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McMillan USMC M40A3 SportLine Airsoft Sniper Rifle by ASG (Color: Black)

57 Customer Reviews

by Ethan D. on 10/14/2022
"This sniper is amazing for someone wanting to get into sniping. It's heavy enough that you don't feel like you're carrying garbage but light enough that you won't get tired holding it. It isn't the fastest shooting gun so I found that .32g bbs work the best for it, but with a few vsr10 upgrade parts and you can shoot .40g all day.

Really sturdy for the price
Good weight
Mags are cheap
Bolt pull is easy enough for kids to use
Upgrade parts are abundant

Has a "cheapy" sound when it fires
Sling mounts are on the right hand side for the gun. (Makes it awkward for some sling setups)
If you forgot that you had a round loaded and go to pull the bolt again it will double load and two bbs will fire

Overall its a great gun and I would totally recommend it.
by Amy M. on 08/19/2022
"This gun is amazing out of the box! Shoots far and accurate, and the hop up is amazing. Some people say it feels cheap but not at all, shoots and feels like a $500 gun. I was able to hit cans at 115 ft, and enemy’s at 200+. I want to get the upgraded S&T M40A3 spring to add fps and range. I am using .28 grams with the stock gun. Overall 10/10 gun for $100 bucks.
by Jared M. on 05/17/2022
"Great budget sniper

picket up the green version for $75 2 years ago and it was/is great value I feel even for its current price. of $115

I'm yet to take it to a field as there are no outdoor fields near me but at least as a plinking gun, it's fantastic.
pretty accurate and is very comfortable to shoot.

plus it just feels nice to hold and shoot, the bold is very smooth and the trigger is nice.

I don't have that much to say about it just that as a first sniper or as a plinking gun you can't go wrong with it especially if you put a cheap optic on it

Good luck out there.
by David G. on 01/09/2022
"This gun is awesome!

-it's really cheap
-it has a pretty high FPS
-the range is really good for such a cheap gun
-it was originally just 80$
-it's pretty light but also durable

-although its range is pretty good it's most accurate at low to medium range
-the cheek rest is hard to adjust quickly, but that's a minor con

Overall its a great gun and I would definitely recommend it.
by Lucas L. on 12/31/2021
"This gun is the perfect rifle for any beginner airsofter. I have yet to play any games with it but so far it has proved itself during target practice. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who loves to snipe unsuspecting cans.
by Connor C. on 06/18/2021
"very good sniper for a low price.

I got this sniper at a store, (not the evike superstore)
its my first sniper and i have not brought it to the field yet,

hop up is very easy to access and use.
easy to build out of the box.
quiet as hell.
fast shooting.

the strap hooks jingle loudly.
its heavy.

besides the 2 cons this is a solid sniper
by Benjamin S. on 04/20/2021
"Great starter performance rifle. Wind isn't a problem for 100 ft. or greater with .38.
by Josh H. on 04/16/2021
"Great gun shoots well out of the box, definitely worth 80$
by Tirena J. on 03/31/2021
"Thing is a laser, I can hit targets with .38s at 200 ft no problem. would recommend fixing piston and air seal, hop up works well enough. Also get extra mags for it
by Jasper C. on 03/08/2021
"This Gun is the BEST!!!! I have had it for over a year and a half and it has never failed me once!! I use .40 gram ASG bbs. it is quiet, lightweight, and durable. The 2 main things that I love about this gun is that its performance out of the box is INCREDIBLE!! I can consistently hit a 2-4" square target from 40+ yards!
by Korey G. on 01/05/2021
"I recommend this gun if you plan on upgrading and building it up. Great FPS right out of the box still works really well.
by marshallbonk b. on 11/25/2020
"Ok- I've had this gun for almost a year. It's performed admirably in winter and in summer, although it has the usual sniper problems. I R-hopped it successfully, and use .32s. I will be getting some .4s soon, so I'll see how those run. Right now I can hit a person at almost 300 feet. I've hit some 250 foot shots- my favorite was when it hit a tree and ricocheted into the person. I installed a m140? m150? spring, supposedly a 500 fps spring- got decent results with that, now I can push heavies at almost 430-450 fps. The spring has since smoothed down with use, but still gets decent power through. Rhop or flathop is really good for this gun's barrel- I'd recommend getting a PDI cold hammer forged barrel with really good tolerance, it's worth the money and smooths out your consistency when paired with a good bucking. The trigger unit I'd expect would last about 50k shots- I've put about 10k rounds through it already. I got this specifically for an impression kit as a USMC scout/sniper, and I'd recommend that you just get a JG bar 10 instead- more aftermarket. However- for my purposes, it serves me well and is compatible with enough aftermarket to make it shoot some 300 feet with ease. Mags are pretty decent, a lot of parts are plastic though and strip if you tighten ANY screw too much. Not too bad for the price I paid- 68 bucks on sale.
by Stuart B. on 11/18/2020
"So far I have had this gun for a couple of months, and it has held up great. This being my first sniper, I was skeptical on buying one of the higher end rifles just in case it wasn't my preferred style of play. When the package arrived, it was extremely easy to assemble out of the box and came with a speed loader (very helpful unless you want to hand feed each bb into the magazine), and a pack of 100 6mm .20g bbs. The rifle body is made out of a dense polymer that even though it is plastic, is tough and will stand up to a bit of wear. The barrel and picatinny rails are made of metal or aluminum. I first tried out shooting the bbs that came in the package. But after shooting some of the .20gs I decided to move it up some to .25g. These worked better seeing as they didn't blow off course as easily. The hop up is very easy to engage and simple to set according to the distance you are trying to shoot at. Also it is a plus that the system is compatible with most if not all VSR-10 systems which makes it easy to upgrade depending on how you want to customize it. The adjustable cheek rest is a really nice feature that the designers threw in there to add a slight customization element out of the box. I wish that it would have come with a scope and bipod like shown in the picture but there are some great ones for under $25 on amazon that I picked up. Soon I am going to be upgrading to one of the Novritsch ssg's but will be keeping this one just to have a backup. If you are a beginner at airsoft sniping I would really recommend this gun and even if you are more experienced seeing how easy it is to upgrade. For the price I really don't think that you can beat the value and accuracy of this rifle.
by Joshua B. on 11/05/2020
"I really recommend this gun, it is very durable and lasted me a year so far. If you are in to snipers i highly recommend this for a starter gun. Also if you want more performance i suggest buying another clip.
by Anthony L. on 11/01/2020
"For $90 out of the box this is a good option for sombody looking to get into sniping. The gun is solid, not too heavy, and has an extremely smooth and easy bolt pull. Performance wise it’s good too. I try dialing in all my guns to hit a soda can consistently at 100ft, which is admittedly asking a lot out of a gun (even upgraded ones) and this M40 was no exception. With .30’s I was really struggling to hit the can. I had the hop up maxed out and my scope well zeroed, but I was having shot after shot miss a little left or a little right, just not very consistent, BUT a can is very small and if it was a man sized target this gun would be hitting every time, even at long range. Overall not bad at all and the gun looks great with a Harris bipod and 3x9 scope.