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McMillan USMC M40A3 SportLine Airsoft Sniper Rifle by ASG (Color: Black)

33 Customer Reviews

by Jace S. on 01/04/2020
"It's a great sniper for what you pay for! I'm a beginner at airsoft sniping and this does the job. With .28's it goes around 150 feet with the right hopup. Taking it to the field soon and gonna see how it goes with other people.
by Nate C. on 12/27/2019
"If you're looking for a bad, unreliable, inaccurate, cheap, fragile, piece of garbage, you've come to the WRONG gun. This Rifle is great for starters looking to snipe, most airsoft snipers require upgrades and mods for them to out perform AEGs, but with this I can out shoot my friends G&G Combat Raider with ease. It aint no Novritsch SSG24 but god damn will it try to be.

-Light (If inner weights are removed)
-Adjustable rear plate and cheek riser

-lacks threads (not big deal)
-Sling mounts are on left side
by Nate C. on 10/08/2019
"Great beginners sniper and very upgrade friendly. Its weight can be reduced by removing 3 metal cylinders, 2 in the stock and one near the mag well once the gun is opened. Overall it's a great rifle and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start airsoft sniping, it can easily reach 100ft with .32s.
by Ron G. on 07/26/2019
"Got this gun expecting a piece of trash sniper. The stock feels cheap but the gun performs amazing. For 80-90 bucks I can easily hit a man sized target at 300ft about 7 out of 10 times. I was using .28 gram bbs and magpul mbus gen 2 iron sights for this test. It perfectly hops .28 gram bbs only putting the hop up lever 1/4 away from no hop. If you were to turn the hop up all the way then I think it could hop .40 gram bbs easily. Fps isn't super high but accuracy is what counts. Mags are cheap at $12. The bottom rail is plastic but the top one is metal. It has a light average length trigger pull. Easy to cock. Let my 8 year old female cousin try and she was able to pull the bolt back easily. The green looks nice. Nice weight to it. Can be lightened by taking out the weight in the front of the stock. 3 allen bolts hold on trigger assembly, barrel and reciver. Comes with allen wrenches. Love this gun.
by Bryson J. on 07/08/2019
"I ordered this gun after seeing all the good reviews airsoft Youtubers were giving it. After a few hundred shots in my backyard, it still shoots at 400-450 FPS. It is an amazing gun for $80 and out performs other snipers. It shoots straight at long distances, and the hop-up is extremely easy to use. The mags hold a pretty good amount of ammo and I've had no feeding problems. Even though the body is made out of polymer, if you take care of this gun, it will last you a long time. I recommend this gun for anyone that wants to get into sniping or just wants to have a very affordable, very good sniper. I give it a 10/10
by Aaron C. on 06/21/2019
"So what you are paying for you are getting something great. Tried .30s first and was shooting at 175 feet. We were hitting the center but the target mass consistently (was shooting a 2 foot by 3 foot target). At that range that's pretty good. There was a lot of hopp up left. We moved to .40s, cranked it up and dialed it in. now we are shooting 200 feet and getting basketball grouping now.

The body is ok. It's doesn't have that much weight there is a lot of plastic feeling to it. If you take care of it it will treat you well and is a great sniper.
by Patrick c. on 06/05/2019
"the accuracy is on point and better than most high end rifles. I recommend using .36 nov bbs at max hopup and you can get accurate 200+ foot shots
very accurate right out of the box
light weight
easy assembly

(not compatible with vsr10 parts, the only upgradeable parts are the piston, spring, and spring guide which are aps2 compatible)

hope this helped
by Riley E. on 03/07/2019
"Absolutely great buy fantastic and it feels great to hold ,and shoots like a dream. couldn't ask for a better budget airsoft sniper rifle!
by Gabriel C. on 02/21/2019
"The first thing to break was the lower rail. Overall its a good buy.
by Jerome K. on 11/01/2018
"Upon opening this box it's everything I knew ide get for the money.
Saying that yes the body's full plastic, yes it would be nice to upgrade later on, but am I satisified with this M40?
Yaaaaaaaaaas, the length/weight is fantastic for a normal to bigger dude, the stock is adjustable so regardless you'll find a fit that will work.
Not to mention the easiest hop-up adjustment ever! Easy to pull back your "bolt", but spring gives enough tension it all feels just like my real bolt action!
Recommend 10/10
by Beau C. on 10/16/2018
"Have never even had an airsotf sniper but I loved it when I first shot it
by Logan T. on 09/07/2018
"if you are a beginner sniper than this gun is great for you. probably my favorite gun i have now. Best bang for your buck, buy this and your ready to get on the field.
by Sammy P. on 05/22/2018
"Hey guys bought the m40a3 upgraded the spring guide, spring and piston. I've cleared almost 450 feet in distance, I have a buddy with a chronograph he's gonna shoot it and see what fps is but again almost 450feet I'm gonna say at least 700 to 800 fps seeing as how 350fps is 125-150 feet near doubled and then some, fashioned the spring and piston from raw material, bolt is a little harder to pull but it is holding together. Alot louder have to find some padding material to get into the bolt cylinder to quiet the piston slap. Other than that I give 5/5 great precision with right upgrades and fps to kill most rifles out there. Sad to say I traded down my l96 for this but after 13 years it was time to retire it.
by Austin S. on 05/19/2018
"I have had this gun for 5 months now and it still performs amazing. Shoots better than most snipers ever made. Only flaw is that the rail for bipod snapped off so be careful. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS GUN!! IT WILL SURPRISE YOU!!
by michael m. on 03/04/2018
"I was very skeptical before buying it but now that it came this thing is a beast the bult pulls very nicely while I dont know how long the gun will last I definently like it and use .30+ bb's