is not actually connected to the gearbox, due to it being an "exact replica". So naturally mine was not functioning due to the trigger arm failing to reach far enough to initiate the gearbox's cycle. This is the culprit of horrible trigger response. I fixed it myself by taking it all apart, which the RPD comes apart like a real gun too. The functionality of the RPD is worth maybe $100 at best. You look like a mix of Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger holding it, and you think about how much stronger they are than you at the same time. Definitely is in the top 5 times you've ever looked cool. Since the craftsmanship is extremely good, and it is actually so good that the gun suffers from not LCT, but from the Soviet design, and you notice things that look like 1940's engineering as well.

I decided to return my RPD for a few reasons:
The gun is difficult to run in the field, do-able, but difficult.
The gun came to me not functional.
But most importantly, it's an LMG that is not able to do its job as a LMG. The other guns I own with wind up mags can shoot hundreds of rounds, no stoppage of ammo, especially the gun itself wont stop after 100 shots.

You buy this gun for the look, and not much else. Parts are still unavailable because it's new, so no extra parts or mags to buy. It is in competition for one of my worst purchases of all time. I really hope that my $780 comes into my account faster than the two weeks it took to get to me on the ground, so that I can buy something else. I am very saddened by the RPD's performance, yes it shoots 400FPS, but its a LMG with the firepower of any SMG on the market. I fell in love with the RPD playing zombies with my buddies, and I just had to have it. However, after one day of having it, I realized that for a regular airsoft enthusiast, some things better be left in memory rather than recreated in real life.

This is a really cool gun, but for regular airsoft and playing in the field, go buy something else. If you are a collector of some kind, you will not be disappointed whatsoever.
by Jorel B. on 02/14/2021
"Absolutely gorgeous replica, but a sad airsoft gun.

I bought this gun over 2 years ago, but I remember the experience like it was yesterday. The packaging was premium. Everything was clean and well protected. The gun came with all the expected bits such as the cleaning rod, manual, and official LCT catalog. Taking the gun out of the box was made me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning again. The metal and woodwork was of very high quality. Besides the usual loose screw on stock and pistol grip, the whole thing was solid. The thing looked and felt real. I couldn't stop looking at it every day.

Sadly, the honeymoon came to an end when I had to take it apart to inspect the internals. I never got to do that because when you separate the upper and lower receiver, you open up a real can of worms. The upper receiver walls collapse just enough to where it's extremely difficult to slide the lower receiver back in. After almost 30mins of prying with vice grips and flathead screwdrivers, I was able to force it back together. Things only got worse when I took it to a game. The gun wouldn't feed or fire when I got to the field. I ended up buying a new battery and it half solved the problem. Turns out you have to press the trigger with great force to get the contacts to complete the circuit and fire the gun.

Overall, it was a love-hate relationship with this beautiful disaster. If you want a wall hanger or casual plinker, go ahead and take this heavy girl home with you. But if you need a real work horse to help you win games just get the much more reliable PKM or RPK. For something that costs so much in a hobby, I at least want to get my money's worth.

_Extremely rare/ unique
_Great look and feel
_Kids will in fact say to you "Hey, nice AK LMG"
_Poor disassembly process
_Finnicky trigger unit
_Overwhelmingly front heavy(I'm 250lbs/5'11 so I ain't no twig)
_Expensive for what it is
by jared w. on 06/29/2019
"A solidly built gun with a great fire rate and performance. The externals feel amazing; everything is built so well. The gearbox is composed of a few proprietary components, but other than that it can be modified if one wishes to do so...and if you do be EXTREMELY careful. I was testing the quick change spring feature (it is ok, not something like the ICS L86 though) and getting the stock back on is a huge hassle. The steel body has to be pulled slightly apart for the piece to fit back in. To be honest, this a huge design flaw. Speaking of, there is one, singular piece of plastic that connects the trigger to the contacts inside the gearbox. for some reason, this part is made of the cheapest feeling plastic; it is kind of fiber-y. This piece broke, while I was putting the gearbox back in. To my my knowledge you cannot obtain spare pieces anywhere for this gun. I even emailed LCT and they sent me back here. I had to 3D model the piece and have an external source print it out for me. The only good thing about this is I can make it with stronger plastic are metal. If anyone needs this piece it is on the tinker cad website under RA00P-D00003.

In short, if you get this gun, refrain from opening it up. It worked great prior, but now we have to wait and see if it works with my custom part. Yay.